Wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper ideas

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work table with White and Yellow Textured wallpaper

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Thanks to a new eco-friendly wallpaper, someone who has never applied wallpaper before can create an eye-catching room without the need to ever apply glue. This is because instead of glue our wallpaper uses a peel and stick adhesive. Anyone who can put a sticker on the wall can now wallpaper entire rooms. The wallpaper is made  of fabric which means no PVC. Every design is printed with water bases inks, causing no harm to environment. The wallpaper is also LEAD-free and VOC-free meaning it is completely safe for nurseries. With all these traits combined there are endless creative possibilities.

Can I use wallpaper on ceilings?

Why not wallpaper your ceiling? Instead of a black plain colored ceiling you can use wallpaper to add a little flair. If you are designing your room for your children you can never go wrong with a starry sky wallpaper. Maybe you’re a woman looking for something pretty. Why not decorate your ceiling with a subtle, but enjoyable floral design. If you’re a man looking to impress the guys you can never go wrong with a mosaic. Maybe you do enjoy just a plain color but are looking for a new one. Wallpaper still provides much less of a hassle and much less of a mess when compared to paint.

Wallpaper on furniture

bedroom with White and Champagne Chevron wallpaper

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Are you looking to paint a bookshelf or another piece of furniture? For a lot of furniture not only does wallpaper save annoyance it also saves time as multiple layers are unnecessary. With wallpaper you don’t have to worry about your children touching and spreading wet paint either. Wallpaper also allows for a lot more complicated designs that cannot be achieved with paint.

Different combinations of wallpaper

You could also try mixing wallpapers for some interesting designs. If you buy four different colors you could cut out strips that continuously get smaller to create a really nice transitional effect. You could have a wallpaper go from white to pink to red the reverse to white again, for example.

Sometimes different designs go perfectly together. This is when it’s a good idea to go half and half. All you have to do is have one of the wallpaper designs fill the top half of the wall and another fill the bottom half. This will allow you to get the best out of both designs. Is that too tacky though? In this case, you could opt for one of the designs to be only used to decorate the woodwork. That way is less overbearing and still enjoyable to look at.

Points of Interest

Do you want eyes drawn to a specific point in the room? Then why not just wallpaper that point with the best looking wallpaper you can find. Maybe wallpaper a wall and hang a flat screen TV there. The eyes of visitors will always be automatically drawn to that point in the room and you have put in next to no effort


spacious entertainment area with Black and White Striped wallpaper

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Framing of wallpaper

There is some wallpaper that is so interesting that it is like a work of art. So why not frame it? You can use wallpaper as a great centerpiece and the subject of entire conversations especially if you put it in a very interesting and intricate frame.  Sometimes a good piece art is just what you need to pull a room together. 

Use wallpaper to make shade

Are those old window shades not blocking out enough of the sun for you? No problem! Just find a wallpaper design you like and apply. Not only do you now have a nice and fresh looking window shade, but you also can block out a lot more of the sunlight. This is perfect for when the family gets together for a mid-day movie marathon. It blocks out so much sun that it is as if you were in a real movie theater.

Colored Doors

With wallpaper you can ever spice up those old bland plain colored doors. Wallpaper is perfect for this. There are so many designs to choose from which makes it extremely easy to find a great design for your room. This is another way of really tying the room together.

With adhesive wallpaper the possibilities of what how far your creative freedoms can be stretched is limitless and with Walls by Me people who know nothing about applying wallpaper now have the tools at their fingertips to keep their projects easy, safe for them, their family, and the environment.