Boys bedroom wallpaper ideas: how to make your kid happy on each age

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Boys bedroom wallpaper ideas: how to make your kid happy on each age


Decorating a kid’s bedroom is always tricky because you don’t know what they are going to like when they start to understand what’s around them, and as the kid grows up, you are going to change the décor quite often, so it needs to be easy to change. A good way of making your life easier is using a removable wallpaper. You can stick them on the wall without the need of buying glue, they are peel and stick type, which is great because you can even do it by yourself. it’s easy to take it off when you want to put a new one on.

Walls By Me wallpaper is made of high-quality peel and stick wallpaper, instead of vinyl making them PVC-free, Lead- Free and VOC-free. They are printed with water based inks harmless to your health and enviroment. So which pattern to choose for your little boy? We are going to give some tips by age of what would look great on the room and make your little prince happy.

Ages 0 – 4

Even though they are really young and barely understand what’s going on around them when it comes to décor, they are very intuitive, it’s nice to use a wallpaper full of animals, like giraffes, hippos and crocodiles, with trees or flowers, so they can look at it and observe every detail on the pattern and start to have some contact with the nature forms.  If you want him to be calm and relaxed on his bedroom, use a pattern with light and pastel colors so it’s still fun for him to look at it when he’s just lying down.

removable wallpaper full of animals
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Ages 5 – 8

On this age, your little boy starts to understand what he likes and what he wants his bedroom to look like. He certainly has his favorite cartoons and movies that might be an inspiration for the décor. For example, if he likes a cartoon, you can use a wallpaper that looks like the sky. If he likes cars, you can choose one that has cars on it or a road. You can ask him what he likes the most and use those things as your inspiration. Now you can use more colorful patterns since they are older and not distracted so easily.

little boy's organized playroom

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Ages 9 – 11

In this age they start to bring their friends to the house and have sleepovers, so they definitely want their bedroom to look cool. It’s great to use his preferences differently, on a more grown up kind of way. If he likes sea ships, you can get a navy and white striped wallpaper with some red elements of décor, so it gives that idea of ships and sailors. You need to adapt what he loves to his décor on a way that he’s still going to like.

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basketball lover removable wallpaper

Ages 12 – 15

This is the age that you can may still have an input on your kid’s bedroom before they get to that stage where they start wanting to do everything by themselves, you should enjoy this moment. It’s way easier to find out what they’d like their bedroom to look like. The wallpaper can be used on the wall that is opposite to the bed, where he’s going to put his shelves on and his desk to study. That wall needs to have a lot of elements that inspires him somehow, so he gets more motivated to study and do his homework. It can have a geometric pattern or a world map if he likes the idea of traveling through the Earth. If he likes music, it can be a wallpaper with musical notes and guitars.

removable wallpaper with musical notes and guitars
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There are a lot of ways of using your kid’s favorite cartoons and hobbies as an inspiration to decorate their bedroom. There are an unlimited numbers of patterns of wallpaper to help you with that task. You just need to use your imagination and creativity to find out how to use those inspirations. Those were our tips to help you with that.

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