7 ideias de sala estética indie a ter em conta!

7 indie aesthetic room ideas to look out for!

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7 indie aesthetic room ideas to look out for!

Indie: that elusive, almost indescribable style that you can’t help but love, is back in design discussions. The funny thing about this type of decor is that you can immediately spot a room with an indie aesthetic, but when you go about setting it up from scratch, there seem to be no rules to work with!

Well, that’s exactly what makes indie different. It’s not so much a style, as it is an approach to decor. Short for “independent,” indie is the opposite of mainstream. When this is the route you want to take, you have the freedom to set rules aside, and focus only on what appeals to you. You can mix things up, bring in elements from different styles, decades and parts of the world, and make your living space all about you.

Confused? Here’s a little inspiration to get you started.

7 ways to own the indie room aesthetic this season

1. Embrace the mismatch

Rules don’t exist in the indie playbook. If you don’t like being chained to a single pattern or style, breaking out of the mold is one of the easiest ways to set your decor free. Create a composition of “mismatched” patterns to keep monotony at bay. Pair a chevron wall treatment with paisley upholstery, a classic damask print with fresh contemporary accessories, somber stripes with charming chinoiseries… You get the gist. This is an opportunity to craft a moody, dramatic space using dark, charismatic colors.

2. Flaunt your belongings

Being indie is not just about standing out. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin - or when it comes to decor, in your own room. Go for a cozy indie aesthetic in your room by putting together furniture, wall coverings and artwork that truly make you feel at home. From bookshelves full of your favorite titles, to that well-loved old armchair you never want to part with, to a painting you picked up from a yard sale, there is simply no limit to what you can proudly display here. Even your clothes can be displayed on open shelves to add to the look.

3. Introduce greenery everywhere

Houseplants in every nook and cranny, vines trailing along doors and cupboards, delightful planters on every window sill - the indie urban jungle can be delightfully whimsical. Create your own little paradise via indoor greenery. Use it to articulate every surface ranging from walls to the ceiling. A white-based or pale pastel palette works best as a backdrop in such settings, allowing your plants to take centerstage. Alternatively, you can exaggerate the greenery using vibrant wall treatments and accents inspired by nature.

4. Get nostalgic

We are the sum total of our experiences, after all. Create a haven that’s all about you, by serenading the people, places and things you loved growing up. This is not about going retro, but rather, about finding your own “brand” of retro. Combine photos, souvenirs collected over the course of your travels, a wall clock from your childhood home, posters featuring the artists you grew up admiring - in short, everything that takes you back to your happy place. Complete the look with a nautical, animal or movie themed wall covering that lets you channel your inner child.

5. Celebrate your wanderlust

Travel themed decor is rapidly rising in popularity, what with our homebound lives becoming the new normal. With this theme, there’s also a great opportunity to bring an indie aesthetic to your room. Instead of actual photos of your favorite destinations, use nautical motifs, vintage maps and retro travel accessories to set the tone.

6. Have fun with technicolor

Trippy, technicolor graphics and details are a great way to go off the beaten track. Flaunt a vibrant sense of style and have fun with your decor by welcoming home bold technicolor upholstery or wallpaper in retro or abstract styles. These elements can be used as a stunning contrast to an otherwise basic, neutral toned space featuring soft natural textures.

7. Or find your comfort zone in neutral hues

The best thing about the indie room aesthetic is that you can talk about binging on color and paring back to a barely-there palette in the same breath. Just like you can assert your independence through bold, unique color combinations, accents and lighting, you can also carve a niche for yourself using soft natural colors and minimal embellishments. Simple, rough-hewn wooden fixtures, neutral colored fabrics and soft mood lighting can be the perfect framework within which to display your favorite aesthetic styles. Our collection of visual textures such as burlap or whitewashed brick will make a great addition to such a space.

Here’s hoping we’ve got you excited about trying something new and unique with your indie decor. No matter what your preferred route, we’ll ensure you have the right wallpaper to personalize your space. Shop now to celebrate your individuality through our extensive range of PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper and murals.