How To Choose A Removable Wallpaper For Your Kids’ Bedroom

How To Choose A Removable Wallpaper For Your Kids’ Bedroom

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Kids’ bedroom decor is something that gives most adults a hard time. It’s a delicate balance between keeping things cool and creative, yet, choosing materials that are safe for your kids. All of this while making countless tweaks, edits, and overhauls for matching their tastes as they grow up!

Because decorating your little one’s digs can be such a massive project, removable wallpaper is your best friend. Easy to apply, offering choices galore, and allowing you to update your décor when your child outgrows it, peel and stick wallpaper comes with plenty of perks – provided you know how to use it. That is why we decided to create a post to help you out. Whether you’re looking to catch up on the latest kids’ bedroom wallpaper trends, or need something timeless to last you a while, these ideas are just what you need.

But first, a word about safety:

Not all removable wallpaper is kid-friendly. PVC or vinyl wallpapers tend to release harmful chemicals such as dioxins, which can pose serious health threats. Plus, PVC wallpaper is hard to recycle and will most likely end up in a landfill. Avoid these risks by opting for PVC-free options that are made of fabric or canvas. Here at WallsByMe, we help you create safe, chemical-free environments for your kids. Our PVC-free wallpapers are made of high-quality materials that will not damage your paint or walls when removed. For added measure, our peel and stick wallpapers are printed with non-toxic inks, which make them ideal for your kids’ bedroom or nursery.

So now that you know which material to choose for your kids’ bedroom wallpaper let’s take a peek at some of the most popular styles you can opt for.



kid's colorful bedroom with green triangle geometric wallpaper


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Joyful geometry:

What’s playful, classy, and versatile all at once? A beautiful geometric pattern, of course! This year, geometric wallpaper has emerged as the crowd favorite amongst adults and little ones alike. For your kids’ bedroom or nursery, try happy-go-lucky chevrons in delightful pastels, stylish stripes in bold colors, or subtle, abstract prints in monochrome palettes.

The geometric peel and stick wallpaper collection here at WallsByMe features trendy as well as timeless designs that’ll create a dreamy, fun, and effortlessly stylish space for your tiny tot. What’s more, you can count on these versatile patterns to hold up through changing trends and preferences. Just style them with a new range of accents and furnishings to give your child’s room an instant makeover!


kid's playroom with botanical-themed wallpaper
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Florals and botanicals:

Craft a space that is straight out of your child’s favorite fairy tale! A botanical-themed wallpaper featuring bright, cheery flowers or vines makes for the perfect addition to a little one’s room. In our removable wallpaper collection, we’ve curated a wide range of floral and botanical prints that are delicate, dreamy, and just downright delightful! From exaggerated tropical prints in quirky colors to imaginative chinoiseries that’ll inspire the budding artist in your house, we’ve got all your kids’ bedroom décor needs covered. We’ve made sure that these designs feature warm earth tones and pastels that are on-trend this season, and that they are printed with non-toxic inks that won’t harm your little one.


cute black and white kid's bedroom
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Monochrome magic:

Kids’ bedroom décor often gets associated with an overdose of color and clutter. But you don’t have to go that route. In fact, the Scandinavian look has been showing up a lot in children’s bedrooms and nurseries this year. Subtle, monochrome wall treatments will make your kid’s room appear spacious and well-lit. They’ll also open up endless options in furniture and accents. If you’re on the lookout for something unique for your kids’ bedroom, try one of our gorgeous black-and-white removable wallpapers. Pair these with colorful furniture and accents, or go for an all-white look that gives your kid the freedom to style his or her own space over time.



Scandinavian look kids bedroom with white and green forest wallpaper


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Don’t forget to make it unique!

Ultimately, your kids’ bedroom décor needs to reflect their unique personalities and preferences. Because you’re opting for peel and stick wallpaper, make sure you update it frequently to match your child’s changing tastes and interests. Space, sports, nautical, or science-themed wallpapers can act as great supports for newfound pursuits. And if you’re looking for something that will stay relevant for a good many years, you can always rely on staples like animal prints, floral designs, or travel-themed wallpapers.

Ready to decorate your kids’ bedroom? Stop by our PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper collection to find designs that will delight your little ones, help them sleep in non-toxic environments, and make sure you have fun while you decorate!