Can Wallpaper Shrink?

Can Wallpaper Shrink?

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Can Wallpaper Shrink?

Can Wallpaper Shrink? This and other Wallpapering Questions, Answered!

In theory, wallpaper (and removable wallpaper in particular) can seem like the simplest treatment for your walls. But things aren’t all that simple in reality. Even if all you have to do is peel and stick your new wallpaper, there’s a whole bunch of questions you’re going to face once you get down to it. Can wallpaper shrink? Can it be applied over the existing wallpaper? Is it going to damage your walls? How about wood paneling or ceramic tiles – can you wallpaper those as well?

These questions don’t have simple yes/no answers. But with a few basics sorted, you can take a pretty good guess at which wallpaper will work for you and which ones won’t. So without further ado, let’s address some frequently asked questions about removable wallpaper.


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Will it damage my wall or wall paint?


It can, but not if you make the right choice. Traditional wallpaper –the ones that need glue and paste – will, of course, take a toll on your wall finish when removed. Even peel and stick wallpapers can do their fair share of damage if they are not removable. In other words, if they are easy to apply but do not offer clean removal. Essentially, if you are looking for easy to apply and easy to remove wallpaper, you need to make sure you are getting a peel and stick removable wallpaper. 

If you’re looking for peel and stick wallpaper that does not damage paint or walls when removed, you’re in safe hands at Walls By Me! Our gorgeous removable wallpapers are all made of fabric and have high-quality adhesives that love your walls just as much as you do. 

Can it go over another wallpaper?

Most likely. If it is a smooth wallpaper, it should be fine. It will depend on the nature and condition of the existing wallpaper. Basically, what you want is a surface that is as close to an ‘unpapered’ wall as possible. Check whether the existing wallpaper has any embossing or raised embellishments. These won’t give you a flat surface on which to apply your new removable wallpaper. For the same reason, make sure there are no nails or other protrusions on the wall. If you see telltale signs of water damage or mold, attend to the wall before covering it with new wallpaper.

One of the coolest features of Walls By Me wallpaper is that it is 95% block out so if you are trying to cover a dark color wall this is perfect! There is no need for painting, sanding, or any of that!!! 



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Will it stick to wooden or tiled surfaces?


Sometimes, you can have this brilliant theme in mind for your room, and this about this lovely peel and stick wallpaper that can bring your idea to life. But then you realize that a part of the available space features wood paneling or ceramic tiles! Well, the good news is that you probably can wallpaper these surfaces – as long as they are smooth and even painted surfaces.

If you are not 100% sure make sure you order a sample first so you can test it out and see if results are as expected. 

And finally, can wallpaper shrink?

“Can wallpaper shrink” is one of the most common questions we encounter in our line of work. The reason for all the apprehension is that a lot of wallpapers do come with a shrinkage problem. But as we mentioned earlier in this post, how your removable wallpaper behaves depends on what it’s made of. Typically Paper and vinyl wallpapers have an inherent tendency to shrink. 

Here at Walls By Me, we deal exclusively in high-quality polyester fabric PVC-free wallpaper that does not shrink or curl and printed with non-toxic inks. And remember when it’s time for a makeover, our removable wallpaper will come off without damaging your wall or paint, making room for a gorgeous new design to experiment with!

Now that we’ve answered some of your wallpapering questions, how about picking out a gorgeous new design for your home? If you haven’t already, check out our newly updated Autumn wallpaper collection. Featuring warm, welcoming colors and the latest decor trends for this season, these designs are not to be missed!