Peel and stick wallpaper falling down? Know how to prevent it!

Peel and stick wallpaper falling down? Know how to prevent it!

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Peel and stick wallpaper falling down? Know how to prevent it!

Installing a removable wallpaper is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an decor update. However, even with all the benefits of this decorative product, some unforeseen things can still happen, such as peeling.

Whether by an inadequate application or by choosing a poorly adherent surface, this material can come off and, thus, leave your dream environment with an unpleasant look. To prevent this from happening, read on and find out more!

Peel and stick wallpaper bubbling: why does it happen?

Wallpaper can peel off for various reasons, the two most common are poor surface adhesion, improper application. If you are dealing with this problem, read the next topic and we will try to help you fix it.

How to fix it?

How to fix

To fix the area damaged by the paper that has peeled off, you will need to remove the unsightly material and, after that, follow a simple step by step. See more.

1. Unpeel only the first half of the panel that way you do not lose all the work with the alignment you have already done.

Unpeel the vertical part

But before unpeeling downwards the panel you will need to unpeel the vertical part of the panel that is overlapping the first panel (the one you are trying to fix the bubbling issue). See photo 1 for your reference.  Please note you will peel only the overlap part of it just enough so you can peel down the panel you are trying to fix it.  

2. Start sticking back to the wall from the center to the top using your wallpaper squeegee to press the wallpaper center outwards. 

Finishing the process

3. Repeat the process until you get all the way to the top of the wall making sure you are formally pressing the wallpaper but not stretching to make it match. If you stretch the material you may cause bubbles to occur.  

4.  Repeat this same process to do the other half of the panel therefore this time from the center downwards to the bottom of the wall.

5. Now you can stick back on the overlapping part of panel two that you had originally removed to unpeel. You can repeat the same process with any other panels that have bubbles issues.

Please note if only a certain stop has the bubble you can just unpeel half of the wallpaper to release that bubble and do not need to worry about doing the other half if there are no bubbles.

There, now you have your wall restored, just as you always wanted it! What did you think of this guide? Contact us through our official customer service channel and give us your opinion, ask questions and, of course, suggest new themes for posts you want to see here.

Watch the video we prepared for you to make it easier to install!

Now, continue reading this post and check out some tips to prevent your wallpaper from peeling off.

How to prevent the wallpaper from falling down the wall?

We know that preventing any problems during installation is essential to ensure the long-term quality of your product. So check out these quick tips!

1- Before you start your work, make a point of preparing the surface.

2- It is recommended that you smooth the paper from the center outwards. This will help you avoid air bubbles. 

Clean your walls with a rag and isopropyl alcohol. Let it dry completely before starting the application.

That 's it! We at Walls By Me hope that with this step by step and extra tips, you will be able to recover your cool wallpaper and thus have a beautiful environment for you to receive your guests and, of course, be comfortable with your family.