When and how to create a nursery: complete step by step!

When and how to set up a nursery: step by step guide

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When and how to set up a nursery: step by step guide

Exciting and stressful in equal measure, there’s nothing quite like the time leading up to your baby’s arrival. From babyproofing your home to catching up on parenting know-how, there’s way too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all. One thing’s for certain, though - you wouldn’t give up this phase in your life for anything else! On that note, let’s gear up to celebrate this magical time by setting up your nursery.

It’s natural to want everything to be just perfect for your little angel. While this is important, it shouldn’t deprive you of the joy of decorating your nursery. Today we’re here with some helpful pointers to take the worry out of your nursery decoration project, and set you free to have fun!

Simple things to know when setting up a nursery from scratch

1. Stop worrying

Wondering if you’re already too late to start setting up your nursery? It’s alright! Not all parents start decorating their baby’s new digs during the second trimester. Whether or not you have a dedicated room prepped, what matters is that you’re welcoming your baby into a loving home and family. Your bundle of joy won’t mind sleeping in your bedroom for some time. Take it easy, and let yourself relax while you plan your nursery decor.

2. Start with a list

From the things you will need to how you would like the room to look, there are many considerations while planning your nursery interior. Don’t think of it all at once. Start by creating a list of essentials, and a wish list of ideas or accessories that would make a nice addition to the space.

Essentials will include a crib, a changing table, lots of storage (for clothes, toys, and miscellaneous items), a nursing chair, and a laundry hamper. Also factor in other requirements - for example, will you need a daybed for yourself in the same room? What about a TV or bookshelf? Perhaps an area rug to demarcate a play area for your little one?

3. Choose a theme you love

You can have a lot of fun with design ideas when setting up your nursery. Would you like it to look like an enchanted forest, a super-cool space capsule, or a vibrant celebration of colors and shapes? Do you have a color scheme in mind? Nursery decor doesn’t have to be gender-specific - themes involving animals, nature and geometry are always a safe choice.

4. Create a tentative layout

Before spending money on furniture and accessories, draw out a basic plan of your new nursery. Where will the crib go, so that it is at a safe distance from electrical points, curtains, and the draft from the air conditioner? How do you want to use the space near the window? Can you fit both a daybed and nursing chair in the room, or is it better to just keep the former and use the extra floor space for something else?

5. Find the right products

With your list in place and your theme selected, it’s time to start scouting for the right furniture, finishes and accessories while staying within your budget. When setting up a nursery, you need to pay extra attention to materials. You don’t want any harsh chemicals or airborne toxins around your cherub. If you’re painting your nursery walls, you should plan to finish it a few weeks before your due date so that the paint has had time to dry before your baby’s arrival. PVC-free wallpaper is a safer and more convenient alternative.

Walls By Me wallpapers and murals are perfect for nurseries and children’s rooms, because they’re free from PVC, VOC, and phthalates. Our high quality wall coverings are made of durable latex-saturated paper that provides a lovely canvas-like finish to complement the rich colors and details. And because installing our wallpaper takes hardly any time, you can let yourself experiment with different looks by ordering samples of designs you like.

6. Put it all together!

The last step of your nursery setup journey involves assembling your purchases to create the room you’ve imagined for your tiny tot. Again, give yourself some room to move things around if you don’t quite like what you see. It’s perfectly fine if you need to change the layout a bit, or even need to reconsider a color palette. Just like the rest of your home, your nursery decor will change and evolve as your baby grows and a new theme or trend strikes your fancy.

Last but not least, avoid strain or heavy lifting when you’re close to your due date. If you haven’t quite finished setting up your nursery, it’s perfectly fine to take a break and resume in a few weeks. You and your baby can bunk together in your bedroom the first few weeks or months - and who knows, you may have an even better decor idea once you’ve gotten to know your little one a bit!

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