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Eight Easy Ways To Update Your Rental

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Eight Easy Ways To Update Your Rental

Still stuck in an uninspiring rental? Plan to update it every season but find yourself procrastinating? Well, we’re here to make it effortlessly easy to update your rental kitchen, living room, bedroom, or any other space. High-quality peel and stick wallpaper can work wonders for rented spaces. Here are some ready-to-use styles you can implement right away!

Eight Instant Looks You Can Create Using Wallpaper in Your Rental

A home coffee bar decorated with citrus peel and stick wallpaper.

1. A Retro Kitchen:

Ditch the impersonal ambiance of your rented apartment and fill it with old-school charm instead. Using vibrant vintage wallpaper in your rental kitchen will work wonders for the overall feel of your home. Instead of attempting an all-out traditional look, opt for citrusy-themed removable prints in muted yellows, blues and greens. These will instantly invoke a retro vibe that you can later mold to your liking. Pair it with warm wooden cabinetry or sleek fittings—these versatile wallpapers work in many settings.

An modern design bachelor pad in a rental.

2. Your Dream Bachelor Pad:

Instead of seeing your rental like a necessary compromise, see it as a platform to explore your creative side. Put together your favorite furniture, accents and wall decor to create a bachelor pad that echoes your unique taste and persona. Our easy-to-install, PVC-free peel and stick wallpapers give you countless choices in terms of styles and colors. Whether your idea of a bachelor pad involves dramatic black-and-white geometrics or a play of natural finishes, we make it easy to find the perfect wallpaper for your rental.

A bathroom decorated with Moroccan tile wallpaper in a rental.

3. Blissful Bathrooms:

Bathrooms are often considered the most depressing spaces within a rented apartment. Yours doesn’t have to go by the norm, though. Thanks to our fabulous collection of PVC-free wallpaper, you can give those dull bathroom walls a nautical, floral, abstract, or classic spin! From prints that perfectly emulate vibrant Moroccan tiles, to whimsical compositions in subtle, relaxing hues, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

A bright and cheerful entryway nook.

4. Happy Nooks:

The uses of removable wallpaper in a rental don’t just involve prominent rooms. You can also liven up dull corners, hallways and dead spaces by giving them a colorful or tactile spin. A variety of vibrant nooks will immediately make your home more welcoming. Add a quirky wall mural to update your rental kitchen with a breakfast nook, or carve out a cozy wood-covered reading space by your favorite window.

Boho-inspired design using rattan wallpaper in a rental bedroom.

5. Boho-Chic Brilliance:

If you tend to move frequently, the Boho chic design style is your best friend. Allowing for eclectic compositions of color, pattern and texture, this look can be quickly implemented in any setting. We recommend adding some of our textured removable wallpapers to your selection. This way, you can peel and stick a faux wood, brick, or woven wall in a jiffy. Add your favorite furniture, throw in some charming cushions, rugs, and planters, and you’re good to go!

Lots of house plants and botanical wallpaper.

6. Urban Jungle:

Nothing warms up a space better than indoor greenery. Turn your stark rented apartment into an inviting home by adding plants to all prominent rooms. If you don’t feel ready to take the plunge into an urban jungle just yet, don’t worry. Our exquisite botanical prints will do the trick without asking for any effort in return. From lush tropical greens to surreal whimsical artworks, there’s a lot to choose from.

Statement peel and stick mural depicting Grand Canal scene.

7. Statement Murals:

When searching for wallpaper for your rental, don’t just look for designs that can be applied to an entire room. Sometimes, what you need is a quick way to stand out, and bold wall murals are made for this purpose. Set up your favorite theme, pay a tribute to your favorite city, or simply invite a burst of colors home with our gorgeous peel and stick murals.

A space using natural-inspired design and textured wallpaper in a rental.

8. All-Natural Finishes:

Wood, brick, marble, fabric—think these materials are out of bounds in rented apartments? Think again! Our stunning textured wallpapers will enrich your rental in a non-intrusive way. Whether you like distressed wood walls in your study, white shiplap finishes in your bedroom, or luxe marble feature walls in your living room, you can create them all in no time thanks to our DIY-friendly wallpaper.

It’s time for your rented apartment to graduate to a home. Shop Walls By Me now to find the perfect wallpaper for your rental kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, or study.