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Decorating Your Home Gym

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Decorating Your Home Gym

2020 limited our access to many simple freedoms that we’d taken for granted—meeting friends at a coffee shop or for a workout, for instance. At the same time, it brought us face to face with the need to stay healthy. As a result, the average urban home has quickly evolved to cater to a composite of functions. Besides work and leisure, home is also where our fitness regimens now unfold.

Whether you have a dedicated home gym, or have just carved out a little space for yoga in your bedroom, you need to put some thought into its visual impact. We all need some extra motivation to jump on the treadmill or flow through a few asanas. Why not decorate your home gym in a way that actually invites you to work out? Here are some small home gym decorating ideas that we’re currently in love with.

Easy Ways to Decorate a Home Gym in Minutes

The Quaint ‘Farmhouse’ Gym:

That ungainly fitness equipment doesn’t do the aesthetics of your home gym any favors. However, there are ways to make it less of an eyesore. If you have the luxury of a dedicated room in which to set up your home gym, try the airy, bright, charming ‘farmhouse’ look. We’re referring to all-white walls, earthy floors, and a few well-chosen vintage fixtures. This look is particularly effective in spacious rooms that get ample sunlight. Remember to add a few homey touches in the form of wicker baskets, framed photos, or perhaps a woven lampshade.

 Vibrant botanical peel and stick wallpaper in a home gym

Gorgeous Greens:

Add a refreshing yet meditative vibe to your workout space with the help of green elements. There’s nothing like actual houseplants to produce this effect, of course, but well-chosen botanical wallpaper will also do the trick. You could create a feature wall using lush tropical wallpaper, or let a more subtle print cover every wall in your home gym.

A Streak of Yellow:

Have a windowless space to call your home gym? Put a gray and yellow color palette to use and brighten up the room in all the right ways. Striped peel and stick wallpaper can be used to visually extend the available space in any direction. You could also introduce a mirror to create the illusion of more room. As an added bonus, using this combination of gray and yellow to decorate your home gym will win you plenty of trend points. This pairing is Pantone’s color choice for 2021.

A tranquil yoga space at home

A Meditative Sanctuary:

Not everyone’s idea of a workout space involves heavy machinery. If your fitness regimen involves yoga and meditation, decorate your home gym along the lines of an alfresco sanctuary. Use white or subtle neutral hues as a foundation, and introduce pale blue, yellow and green elements to channel the elements. Make sure the space gets ample sunlight. If it doesn’t, layer your lighting in the form of ceiling lights, wall sconces and floor lamps.

Basketball-themed peel-and-stick wall mural

A Small Gym with a Large Feature Wall:

When your workout equipment shares space with your bedroom or living room, a single wall may be all that you have to articulate its presence. This is a great opportunity to infuse dynamism through a stunning wall mural. We have some excellent sports wall murals that feature high-resolution imagery and a high-quality finish. If sport-themed murals are not your cup of tea, you can also use a vibrant abstract design to make a unique statement.

The Rustic Gym:

Converting your basement into a gym? Go for a rough-hewn, rustic look with distressed wood or exposed brick finishes. Our PVC-free peel and stick wallpapers make it incredibly easy to bring these finishes home. Add dark metal shelving and lighting fixtures for an industrial edge. Your gym equipment will naturally contribute to this look. This is an effective solution for daylight-starved spaces that can easily start looking gloomy.

Hitting the gym will be fun once you implement these small home gym decorating ideas. Get started now with our extensive range of non-toxic peel and stick wallpaper from Walls By Me!