5 Winter Season Décor Tips For Instant Coziness

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cozy cold-weather look room with white and pink floral wallpaper
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Living in a winter wonderland is something we’d all like to do. But creating that winter wonderland from scratch isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Well, we can’t promise to take away all your redecoration woes, but here’s something we can do – round up the latest winter décor tips on welcoming the cold weather without breaking the bank!

Decorating for the winter season doesn’t mean that you have to rearrange all your furniture and replace all your accents. A lot can be achieved by just working with your walls. A winter-ready accent wall goes a long way towards giving a room that cozy cold-weather look, and with some high-quality removable wallpaper at your disposal, creating that gorgeous accent wall can be way easier than you think. Just keep the following winter décor trends in mind:


warmer neutral palette bedroom with white and grey marble wallpaper
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    1 - Neutrals are turning warmer.

      If 2019’s design trends are any indication of what’s to come, it’s pretty clear that standard grey walls and hardwood floors aren’t as popular as they were a few years ago. Instead, contemporary homes have been ushering in a new, warmer neutral palette. For your winter accent wall, think earth tones like brown and beige for some instant warmth. Or take a step further towards brighter, happier hues like yellow and orange. The removable wallpaper collection here at Walls By Me features a variety of floral and geometric designs in these colors. It will turn your home into a hibernation-worthy haven in no time!


        2 - Whimsical is in this winter.

          Bright, whimsical colors and patterns are always an excellent way to counter those cold-weather blues. And that’s precisely what design experts are recommending this time around. Consider dressing up your walls in fun, quirky patterns or artwork to bring in a dreamy, fairytale vibe. We’ve curated a range of designs like these in our peel and stick wallpaper collection. From cheerful chinoiseries and surreal Japanese artwork to abstract murals that will lend your room a distinctive edge, you’ll find ideas galore in our newly updated range.


          indoor garden with white shiplap textured wallpaper
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            3 - It’s better with botanicals.

              No list of winter décor tips is complete without a mention of botanicals. Botanical prints and patterns are always welcome during these colder months when we could all do with something outdoorsy to look at. This year, botanical patterns are a whole lot bigger – quite literally. Wallpapers featuring large-scale floral prints are right on trend, and if chosen well, will create a deliciously dramatic ambiance in your living space.

              If you’re going to be experimenting with bold floral prints for the first time, opt for one of our peel and stick wallpapers. Easy to apply, printed with non-toxic inks, and equipped with high-quality adhesives, they’ll let you change something you don’t like without worrying about damaging your walls. Not just that, our removable wallpapers are made of high-quality peel and stick wallpaper and will produce an elegant matte finish, unlike their glossy vinyl counterparts. And to top things off, they’re 95% block out so you can even apply them over a dark-colored wall without worrying about the original design peeking through!


              three dimensional colored area with blue and tan geometric wallpaper
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                4 - Plaids will perk things up.

                  Love to play with color but worried that your décor would end up looking too summery? Balance things out with clean geometric patterns. Stripes and plaids are an excellent way to incorporate color in your décor while retaining that ‘wintery’ vibe. This year, don’t limit yourself to plaid throws or striped rugs – flaunt these patterns on your accent wall instead!

                  Peel and stick wallpaper bearing a plaid or striped pattern works remarkably well with colorful furniture and upholstery. And if too much color isn’t your thing, you can always style a grey or neutral plaid wallpaper with dark wood finishes and accents to make a dramatic statement. We have many such designs here at Walls By Me!


                  cozy and warm room with white shiplap textured wallpaper
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                    5 - The texture will take you places.

                      We’ll close today’s winter décor tips with a word on texture. Generous doses of texture have always played a central role in winter décor, and this year is no different. Just remember that your experiments with texture don’t have to stop at richly layered weaves and tactile accents. You can also treat yourself to a gorgeous feature wall bearing a rich visual texture like stone, brick, wood, or shiplap. Check out some of these designs in our textured wallpaper collection. Cozying up to your home in no time, they’ll support all kinds of experiments with fabrics, furnishings, and color pairings.


                      Ready to update your décor for the winter? Drop by our latest removable wallpaper designs. Gorgeous, winter-ready, and easy to apply, our PVC-free wallpaper collection is a quick and straightforward way to create that lovely winter accent wall you’ve always wanted!