St. Patrick's Day Home Decor: 11 Ideas to Inspire You!

St. Patrick's Day Home Decor: 11 Ideas to Inspire You!

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St. Patrick's Day Home Decor: 11 Ideas to Inspire You!

Saint Patrick's Day Decor: 11 ideas to prepare your home!

After the end of the year holidays, now it's time to prepare our home to welcome friends and celebrate the Irish culture! Beyond green outfits and Leprechauns, St. Patrick's Day decor can be stylish, creative, and sophisticated!

We've prepared this guide on decorating your home for St. Patrick's Day to inspire you! Learn more about the celebration history and the main elements of this party! 

What is celebrated on Saint Patrick's Day?

Before we get to the decoration ideas, let's learn more about St. Patrick's Day context and history! It will help you understand the principal elements and give you even more inspirations to decorate!

Although he's the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick was actually born in Great Britain at the end of the IV century. He became famous for converting pagan Celts to Christianity after being kidnapped and taken to Ireland as an enslaved person.

More than a Christian icon, Saint Patrick became popular among immigrants and is celebrated on March 17th in many countries besides Ireland, especially in Europe and in the US.

On St. Patrick's Day, we celebrate Irish culture and the arrival of Christian values into Ireland! But, besides its Christian association, the celebration is famous for a lot of food, beers, parades, typical dance, folkloric music, and, of course, the green elements and outfits!

Saint Patrick's Day Decoration: 11 ideas for your home

Now that you know more about the historical and cultural context, let's get into what matters: Saint Patrick's Day decoration! We've got easy, creative and funny ideas, so you can prepare your home to celebrate with a lot of green! Check it out!

1. Green, green and green!

Saint Patrick's Day decor doesn't exist without green! So to decorate your home to celebrate, place elements in shades of green in the rooms! It can be tablecloths, cups, frames, wreaths, jars, strings of flags, and many more!


room with a green botanical floral wallpaper


If you're feeling bold and want to seize the opportunity to change your decoration permanently, we recommend investing in green peel-and-stick wallpapers! They are easy to install and will set the mood for the parties!

2. Invest in elements related to Saint Patrick's Day

It may seem obvious, but remember other elements related to Saint Patrick's Day besides the green! 

To remind you of some:

  • Shamrocks;
  • Leprechauns;
  • Irish flags;
  • Beer-related items;
  • Green top hats;
  • Rainbows;
  • Elves;
  • Cauldrons;
  • Elf boots;
  • Pipes;
  • Horseshoes;
  • And the Celtic cross!

3. Place Leprechaun figures around the house

One of the main characters of Saint Patrick's Day is the Leprechaun. It's a short ginger creature from Irish folklore that dresses in green, always wears a top hat, and hides treasures!

a dog with a green hat on a table with green and white floral peel wallpaper

To make your Saint Patrick's decoration more authentic, invest in Leprechaun statues and place them in the garden! You can also make them out of paper, foam, or E.V.A.! The children love it!

4. Make a green wreath

If you love D.I.Y. ideas, what about making a wreath in green tones to place around the house? You can reuse those from Christmas to create new models for Saint Patrick's Day!

fireplace with a botanical floral peel wallpaper

Let your creativity flow! You can decorate them with shamrocks, top hats, mini Irish flags, and much more!

You can hang them in many places: on the door, right above the fireplace, on the hallway entrance, and even in the bathroom! So gather the family and friends to help and have fun!

5. Use plants for a natural touch

Invest in plants and greenish flowers if you think green everywhere is too overwhelming! They will naturally upgrade your St. Patrick's decoration, giving it a sophisticated and rustic look!


Green Leaf Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper decorating a room


Besides the classic shamrock, you can also choose other species to complement! Oh, and the decorative plants are not restricted to St. Patrick's Day decorations! You can use them any time of the year!

6. Set the table with white and green dishes

St. Patrick's Day is almost synonymous with delicious food and beverages. So, when decorating your home to celebrate, give special attention to the kitchen and dining room!

You can set the table with white and green dishes. To complement the decoration, pick a green tablecloth and Irish-themed napkins!

7. Invest in special cups and beer mugs

The beer is also one of the main elements of St. Patrick's Day! To enjoy the beverages with your friends, invest in themed cups and, of course, in unique Irish beer mugs!

For children and other people that don't drink alcohol, you can make special drinks with green apple syrup or add a drop of green dye. The important thing is to toast and celebrate!

8. Compliment the green with orange and white!

Besides the green, don't forget the other colors of the Irish flag: white and orange! They will help you complement the St. Patrick's Day decoration in a harmonious and balanced way!


Black and White Leaves Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper


For example, if you decide on a green tablecloth, you can create contrast with white dishes and orange napkins!

9. Invest in Saint Patrick's-themed pillows

And to make your living room and leisure areas cozier to welcome friends and family, invest in St. Patrick's-themed pillows!

You can pick green, white, and orange pillows and place them on the couch, bed, or armchair for a minimalist and versatile decoration.

But for a bold and expressive St. Patrick's decor, buy themed pillows with shamrocks, elves, and other elements embroidered.

10. Make boards with inspirational quotes!

We must remember that St. Patrick's Day is about celebrating with friends and family! So, what about seizing the feeling of well-being and celebration to improve your decoration?


Green Plaid Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper


One idea is to invest in a chalkboard and write inspirational quotes using lettering techniques! Then, free your artistic side and complement the phrases with shamrock doodles and St. Patrick's illustrations!

11. Don't forget the shamrock for good luck!

Last but not least: the shamrocks for good luck! Although the ones from St. Patrick's Day got only three leaves, you can't play with fortune!

You can make them out of paper, felt, and other artisanal materials for hanging on the walls! Or... what about a natural shamrock plant to cultivate your luck throughout the year?

Now that you know how to decorate your house to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, it's time to put the ideas into practice! Oh, and don't forget to plan your green outfit!

Til' next time!