Modern wallpaper – trends you must check out

Modern wallpaper – trends you must check out

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Committing to a new change in your décor is always a big step. How do you know if you are making the right choice? Here are some new wallpaper trends that will be a big hit in 2018:

1) Gradient

Dip dye and watercolor effect have been growing on other areas of design for a long time now.

This effect can bring modernity and be created with any color you like. You can try to blend two opposite tones, like orange and blue, and have a dramatic result or just bet on smooth colors.

counter with dip dye and watercolor effect removable wallpaper
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2) Lavender is the new It color

Many trendspotter professionals say lavender and lilac are the new soft colors that will replace the famous millennial pink, which is a trend since 2015.

Perfect for a smooth vibe, these colors bring lightness, without taking away the high-end look.

The cozy style is also going to be very trendy. So don’t be afraid of the purple that designers are using so much.

purple and emerale motif floral fabric removable wallpaper

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3) Greenery

Another trend that is coming from Europe in 2018 is the greenery vibe, especially shades of olive and light green.

The tendency of having natural elements around your house is not news since we’ve been seeing this a lot lately.

green and beige textured floral fabric removable wallpaper

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4) Tonal reds

Still thinking about the cozy look, the reds and magentas shades have been gaining preference in decoration.

Working with several different tones to make a beautiful and warm palette, this new trend is a sure success.

Besides, the color therapy of the reds is great for a fresh new year. Specialists say that red is energizing, motivational and exciting.

Tangerine, coral or the red on its own are options for you to make your décor.

blossomed white roses veiled over a classic red backdrop wallpaper
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5) 2D Graphic

Strictly geometrical patterns fit retro, midcentury and eclectic styles. This joyful interior design trend is minimalistic and full of personality.

Hard geometric prints are being seen all over the world in places like Paris, Madrid and London. The circle textures are especially in a good phase and will be huge in 2018. While triangles were the most popular pattern in the past few years, the round is now the new cool fashion.

living room with hard geometric prints removable wallpaper
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6) Black and White

The classics never die and betting on a black and white décor is a very good way to go.

Being easy to work with, a black and white wall is perfect for those who don’t want to take too much risks.

Besides, this is great if you want to go easy on the wall and explore different textures in other parts of your décor.

room design with stripes and plaid removable wallpaper
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7) Be adventurous

Unique and bold textures are super great for a home decoration and in 2018 they will be at their best. Just like any other audacious décor, these textures show a great taste and a chic vibe. Here are some you should pay attention to:

Woven: artisanal objects are already something that’s been spread in the last few years, but having this on your wall is a great way to add a rustic flair to your room.

Agate: this is already a big hit in Europe, and specialists say this will become very popular in America next year.

Marble: Just like the Agate, the marble textures are getting a real space at sophisticated homes around the world and soon will be a great hit in here too.

Tan Log Fabric Removable Wall Mural
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The best part of betting on wallpapers is that you can actually play with any shapes and colors you want. That being said, trendspotters are betting on a retro-futuristic vibe of visual effects wallpapers.

They have a modern art thing to them and can transform a blank room into a real model treasure.

Try a daring big Escher inspired texture for contemporary reference or just some simple lines that will defy the viewer’s sight.

2018 will be a very interesting year for new and daring trends. Don’t forget to check our newest releases!