5 fireplaces decor ideas to innovate in your living room

5 fireplaces decor ideas to innovate in your living room

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5 fireplaces decor ideas to innovate in your living room

5 fireplaces decor ideas to innovate in your living room

There is nothing more charming and cozy than being able to innovate your living room decor with some good ideas for your fireplace. They are the main ones responsible for providing a cozy corner full of good feelings.

Besides the functional aspect, fireplaces can also serve as important decorative objects, contributing to a more beautiful and delicate living room.

Today we want to inspire you with some ideas to innovate with the fireplace in your living room. So follow this post and fall in love with new ideas.

Fireplace: from functional to beautiful

The colder days seem to demand that you have a fireplace in your living room. But once you've decided to add this item, what about some fireplace decorating ideas?

But before thinking about decorative matters, you need to check if the chimney will hold the heat. Even if this is not possible, you can still count on this item to compose the decoration.

Check out how to decorate your living room matching the fireplace.

1. The fireplace as a focal point: wallpaper in wood

wood wall paper

In some cases, it won't be possible to use the fireplace in a functional way. So, if we want to keep this piece in our living room, we will need to understand it as part of a decorative composition, whether to store books or even a beautiful painting.

Here, coloration is essential, and if you want to draw attention to it, try to create a highlight in other colors, such as red, or consider the idea of using an elegant wallpaper, finishing with a vase, for example. In addition, plants have the power to intensify the harmony in the environment.

If you opt for the wallpaper suggestion, think about the possibility of using a wood-print wallpaper around it. If you want to pull for the sophisticated, the light shade is perfect. If you want a more stylish look, consider darker tones.

2. Geometric shape: sophistication and personality

Geometry is a big trend in wallpapers when it comes to decorating. In this format, they provide sophistication.

It is possible to create a fantastic set by applying this pattern in black and white colors above the fireplace and finishing with another wallpaper option in brick shape all-white around it.

If you prefer geometric and colorful wallpapers can also make art of the set with white bricks. Depending on your style, they can appear in circles, triangles, cubes, and squares because the fireplace will already follow this pattern.

3. Wrapped in the charm of the exposed brickwork

exposed brickword

And if you're the kind of person who doesn't shy away from the more charming prints, how about this fireplace wrapped in exposed brick wallpaper? It can have a rectangular shape, with a space to store the firewood below and a wooden slat above to place some decorative object, such as vases.

Bricks have this power that is theirs alone to make everything more charming, cozy, and with a rustic feel, and they go very well in environments with some wooden furniture.

If you want to intensify the effect further, you can use and abuse it along the entire back wall where your fireplace will be, providing a much larger focal point. It looks incredibly cozy with a wood-paneled coffee table!

4. Fireplace as a library

The fireplace will not always need to warm us. To make this piece even more helpful in decoration, you can, for example, think about the idea of using it to store your books, that's right, as a library.

As the book covers come in different colors and textures, you can use a more neutral coloring, directing the spotlight inside it. After that, place the books stacked or organized with two fixed shelves on the inside.

And if you prefer, you can also add magazines and newspapers as items that best demonstrate your personality. If there are printed newspapers, try to balance the frame of the mantel with a more eye-catching coloring.

Wich one of these options do you prefer?

5. Diversified accessories

Diversified accessories

For those who like to unite decoration with comfort, then the idea of making the fireplace multifunctional is the most appropriate. Thus, it will warm you on colder days – and hold some attractive accessories that make it look more interesting.

For this, consider displaying some of your best memories through picture frames with memorable moments, people and situations photos, or some smaller-sized sculpture. There is also the option of medium-sized frames with paintings that has your interest.

To further enhance the appearance of your fireplace, you can use more neutral and basic wallpaper borders, just adding an extra touch to the room, but without drawing attention to it entirely.

6. Using a mirror

Using a mirror decoration

It can be accompanied by some other items to make it more complete, such as a solid wood beam that holds a mirror, for example.

You can use two points to suspend it, adding a mirror nailed to the wall or just on it, in a geometric shape. Then, to finish the composition, bet on four small colorful vases or with different prints to brighten up the environment at its focal point.

7. Vases

Vases for decoration

And since we are talking about fireplace decoration with the idea of vases, you can use and abuse this suggestion. That is because plants bring people closer together, give more life to the environment, and hold flowers or green plants, according to your preference.

Do you like large vases? Then you can move them closer to the side of the fireplace and place a divan and a thinner-framed lampshade in the sequence, further cozying up the place. If you like the idea of flowers, placing small vases on the mantelpiece brings a very beautiful and eye-catching result, in an aspect geared toward warmth, simplicity, and well-being.

If you have already decided how to use your fireplace, halfway to composing your living room is already achieved. Ideally, a fireplace should be multifunctional: it should provide warmth in the colder seasons of the year, and provide the possibility to decorate the room allow the room to be decorated.

In any case, the fireplace is a crucial piece that helps to give that extra touch that we always look for in a living room.

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