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Natural Decor Ideas For Christmas

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Natural Decor Ideas For Christmas

Grey Flowers Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper


Red and green wall treatments and store-bought decorations aren’t the only ways to usher in the festive season. If you’re planning to do a spot of decorating before the holidays, take a look at these fresh and natural decor ideas. Elegant, cozy, and easy to implement, our nature inspired Christmas decor tips will cheer up your home in no time!

 A nature inspired Christmas decor wreath


Start With The Entrance.

Make it clear to one and all that you’re welcoming the holiday spirit. Use evergreens to highlight your doorways and window frames. Fashion a natural wreath out of leaves, winter berries, wood slices and pine cones, and hang this ensemble on your front door. It’s a great time of the year for all your DIY artistic experiments, because even the imperfect ones will do their bit in creating a Christmassy vibe!


white mantel with white brick removable wallpaper


Replicate A Pine Forest.

When you think of natural decor ideas for Christmas, pine cones are among the first to come to mind. There are endless possibilities to explore with pine cones. We love the idea of using them to set a complete holiday theme. Think surreal pine-themed wallpaper, centerpieces composed of pine cones and dried fruits, and larger cones placed in prominent locations perhaps dusted with faux snow for an extra wintery edge.


A bright red couch next to a christmas tree with gifts, faux snow wallpaper in the background.


Create A Snowy Habitat.

When looking for nature inspired Christmas decor ideas, why stop at plants alone? Invite some playful reindeer into your living space through festive peel and stick wallpaper, furnishings and accents. We recommend keeping the color palette subtle and allowing the animal or botanical prints to work their magic. You’ll find a variety of elegant animal prints in our collection perfect for the holidays. Crafted in light pastel tones and flaunting delightful imagery of snowflakes, ferns and frolicking reindeer, they make a perfect backdrop for your Christmas decorations.


salt dough ornaments and holiday-themed removable wallpaper


Dress Up The Little Things.

Covering an entire wall in festive removable wallpaper isn’t your only option when exploring natural decor ideas for Christmas. In fact, if you have bits of botanical wallpaper left over from your old decorating projects, you may not have to buy anything else! Happy-go-lucky florals and vibrant green prints can add a lovely festive touch to shelf backs, drawers, cabinetry, and even door and window frames. Couple these with actual greenery in the form of ferns in lovely glassware or lush ‘bouquets’ to decorate chair backs, and you’ll have fashioned yourself a perfect holiday haven.


Holiday decor atop a white mantel, with shiplap wallpaper

Bring Home Some Birchwood.

Birchwood candle holders and wall hangings are always reliable as festive accents. For those on the lookout for unique natural decor ideas with a holiday twist, we recommend taking the idea a step further. Add birch-themed peel and stick wallpaper to your living room, home office or bedroom this holiday season. It’ll bring in a charming woodsy feel and mesh well with indoor greenery and pine cone compositions. 

Speaking of a woodsy ambiance, you can always warm things up with a photorealistic faux wood wallpaper. This will instantly cozy up your living space and set the stage for festive accents and houseplants.

A dining table set for a holiday meal

Photo by Mansa, from @thisissimplicite

Let Your Efforts Bear Fruit!

Fruits can be quite festive when showcased in the right fashion. Colorful fruits like oranges and apples can be a natural replacement for baubles and trinkets. Use these along with winter berries, mosses, evergreens, and ferns to create holiday-themed table runners, staircase decorations and wreaths. If you’re out of actual fruit, fruit-themed wall art can be a great way to set the mood.

Ready to get started on your nature inspired Christmas decor? Stop by our PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper range to pick up delightful wall coverings that will last you through Christmas and beyond. No matter what you choose, remember the holidays are about fun. When trying out natural decor ideas, don’t worry too much about the rules. If you’re unsure about any of our designs, you can always order a sample to test it out.