Beautiful Wall Art Ideas to Decorate your Home

Beautiful Wall Art Ideas to Decorate your Home

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couch with colorful galleon ship wallpaper



colorful galleon ship wallpaper



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Wall art is as old as mankind. Our ancestry is known in part by the art they left through the years, proving our need to express our ideas and feelings other than verbally have always existed. The very history of art itself can be told, in part, by this kind of crafts. Some of the greatest pieces of art in our history were created to be exposed in walls of cathedrals, castles and palaces. The truth is that it is in our nature to embellishing and personalizing our walls, after all, we live surrounded by them.

Every wall is an opportunity to express an entire world of feelings, thoughts and urges. Artists had shown this, spreading impressive murals around the world. Well, if they can, why couldn’t you?

To many people, having a plain-white wall at home creates a restlessness, an urge to put something there, something beautiful, or meaningful, or at least useful. This is nothing but a signal from our very nature to express itself through color, texture, lights and meaning. And there’s no good reason to ignore this signal.

This post is for anyone who wants to make more out of the walls that surrounds them. These are just some among millions of ideas that you can have to give more life and verve to your house, apartment or any kind of abode. After all, wall art is for everyone.

Keep in mind that there are so many ways that you can execute this ideas that each one deserves, its own post. So, if any of the ideas mentioned hooked you, there are literally thousands of videos on the internet with the DIY steps. You can purchase them,  start your projects and do it by yourself.



red and white american wall art


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Remember that the focus of this kind of craft is to express yourself. If you live in a rented house or apartment, make sure that you can take remove your art of without damaging the walls. As our life changes, so do our feelings and ideas, so you may want to change the art during the different times of your life.  All the wallpapers of  Walls By Me  can make your life way easier in this matter, as they are peeling and stick fabric. No glue or paste is required and does not damage your walls when removed.

Many of the ideas listed here you can make using things that you have at home or are easily obtainable. So, let’s start:


Basically, stencils are the result of applying some kind of paint over a surface through the gaps of a “mask”, a barrier (made of paper or plastic) that only allow the painting in certain spots. It is used everywhere, from the industry to street art and provides beautiful results.

At home, you can use spray or normal paint over the stencil mask. Just be sure to clean the wall before applying and remember to cover the floor with some protection. Protect yourself too: use gloves, disposable clothes and a painting mask, especially if you use spray paint.

Anything goes with stencil: large meaningful messages, images, symbols, patterns and so on. You can buy them online or do them yourself. There are many videos and texts on the internet teaching how to make the masks and how to apply the paint properly. It may be difficulty in the beginning, but with practice you will be able to create amazing stencil walls!

If you think you are not that handy or do not have the time just check out Walls By Me art collection and have it delivered at your door in no time.



This technique is literally as old as paper, beginning with its invention in China around 200 BC. But was really made famous as an art form in the 70’s. It consists in composing images by pasting printed images and combining it with paint. Amazing and fun results had been achieved by collage artists over the years, creating scenarios with multiple levels of imagery and depth. Anything printed goes; photos, letters, texts, advertising, etc.

This art works great of doors and specific sessions of your wall. Try using a wooden board or canvas, because it is easier to compose your idea before using glue and paint. Applying a varnish coating increases the durability of your art and gives it a retro vibe. You can make collages using full pages of texts, poems, book pages, comic book pages, and so on.  Soon you will realize that whatever you do on a collage, it always become cool and unique.


Another ancient art that you can turn into wall art. It started in Mesopotamia around 2000 B.C. It consists in assembling small colored pieces forming images, patterns and symbols. The pieces can be of glass, stone, wood and even plastic.

To create a mosaic for your home you will need patience and care. First you have to decide what to use as tiles for you mosaic. If you are willing to make a permanent art using glass or stone, you’ll have to use grout. You can apply them over a wooden board or directly on your wall. Remembering that it can be permanent. To make your life easier, there are colored plastic tiles on the market, and you can use silicon or other adherents.

You can compose a mosaic with any small piece, from grains and seed to even pictures.  The last one can offer unbelievable results, even if you simply place them close together. You just need to have enough material to work with. Your pieces don’t have to cover a large section of your wall, so you can even frame you small mosaics.

Whether you do not have the time or wants some wall art to blend in with your mosaics or tapestry Walls Be My have incredible art work to please almost all preferences. Check out the geometrics wall art and many other options at our website.



Another ancient art, old as cloth itself. Fantastic tapestry covered the walls of kings and queens throughout history, being a highly value art. Today it is an amazingly easy to way to give color, texture and meaning to a wall without almost no impact.

Woven pieces can carry a huge amount of details, motifs, textures and patterns. You can hang a soft silk piece or a heavy woven panel. You’ll just need nails and perhaps a cord to make it safely fixed. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money in a luxurious piece; sometimes the most meaningful art you can embellish your walls with are those that you love, from scarfs and beach yokes to your favorite old blanket.


This is a less common one, but easy to do and gorgeous if you give it some time and love. String art consists in compose patterns and images by tightening string over some firm stand, most normally nails. Because of the use of nails, this art is recommended for wooden walls or at least wooden boards hanged.

Try fixing some nails in a simple disposition – a circle for example – then start to coil a string of your favorite color around them. Soon you will begin to see a pattern to follow, especially if the nails are fixed in a symmetric disposition. Suddenly you will begin to see the pattern forming images, and you will want to make another one with different colors and patterns. If you like sewing, this is the decor for you.


You can execute many of the ideas in this post in a canvas frame without any problem. Collages, stencils, mosaics or even simple painting that you can do using a foam for example can be made easier using canvas. They are easy to hang and frame, so you’ll have less work composing you art.

Disposition is the key using canvases: you can have a fell large one, smaller ones or with different sizes; you can make them parallel to one another or in a more creative disposition. The best way is to use different sizes that fit into one large complete square mural. This idea can make the prettiest headboard for your bed for example.  Even with plain white canvases, this mural effect is awesome.



vibrant bouquet of flowers wallpaper



In this case, the aim is to the educative side because your kid is developing his own sense of style, but learning is still always a good thing. Beyond using the right wallpaper for your kid’s room, there are some very good stimulus that help their development. Maps are a good example: they frequently are our first notion of the world and are aesthetically viable. You can print a large world map and divide it in pieces and hang them creating a deconstructed image of the map. You can do the same with the periodic table for older kids using the same technique.

Another great way to stimulate is to create educational murals that you children can attach pieces on. This can be achieved using some non-toxic sticking agent, magnets if you can apply a metal surface to the wall or even Velcro, which is quite noisy.

For example, numbers and arithmetic operations symbols that can be disposed on the wall and organized in operations. It can really help them to develop an interest in math. The same goes with letters, and you can incentive them to compose words to express their thoughts and feelings.

The solar system is another excellent idea for wall art for kids. You can purchase Styrofoam balls with the different sizes of the planets and moons of the solar system, cut them in half and attach them to the wall. You can even draw the lines of the orbits and place them in the right order and relative distance. The more detailed, more your kids will learn. If you are more of a discrete type and would like just a splash of color and beauty into your kid’s room décor check out this adorable fox wall art below available at Walls by Me.



red fox accent wallpaper



This is great for children too, but not only them. If you would rather be able to make a new wall art all the time, so this is the best way. You can use paint or chalkboard wallpaper and that’s it: you can write or drawn anything! You just need different colors of chalk and a tool to erase your arts. They can be the traditional dark green, black or even white, the last having the advantage of not being so evident and dark. You can also use smaller frames with chalkboard and gather them in a spot of the wall, so each one can compose a muck impactful effect. This is amazing to create a homely and creative message board.


They can give a cool and vintage vibe to any wall, at the same time being useful if aimed for kids. They can be of paper, plastic, wood or a simple sticker, the idea is to use them to claim the focus of anyone who looks at the wall to that spot. You can combine them in a large phrase or just randomly assemble them in an aesthetic flow.

You can also use a large metallic plate as a board by using magnets in the letters! This idea is very fun and filled with possibilities; you can create large sized games of scramble or tic-tac-toe on your walls!

Another way to decorate using letters is to online shop for this golden written declaration of love wall art at Walls by Me.



gold and white love wallpaper
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It is not by chance that the flea market is going strong; vintage signs and advertising are beautiful and full of charm and there is a large market for them. You can always find one you feel could match that spot on your wall. As the flea market can have some sour prices, you can always search for your favorite ones online and have them printed in charming pieces that you can assemble or organize giving your wall a really retro style.

You can even use a vintage-style wallpaper in that section of the wall to maximize the impact, creating a full-fledged vintage wall in your home


This post could not end without mentioning this magical natural wall art. Vertical gardens are one of the best gifts you can give you wall. They change the vibe of any place instantly when placed and becomes a spot synonymous with care and attention. You can create this art in many ways; all relying on the support for the substrate, the space for the plant to grow and be watered and the water drainage. This requires its own structure, so vertical gardens require some work for composing and caring.

There are many pre-made vertical gardens on the market for you to check out, but you can create yours just using hanging plant vases for example. If this doesn’t sound like wall art, start composing your garden using different plants like succulents, flower vines, spices and any colorful vegetal life. Soon the border that separated gardening and decoration of walls will vanish, as well as many of your troubles and concerns.



blue and gold wallpaper



 Beautiful, easy and useful, this idea holds an unexpected impact. Just paint boxes with your favorite colors and hang them on the walls in different patterns. You can use your shoes boxes or other small cardboard ones. The ideal is to use boxes made of wood or plywood, like wine boxes, so you can use them as shelves while they serve as a beautiful wall art.

Small plants like cactuses and succulents fit amazingly with this idea, especially if you place the boxes on a wall that receives light. Another great idea is to place small led light inside them; so whatever you place on the shelves will become important.