Grown up bedroom ideas: tips to make your décor feel more mature

Grown up bedroom ideas: tips to make your décor feel more mature

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wooden bed with green leaves and pink flamingos wallpaper background


well-balanced design bedroom with green leaves and pink flamingos wallpaper
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The bedroom can be compared to some special place, where you are able to meditate, reflect and recovered for the next day. That’s why you can’t measure efforts to turn your bedroom the best spot of your home.

There are some ways to enhance the atmosphere of your room and let it more mature. By adding some elements and reorganizing others, you will find a well-balanced design for your room.

Check out these tips to let your décor more mature:

Hands on

Use your creativity and bring more personality to your room. Above your bed, you could set a geometric shelves and place different items to improve the look of your room.

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style open the eye to the concept ‘less is more’. Few pieces with a signed design and a monochrome palette transform any environment into a simple, modern and cozy space. White, gray and black shades are the perfect choice for a serious room full of personality.


Scandinavian style bedroom with white and red geometric wallpaper
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Beauty and Privacy

Linen curtains can be an amazing addition to your room. You will have the full light control and improve the look of your bedroom. Get an organic curtain to match the window and the room. Blackout is also an option to enssure more sleeping hours. The black and white wallpaper not only brings beauty to the room as it integrates well with the curtains providing a clean and more lok to the bedroom.

Light up

Table lamp is an effortless way to let your room into a more charming and beautiful space. Matching the right color and design, you will  turn your room more charming and beautiful. If you prefer, go for chandeliers or floor lamps. Another way to lighen up your room is to add some color to the walls yet marching your décor. Notice how the turquoise wallpaper integrates well with the entire room.


turquoise themed grown-up bedroom with blue japanese wallpaper
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Let’s tidy up

Sofas and armchairs contributes to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere in the room. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bed with storage to keep your things. You also have the option to get a chaise with storage to compose your room, or use colorful storage boxes to organize your belongings.

Personality and style

A bed frame can modify a simple room into a place with a strong personality. Pick the traditional wooden frame or customize your own bed frame. Furthermore, old doors, pallets or wooden decks could be useful to build your exclusive bed frame.

Mix it up

Get colorful cover cushions to change the visual of your room. Play with shapes and color combination. These elements will give you a cheerful bedroom.

Hang on

Organize yours jewelry picking a decorated holder and arrange it on the wall. Go for the colors and design that will contrast with your wall color.

Play with the composition

Objects in your room are responsible to tell a story. Invest in more elements to build this composition, for example, if you have a chest of drawers, place a handmade piece of art or even different selection of books on top. You also can add sphere sculptures, figurines with different shapes, decorative boxes and ceramic pieces. All those option you are able to get for an affordable price. 

Into the garden

Use dried flowers to add a bit of exquisite and harmony to your interior spaces. Pick the selection and glue your varieties of blooms collection into a white frame. The portraits can be placed side by side or above your bed. You will have a fresh and original atmosphere in your room!

Nature indoor

A mature room requires a nature touch. If you appreciate the succulent trend, measure a square wall place in your room, and place a tiny floating wooden shelf. Now, you can accommodate each succulent on each shelve.

Keeping fresh

Your bed is the main character of your room. Instead of buying different blankets and duvets, go for the duvet cover sets. You change the harmony of your environment every time that you change the bed clothes.


three dimensional colored bedroom with aqua and purple rustic wood texture wallpaper

Check this wallpaper on website!

Detail is important

In a shop you can find versatile benches that you can place it in the end of your bed. You can renovate it and set with geometric cushions on top.

Fine touch

Get new drawer and wardrobe pulls. Adding this touch you can change your room and reach a higher level of design in your room. Go for different colors or handmade works.

After those tips, you will increase your decorations possibilities, will transform the atmosphere of your home and, certainly, almost literally pull people into your lovely home, creating this feeling that they want to stay awhile to explore your incredible space. Well, do not waste your time, and run to put all those ideas in practice. Hands on!