Decor Getting Outdated? Time To Go Bold With Wall Murals!

Decor Getting Outdated? Time To Go Bold With Wall Murals!

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Decor Getting Outdated? Time To Go Bold With Wall Murals!

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Being a trend-savvy decorator isn’t easy. Especially when you’re working with time and budget constraints. If you’ve been dreaming of living in a fashionable home but reality doesn’t quite match up, it may be time to look beyond standard wall treatments. For those who need a break from one-color walls, PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper serves as a wonderful alternative. But for those looking to up their game further, removable wall murals are the way to go!

What are wall murals?

Think of them as large-format artworks that you directly apply on to a wall. Unlike wallpapers that can be tiled to create a seamless covering for an entire room, murals are designed just for feature walls. As such, they typically showcase bold prints such as scenery, cityscapes, and abstract art. When used correctly, a wall mural can transform the entire look of a space. And if you choose a high-quality, PVC-free mural, it will take next to no time to install or remove. These self-adhesive wall murals are the easiest and most effective way to update your decor and keep it fashionable all year round.

If we’ve piqued your interest, here are some quick wall mural ideas to get you thinking:



purple and green floral fabric removable wall mural


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Plant a forest at home.

They say you can’t go wrong with indoor greenery. But if you don’t have a green thumb or can’t risk covering all your walls in botanical wallpaper, a nature-themed wall mural is the perfect solution. Create a floral fiesta behind your living room couch or a tropical feature wall in your bedroom. Calming yet energizing, botanical wall murals are the perfect way to refresh your decor in a matter of minutes. Plus, indoor greenery can never go out of style, so you can reuse your PVC-free wall mural in new and interesting ways all year round.



modern bedroom with photorealistic wall murals


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Escape to your favorite place.

You don’t need to move to NYC to have a stunning view of its skyline. Nor do you have to escape to Tahiti to have a secluded beach outside your window. A well-chosen wall mural will let you bring your favorite destination home. In our collection, you can find scenes ranging from gorgeous mountains to cosmopolitan cityscapes – all in the form of photorealistic wall murals that are easy to install and will not damage your walls or paint when removed. Try one of these in your living room bedroom or home office, and being homebound will never be a problem again!



artsy look room with yellow and light fabric removable wall mural


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Go artistic and abstract.

Sometimes, you want to be expressive without going overboard with colors and imagery. Abstract wall murals are a great fit for such subtle tastes. They give your room an artsy look and allow you to introduce a dynamic feature wall into any existing setup. Because they aren’t rooted in photorealistic prints or patterns, abstract wall murals can effortlessly work with geometric, floral, nautical, or animal-themed peel and stick wallpaper. Choose a vibrant design to complement your subtle neutral setting, or let grayscale explorations bring character into a standard contemporary room.



modern living area with city landscape removable wall mural


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Let the blues wash over.

Pantone has declared it, and homes around the world are proving it – classic blue is very much in vogue this year. And what could be a better time to bring it home than during the summer? Just like our removable wallpaper range, our wall mural collection also features refreshing nautical-themed designs. Whether you want to work with a view of serene coastline or capture some deep-sea drama in your living space, you’ll find just what you need in our latest collection. Try these on as feature walls in your living room, or even as a welcome break from boring bathroom walls! Easy to install, remove, and reposition, this peel and stick wall murals will always leave your walls good as new.



sophisticated living room with white and gray mural removable wallpaper


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Take your texture game up a notch.

If you already enjoy experimenting with textured peel and stick wallpaper, you’re going to love our textured wall murals. Featuring charismatic prints of marble, wood, and fabric, these let you create distinctive yet versatile feature walls. Textured murals capture the innate charisma of natural finishes while exaggerating them just enough to make things dramatic. They’re are perfect for spacious lounges and sophisticated reception areas with statement furniture and mood lighting.

Do away with outdated decor for good! Browse through our creative and charismatic wall murals collection to give your home just the style boost it needs. Our PVC-free murals are incredibly easy to install and will never damage your walls or paint when removed.