Girls bedroom wallpaper ideas by age

Girls bedroom wallpaper ideas by age

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Girls bedroom wallpaper ideas by age


Decorating a little girl’s bedroom is very fun, but it can make us confused about what kind of style we should choose for our baby’s pad. When you decorate their bedroom, you need to keep in mind that you are going to change that room’s décor way more often than you would change any other room in the house. That’s because  kids are growing up and changing preferences all the time, so the bedroom needs to change alongside with them.

That’s why using a removable wallpaper is the best idea to make her bedroom really cute and make your life easier when it comes to that time when you’ll have to rip it off and replace with a new one. Besides that, removable wallpapers don’t damage your wall, so you don’t need to worry about that. Also Walls By Me wallpaper is made of  high-quality peel and stick wallpaper instead of vinyl making them PVC-free, Lead- Free and VOC-free. They are printed with water based inks harmless to your health and enviroment. Now that you know that let’s think about what pattern to use for each age.

Ages 0 – 4

This is a very young age, so it’s nice to have a pattern that she can observe and get to know something, like wild animals and trees or flowers. It’s also great to have that pattern really low on the wall if it’s not possible to use it from the top to the floor because it’s where her sight is going to be and she can see everything without the need of looking up all the time.


wild flower pattern removable wallpaper

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Ages 5 – 8

By this age, she already understands what she likes the most, so you can use those preferences to decorate her bedroom. If she goes to ballet classes and loves it, you can use a wallpaper full of ballerinas that she’s going to love to look at all the time entirely. If she likes to play with fluffy bears, you can use a wallpaper with bears on. This is an age that you can start to use more colors on one section of the bedroom without worrying if it’s going to distract her when she needs to sleep.


girls bedroom with Brown and Cream Forest Baby wallpaper

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Ages 9 – 11

This is the age when they still like to play with their toys but don’t really want their bedroom to look too childish for when their friends come over. It’s nice to use flowered patterns with wood to give that idea of a little tea shop style so she can use her toys as clients and play with her friends when they are at the house. If she’s not a big fan of flowers, you can use a wallpaper with a pattern full of kites, stars, hearts, raindrops or clouds. Those last two don’t need to be too ludic so it doesn’t look like a baby’s bedroom, but it can still be used if she likes it. It’s also nice to use a wallpaper that looks like wood. You can use it on a neutral color, like gray or off-white, on one of the walls and paint the rest with a really lovely color, like mint or pastel pink or blue. It’s going to look really nice and less like a little kid’s bedroom.




little princess bedroom with Pink Royalty Children wallpaper


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Ages 12 – 15

Now she wants her bedroom to look more like a grown up’s bedroom as she’s becoming one . So you can use geometric wallpapers, like stripes or triangles on the wall, and a nice color on the others, or if she likes that animal print pattern, you can use it on one of the walls and a neutral color on the others, one that matches with the pattern on the wallpaper. You just need to be careful, so it doesn’t become too much information with the rest of the bedroom’s décor, you should keep it quite simple and also really nice to use one that looks like tiles. It gives a charm to the bedroom and it’s very unusual and going to make her bedroom look unique and really cool.



girls bedroom alice in wonderland inspired wallpaper


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Those are our tips on how to decorate your children bedroom by age, so it’s easier for you to know what to choose when you see that amount of patterns that you can choose from. You just need to remember that you can always ask your kid what they really like and use their hobbies and favorite cartoons or movies as an inspiration to her bedroom décor. We are sure that if you do that she’s going to love it and you can still make it work and make the room look incredible as the rest of your house.

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