How can I decorate my wall for Christmas? Decor Ideas!

How can I decorate my wall for Christmas? Decor Ideas!

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How can I decorate my wall for Christmas? Decor Ideas!

When Christmas is getting close, many doubts and questions start to arise in people's thoughts, and that's why we're here, to help you with all your doubts, like how can I decorate my Christmas without a fireplace? Are there any cheap Christmas wall decorations I can use? Don't worry. We're here to help!

Here, you will find many ways to decorate your home for Christmas, from the most colourful, fun and extravagant, to the simplest, rustic and modern, so you can find the option that best suits you and your home! Interested? Then come check it out:

Can you hire someone to decorate for Christmas?

I mean, yes, you can, but Christmas is such a fantastic time to enjoy with family and friends, and there is nothing better to get into the mood of the celebration than decorating your home. So whether you spend a lot or little, the important thing is having fun and enjoying this moment. Also, we believe there's no need to spend money on hiring someone when you can try such unique internet ideas! So keep reading and find the best ways to decorate your house by yourself!

First of all, the three official Christmas colors are red, green and white, so you can take the first step by choosing the base color for the decoration. Then, for example, you can use one of the colours on the wall and decorate the rest with the other two. Let's see the best Christmas wall decor with these three colours down below:

How can I decorate my room on Christmas Day?

Regardless of which or how many rooms you choose to decorate, you can always use the following tips. Let's start by thinking about what most reminds you of a good Christmas decoration: the Christmas tree, the star, stockings, reindeer, Santa, snow, presents, lights, pinecones, round and ribbon garland, candles, Christmas balls, and so on.

Now you need to choose the places to decorate. You can take advantage of empty walls, furniture, doors, standard decorations in the house and decorate with different Christmas items. Let's check it out?

1 - Red based decoration

Red based decoration

If the base colour of your decoration is red, you can leave at least one wall in this colour and make sure that the surrounding decorations are green and white to balance it out. You can use, for example, Red and White Geometric-themed Wallpaper to create the Christmas atmosphere, then next to it you can put the tree, some presents or you can bet on using some long garland on the furniture and doors.

And before you get scared by the idea of wallpaper, know that these models are easy to apply and remove without getting dirty or leaving marks on your wall, so rest assured! As soon as Christmas is over, you can take it off with ease.

Spread some Santa Clauses on the furniture, place bells, gifts all over the room and harmoniously spread everything, filling in the empty places. It's better not to put too many ornaments in the wallpapered wall, so it can have some highlight without weighing down the look. Check out some ideas!

2 - Green-based decoration:

Green based decoration

Greener decorating ideas usually carry a very rustic feel, so it is best to avoid very green walls to make the room look strange. Instead, we recommend wooden wallpaper, like the White Faux Themed Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper. It's a good idea because it has a neutral colour, with simple details so that you can put lots of green ornaments on the wall.

You can, for example, take advantage of this look and save space by making a Christmas tree on the wall. Just use a few pins into the wall, creating a triangle. Remember not to put any in the middle, make a straight line on both sides, like a triangle, and let a 4 inches space between the pin, so you can pass long garland throw it and make the tree, you can add lights it to look better.

You can then enjoy the rest of the house with all three colours, distributing the decorations evenly around the room and letting the Christmas atmosphere spread throughout the room!

Christmas wall ideas less colorful to put in your house

For those who prefer more straightforward and less colourful decorations, you can make the best use of white. For example, you can apply this basic Brown and Beige Geometric Peel and Stick Removable wallpaper. It is super Christmassy and neutral at the same time. And then you can use the best decorations to decorate your furniture, pictures, stairs, sofas, tables, doors and windows with red and green all over.

An excellent idea for those who like handwork and cheaper decorations, with coloured paper, you can make cutouts in the shape of reindeer, pine trees, pinecones, stockings, and so on, and place them with ribbon all over your house, leaving the place very Christmassy. You can also pay a little more for small and straightforward decorations, string them on some walls, and hang them there with nails, leaving a Christmas decoration and rustic.

Is it bad luck to decorate for Christmas early?

Is bad luck?

There have always been some legends about bad luck for those who put up or take down the Christmas decorations before their time, but you can rest assured. Nothing will happen if you start decorating in November and take it down on December 26. You should do what you like best! Usually, people start decorating in the first week of December and take them down around Thanksgiving.

Is bad luck?

What did you think about our decoration ideas? We hope you can have fun while decorating and enjoy this festive time of year! We wish you and your family all the best this Christmas! Check out the Christmas wallpaper options we have!