How to make a small room look bigger: 8 amazing ideas

How to make a small room look bigger: 8 amazing ideas

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How to make a small room look bigger: 8 amazing ideas

Giving your small room a new look and depth!

Nowadays, small rooms are very common in a house or incorporate locations, but you don't have to give up the amazing decoration to make them more comfortable.

This is possible to achieve with a few adjustments to the layout of your small room. Today, we are going to teach you how to make this space look even better!

Use your creativity and include furniture, accessories and wallpapers to improve your environment and enjoy your moments even more!

How to begin making a small room bigger

Harmony isn't an isolated aspect, and it depends on other factors, such as your personality, the themes of the other ambients, proportions, illumination, and a long-term view of its functionality.

Without taking into account the proportions of the room, you run the risk of making a mistake while getting prepare. Keep in mind that if the room is a small place, the furniture must keep up with this proportion, as well as the proportion of light.

The distance between the TV and the sofa, even the size of the curtain, should not compromise the feeling of spaciousness.

So, let's check out some tricks on how to improve the space of a room.

Balance the color palette

Balance the color palette

In general, people tend to use medium tones to paint their rooms, but it is important to always create a contrast between light and darker tones, ensuring an illusion that the space is larger.

In this sense and in some cases, it may be a good option to use dark walls so that the background is highlighted along with the decoration, which can be – or not – more colorful. The ceiling can accompany this darkened tone, creating this contrast between the furniture.

Add multifunctionality

Add Multifunctionality

By employing multifunctional furniture you can optimize spaces and leave others free. This brings us the feeling of less clutter and the feeling of more space available.

For this, bet on furniture that can also be useful for storing items that are hidden, as in a 2 in 1 concept.

An example of this is the ottomans, which can be used as coffee tables, as well as footrests and chests. TV racks can store wines and other beverages instead of having to invest in a separate wine cellar.

Use longer curtains

Use longer curtains

Long curtains that reach the floor create the feeling that the ceiling seems to be higher. But beware: opt for light curtains, made with semi-transparent fabrics, allowing natural light to get through the window.

It is also possible to use a piece of furniture in a very striking color to draw attention to you.

Decorative details with large sizes

Decorative details with large sizes

Bigger ornaments bring a better sense of organization. So, bet on end tables, bedside lamps, dining tables, and cushions. But don't overdo it: the idea is to choose from 2 to 3 items.

Even a chair hanging in the corner of the room looks different, fun and super modern! In addition to providing you with an extra place to welcome your guests.

It works like this: it's better to have one big item than 4 small ones. So, a larger sofa optimizes space better than 4 smaller armchairs.

If you're like some inspirational design ideas to use in your living room, check out a blog post we've written on decorating your living room with new designs.

Use art in your favor

Use art in your favor

Hanging a large work of art on the wall of a small room could be a great decorating strategy. But avoid contrasting it with other small items on other walls, otherwise, the ambiance would look a little cluttered.

More lamps and less dizziness

More lamps and less dizziness

Use more than one bulb to spread the light around the room rather than concentrating it on a single central point. This makes the environment look wider and cozier.

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall"

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall"

Mirrors are great allies to create the feeling of a more spacious place. If you manage to install one of them in the corner of the wall, its reflection will magnify the next wall, looking like a continuation.

But don't fill the room with mirrors: employ them strategically in a single wall!

Taller furniture

Taller furniture

When choosing to use furniture with exposed legs and taller, as in sofa and armchair's case, the space seems to become larger.

Improving your room's sense of space according to its shape

Now that you've checked out some decorating tips to expand your room, what about a better understanding of how to apply these options according to the room's format?

Square room

In this room format, the tip is to place a piece of art or a larger decoration on one of the walls to stand out. It will create a focal point, making this amplitude wherever you are. Then choose two walls to contrast among themselves, either with different tones or other features to balance the entire ambient.

Rectangular room

Rectangular rooms can promote a narrowing of the space. So, use mats to delimit the environments. Darken the two walls that are larger and put a mirror or artwork on them.

L-shaped room

Here, the main point is to integrate all parts of the room, providing value to the place as a whole. To do so, replicate the colors to unify the spaces and ensure there is a space for circulation.

Now that you got the best tips for making your small room look bigger according to its shape, how about checking out our gallery of wall art to create the focal point of your room?


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