Surprising Ways To Find Design Inspiration For Your Home

Surprising Ways To Find Design Inspiration For Your Home

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Surprising Ways To Find Design Inspiration For Your Home

The journey from a cookie cutter apartment to a uniquely styled living space can be tedious and confusing – especially when you don’t know where to begin. You may like a bunch of different styles and then end up with an incoherent space. Or you may get stuck trying to find something distinctive for your home when almost everything out there seems done to death. Well, the good news is that finding fresh design inspiration for your bedroom, living room or kitchen is actually quite simple.

More often than not, the big idea for your next home makeover will be hiding in plain sight! Here are some of the many places you can look for it.

5 easy places to find design inspiration for bedrooms, living rooms, and more!

living room with a beach wallpaper mural

Your favorite holiday destination

Gear up for a lovely staycation by turning your home into a tribute to your favorite place. You can easily generate relaxed beachside vibes using calming coastal wallpaper, delightful nautical accents, white or neutral furniture, and pleasant pops of turquoise or aquamarine. We also offer gorgeous wall coverings featuring everything from Japanese cherry blossoms to vibrant Moroccan tiles, to help you channel the energy of your favorite city.
Modern living room with peel and stick wallpaper and wood pattern.

Beige Faux Wood Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper

Childhood memories

No matter how much you style it, your home will not feel welcoming until it’s about you. While looking for design inspiration for bedrooms in particular, opt for ideas that let you add a personal touch to the setting. A simple way is to keep the walls and primary furniture understated, allowing you to fill the room with personal memorabilia. We also love the idea of recreating a well-loved setting – letting the memory of your grandma’s kitchen inspire your own, or using the colors and textures of your old den as nostalgic design inspiration for your living room.    
Contemporary living room with removable sage green wallpaper

White Geometric Basic Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper

A movie or TV show

Taking design inspiration from movies and TV sets serves more than one purpose. To begin with, a home modelled after your favorite show will never fail to cheer you up. Secondly, it lets you skip the trickier aspects of putting together a theme. You have pre-planned color palettes, pattern combinations and furniture pairings to choose from. Especially if you need vintage design inspiration for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, and aren’t confident about starting from scratch, a good-looking set can be quite handy. Did you check out our recent post on taking decor ideas from the WandaVision sets?



Living room with black and white artistic peel and stick wallpaper.

Black and White Pattern Geometric Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper


Often, what sets a professionally decorated space apart is the way it handles accents. Wall art, sculpture, planters and photographs aren’t just ‘fillers’ for a setting. They can actually be used to start a design scheme. If you own a nice painting and wish to show it off, why not use it as design inspiration for your living room? A well-composed artwork will let you craft a color palette that is naturally balanced and pleasing to the eyes. You can also choose patterns and textures based on the rendering style and medium of the artwork in question.



peel and stick removable wallpaper mural with pink and blue winter landscape

White Snow Landscape Peel and Stick Removable Wall Mural


Last but certainly not the least, nature has endless ways to inspire us as we go about designing our living spaces. Taking a leaf out of nature’s book doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to create an urban jungle. You can simply craft color palettes from seasonal flowers, foliage, and landscapes from around the world. Our fresh and natural peel and stick wallpapers will allow you to craft all-new nature-inspired themes round the year.


These were just a few ideas to get you thinking about your next decor upgrade. There are endless sources of design inspiration around us, and endless ways to give them a place in our homes. Start your next home makeover with our latest peel and stick wallpapers and murals.