Sala estética TikTok: como criar uma decoração incrível!

TikTok aesthetic room: how to create a great place!

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TikTok aesthetic room: how to create a great place!

Decor trends have taken on a whole new meaning thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram. With social media becoming the primary way to bring our “visitors” home, our living spaces don’t just need to feel comfy, but also look great on a 5-inch screen. So what does it take to keep up with tens of thousands of digital influencers in acing the TikTok aesthetic in any given room? As it turns out, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Giving an Instagram or TikTok aesthetic to your room doesn’t mean that you have to craft an entirely new design vocabulary, change every piece of furniture, or do anything invasive that results in the loss of your deposit. The main thing to remember is that scoring points on social media relies a lot on having a unique style that echoes your personality - a “vibe,” if you will. This can be created through curated arrangements of things you love - colors and patterns you’re fond of, styles you’ve loved growing up, souvenirs and memorabilia, or just a new trend you’ve been wanting to try.

Let’s explore a few ideas that’ll show you just how simple and fun it can be.

6 easy ideas to get a TikTok aesthetic room

A bedroom that sets coziness goals

Bedroom tik tok aesthetic

Spacious, luxurious bedrooms may look great in coffee table books, but it’s the cozy, personalized hideaways that always score points on social media. Bedrooms featuring string lights, planters, soothing color tones and delightful personal touches look great on TikTok and Instagram posts. The idea is to add texture and depth without bringing in overly vivid colors or grandiose statement pieces. Add charming details to the area around your bed – introduce multiple light sources that aren’t too bright, be generous with vines, houseplants and small-scale accessories, and consider neutral tones bedding and wall treatments.

Corners that draw them in

Room with TikTok aesthetic


Making an impression on social media is often about focusing on the little things. A decor hack that many digital decor influencers use is to feature beautifully decorated corners – reading nooks, breakfast counters, a staircase landing, and so on. Creating these unassuming yet inspiring corners is quite simple. Swap out plain walls for a convenient faux texture like brick or shiplap, introduce a comfy piece of furniture, and complement it with a set of small-scale accents like planters, picture frames, or collectables.

A home office that inspires

Home office with TikTok aesthetic


A home-based workspace that also works as eye candy is a sureshot way to win your followers’ hearts. Identify everything about your home office that makes it boring or monotonous. Blank walls are usually the main problem. Introduce a charming paint color or happy-go-lucky print to kill the Monday blues, add some wall storage and accessories for your desk, and bring in artwork or accents that remind you there’s more to life than work! Your room will be acing the TikTok aesthetic in no time.

Indoor greens to match the outdoors

Room with TikTok aesthetic


It’s no secret that decor enthusiasts on Instagram and TikTok love looking at indoor greenery. We can’t help it – it’s often the only connect we have with nature in times like these. Go all out with your urban jungle or tropical paradise. Vines trailing over walls and fixtures, shelves and tables featuring quirky planters, and even floral prints in your upholstery, bedding or wall treatments – nothing is overkill here. To best showcase indoor greenery, keep other colors to a minimum and go for a muted, neutral palette instead.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Decorated room with TikTok aesthetic


Call us out for getting oddly specific, but stylish mirrors won’t let you down when it comes to perfecting the TikTok room aesthetic. If ornate mirror frames are not an option, you can revamp any existing mirror by trailing vines over it and placing it above a surface full of delightful accessories. Vibrant walls featuring floral or dynamic geometric prints work as great backdrops for mirrors.

A theme you love

Decorate living room with TikTok aesthetic


In the end, it all boils down to what you love. If your heart’s not in it, it’s unlikely to make an impression with your digital audience either. This is why the most popular TikTok aesthetic rooms tend to feature dedicated themes. For example, if you’re a diehard pet lover, you can show off your animal-themed home on social media to declare your love for your furry friend. Similarly, settings can be dedicated to a specific movie, travel destination, or even a time in your life you look back on fondly. You can even put all of this together to craft an indie space that’s uniquely, unabashedly you.

Ready to be a digital decor influencer? Get started with any of these design ideas, or come up with your own unique ways to style your home for the smartphone screen. Find PVC-free wallpapers and wall art for every kind of TikTok aesthetic room in our newly updated collection!