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Small Room Decor Ideas - Consider A Dark Accent Wall

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Small Room Decor Ideas - Consider A Dark Accent Wall

There’s a well-worn piece of home decor advice that we’ve all read online: paint your walls in light colors to make your room look bigger, use dark hues if you want things compact and cozy. Does this mean that spacious, airy living spaces are out of bounds for those who prefer the darker side of the spectrum?

Quite the contrary. The art of decorating your home has many aspects to it. Generic rules of thumb don’t cover everything that goes into achieving a certain look, ambiance, or functional arrangement. How big or small your room feels depends on how its elements interact with each other, and not just on the color of its walls. We’ve come across plenty of stylish small room decor ideas that make use of dark wall treatments. We’ve also seen all-white settings that feel cramped.

Creating the illusion of extra space in a compact room isn’t rocket science. It’s also not an exercise in all-white minimalism. Keep a few basics in mind while choosing your wall treatments, and you’ll be well on your way! Let’s look at some easy and effective small room decor ideas that’ll help your dark-toned room feel bright and open.

Small Room Decor Ideas That Aren’t All White

A purple and white contrast living room

Blue Damask Basic Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Let There Be Light

The thought that light walls reflect more light than dark-colored ones founded the practice of painting small rooms white. It’s the brightness — and not the color per se — that creates the illusion of more space. However, if your room doesn’t get much natural light in the first place, white or cream walls won’t really help. In such cases, it’s best to focus on ensuring that the room is well lit. If natural light isn’t an option, use multiple lighting fixtures for ample illumination.

A light and airy bedroom with a patterned accent wall

Black Textured Geometric Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Make ‘Em Look Up

Many small room decor ideas revolve around creating contrast in clever ways. For instance, you can create the illusion of extra height in your room by treating the walls and trims in a uniform dark color and leaving the ceiling white. You could opt for textured peel and stick wallpaper in charcoal tones, or near-monochrome damask patterns for a clean, understated look that allows the eye to wander towards the ceiling.

A bedroom featuring a brown floral accent wall

Brown Textured Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Place light furniture against dark backgrounds

Love dark colors but worried that they’ll make it seem like the walls are closing in on you? Well, the good news is that a dark accent wall can actually magnify your space — provided you’re a little careful about the tone. You don’t want something too bright that draws attention to itself. Deep, quiet shades of navy, gray and green are ideal for this purpose. Check out our floral, geometric and textured peel and stick wallpaper options in these colors. They work as convenient backdrops, receding into the shadows while your white or light-toned statement furniture gets the spotlight.

Black and white wallpaper and busy decor in a bedroom

Black and White Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Use Patterns That Magnify The Space

Geometric patterns can help you highlight a certain dimension or segment of your room. If you’re at a loss for small room decor ideas, an easy fix involves the use of horizontally striped or chevron-printed peel and stick wallpaper. Use it on one wall of your room to extend the visual flow and create the illusion of extra width. This is also a great way to introduce a dark accent wall to your compact room. Avoid using patterns on all four walls, or you may end up constricting the space further.

A living room with a near-monochrome look with a floral wallpaper accent wall

Organize Your Belongings

When you’re struggling to make a small room feel spacious, clutter is your worst enemy. We are also referring to ‘aesthetic’ clutter here. Most small room decor ideas require well-coordinated color palettes. You don’t want too many colors and patterns adding to the chaos. At the same time, some deliberate contrast is needed to keep things from getting too dull. It’s important to find that balance here.

Experts recommend grouping objects belonging to a single color group and giving them a specific location within the room. This will go a long way in making the room feel organized and spacious. It will also help you show off that dark accent wall you’ve been hankering after!

Have big plans for your small room? Get started on these small room decor ideas and let us know how they worked out for you. Shop for a stylish peel and stick wallpaper for your compact space right here at Walls By Me!