5 Reasons Why You Need Removable Wallpaper

5 Reasons Why You Need Removable Wallpaper

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5 Reasons Why You Need Removable Wallpaper

Dream homes and drab walls don’t go hand-in-hand. But can those standard white walls turn stylish overnight? Absolutely! All they need is the right removable wallpaper. For those of you who equate wallpaper with tackiness, we’ve got some news – modern peel and stick wallpapers are nothing like their predecessors from the last century. If anything, they’re every contemporary decorator’s dream.

Offering endless designs and rich finishes along with effortless installation and damage-free removal, PVC-free removable wallpapers will let you have your cake and eat it too! Whether you like to update your decor every season, or play it safe with a classic look that lasts a good many years, these self-adhesive wall treatments are just what you need. If you’re yet to give them a try, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer.


black dots accent white wallpaper


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1. An instant style statement:

Got an absolutely gorgeous theme in mind but can’t find a way to bring it home? Removable wallpaper lets you experiment with your personal sense of style without worrying about how it’ll all come together. If you choose high-quality PVC-free wallpaper, a good finish is pretty much a given. All that’s left for you to do is pick a style and color palette that panders to your preferences and complements your furniture and accents.

Here at WallsByMe, we make it a point to update our peel and stick wallpaper range with time-tested classics as well as fashionable prints for the trend-conscious decorator. From subtle stripes and geometrics, to free-spirited florals and botanicals, to photorealistic textures with oodles of character, there’s literally no limit to how many looks your home can flaunt!




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Check here our Easy Installation Guide of "How To Apply Our Wallpaper"

2. Unbelievably easy installation:

High-quality removable wallpaper can have your home looking like a dream in a matter of minutes. You don’t need any prior experience or elaborate equipment to install this type of wallpaper. Simply peel off the backing bit by bit and stick the wallpaper on to your wall. Use a squeegee to smooth things over, and if you end up with wrinkles or bubbles, just peel that section off and reapply it. No need to hire someone or dedicate a whole weekend to your wallpapering project. DIY wall treatments don’t get any simpler than this!




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 3. A practical choice for renters:

It takes some out-of-the-box thinking to keep your rented apartment trendy without risking your deposit. One of the biggest reasons why removable wallpapers have won so many hearts in recent years is that they’re 100% non-invasive and don’t damage walls or paint when removed. What this means is that you can flaunt a chic chinoiserie pattern in the spring and replace it with a warm wooden texture come autumn, without leaving so much as a trace on your wall!

It’s important to note that we’re referring to PVC-free. Unlike vinyl wallpapers, these are designed for damage-free removal. They’ll leave your walls good as new whether you take them down in a month or a year. Even while they’re in use, peel and stick removable wallpapers make sure your walls can breathe and remain mold-free.



White Ivory Faux Shiplap Texture wallpaper
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4. Effortless addition of texture and depth:

Besides the convenience of instant DIY installation and damage-free removal, peel and stick fabric wallpapers bring you a rich tactile finish that works wonderfully well with your statement furniture and accents. Thanks to this finish, you can use these wall treatments not only to showcase your favorite prints and patterns, but also add texture and depth to your space. In our textured wallpaper range, for example, you’ll find wood, shiplap, fabric, brick, and a range of other photorealistic prints that look every bit as gorgeous as the real thing! These visual textures are the perfect solution when you’re looking for a quick way to cozy up your space or turn your cookie-cutter apartment into a delightful Boho-chic haven.



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5. Safe, gentle and eco-friendly!

Last but not the least, our removable wallpapers don’t fill up your home with toxic chemicals. Unlike vinyl wallpapers, they’re PVC-free, VOC-free and lead-free. They’re printed with non-toxic inks that are water-based and don’t release any harmful fumes. You can safely apply these self-adhesive wallpapers to your kitchen, kid’s bedroom, or any other space in your home or office. At WallsByMe, we’ve gone the extra mile to prioritize your safety. Our wallpapers come with a GreenGuard seal that certifies that they’re safe to use around sensitive individuals. They also have a Class 1 fire rating which means they’re more effective at slowing down a fire than other kinds of wallpaper.


Still wondering if removable wallpaper is your cup of tea? Stop by our newly updated collection and order in a sample to take your favorite design for a spin!