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The Hottest Hues Right Now: 2021 Colors Of The Year

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The Hottest Hues Right Now: 2021 Colors Of The Year

At the close of every year, decor discussions shift to the trendsetting colors for the year ahead. Color is closely linked with our emotions and perceptions. So much so that everything we experience — from weather changes to global events — has an impact on the hues we’re drawn to. As such, it’s always interesting to explore the colors of the year selected by design experts and companies like Pantone, Etsy, and WGSM.

Choosing the 2021 color of the year couldn’t have been easy, even for these trusty pros. Given the strange, uncertain times we’re all going through, the homebound lives that have become our new normal, and our over-reliance on virtual interactions, the leading hues of 2021 have to shoulder many responsibilities and fulfill many aspirations.

Without further ado, let’s meet the chosen ones. Call them the 2021 lucky colors of the year, or just the most practical or sensible tints to have around us. Either way, we’re guaranteed to see a lot of these in the months ahead.

It’s all here: All your 2021 lucky colors of the year at a glance!

A bedroom with gray and yellow circles on the wall.


Pantone’s 2021 Color(s) Of The Year – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating:

Even if you had hibernated throughout 2020 and just woken up now, Pantone’s latest color choice would make you suspect that it’s been an eventful year! This is only the second time that Pantone has chosen not one but two defining shades. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are your 2021 lucky colors of the year, if you follow Pantone’s recommendations.

The combination of stable, subtle, sensible gray, and vibrant, whimsical, vivacious yellow isn’t entirely new. There’s a beautiful balance and energy to this pairing that interior designers have leveraged in many stylish compositions. With Pantone’s declaration, though, these hues are going to be seen a lot more.

A bedroom with muted gray decor.


In Pantone’s words: “Practical and rock solid, but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope.”

As we go about molding our living spaces to the demands of our new lifestyles, the gray and yellow palette can be immensely supportive. It’s also easy to bring home through wall coverings, furnishings, and accents. If you prefer understated decor, botanical or geometric patterned wallpaper in quiet gray tones can be offset with a bright yellow accent or two. If cheerful surroundings are more your cup of tea, you can craft cozy, playful spaces using gray-and-yellow wallpapers with geometric and abstract compositions.

Bold yellow and gray print removable wallpaper

We’re also sure that Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year will lead to many gorgeous Feng Shui explorations. Representing earth and metal elements, this combination of yellow and gray has a naturally stabilizing effect.

Light blue botanical wallpaper and a long blue couch.


Etsy’s 2021 Color Of The Year – Sky Blue:

While we get set to romance gray and yellow tones with Pantone’s announcement, Etsy has something different in store for us. According to them, Sky Blue will set the trend for 2021. Throughout the past year, we’ve seen a rise of soft natural hues in home interiors. Earthy weaves, delightful pale blue wall treatments and an abundance of houseplants are common sights. It’s only to be expected, seeing as how we crave the outdoors that we once took for granted.

Sky blue moon phases as a removable wallpaper design.

Sky blue fits right into this framework. Think of it as a whimsical twist to the standard beige and off-white tones that make up your neutral palette. Introduce some sky blue linen to your dining room for a chic edge, or light up a formal living room with cheerful peel and stick wallpaper in pale blue and white.

Three light blue wallpaper swatches

This color has always been a favorite in bedroom and bathroom decor, of course. You can channel it through a range of abstract, botanical or nautical prints. Etsy’s 2021 color of the year will also enrich your Feng Shui explorations by introducing the calming water element into your living space.

A bathroom with blue and white aquatic-esque wallpaper.

WGSN’s 2021 Color Of The Year – A.I. Aqua:

Gray, yellow and sky blue tones aren’t the only routes to keeping your home fashionable his year. We can’t end this post without a mention of WGSN’s color prediction for 2021. Way back in March 2020, the company announced that A.I. Aqua would be the most prominent shade in 2021. Their rationale? The growing predominance of screens and virtual environments in everything we do.

Well, the prediction did come true in a different way than we may have imagined. The pandemic has turned our lives largely digital, and this suave, “tech” flavor of this blue-green hue has an undeniable presence everywhere. The good thing about it is that it’s quite versatile, and can be interpreted in various ways.

Three swatches of aqua-colored wallpaper.

For instance, you can give it an oceanic spin through the nautical peel and stick wallpaper. Always wanted a reason to use more jewel tones? Pick a rich aqua shade as your 2021 lucky color of the year! While you’re at it, why not try a rustic or shabby chic look via weathered wood printed wallpaper carrying blue and aqua details?

For those who hate being tied to rules, this is going to be a great year for home decoration! In 2021, you have not one but many lucky colors of the year, each offering a unique way to experiment with your decor. The 2021 colors of the year will also make Feng Shui efforts even more rewarding! Bring these lovely hues home through our gorgeous removable wallpapers. Order a sample of your favorite design now.