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How To Choose Romantic Wallpaper For Your Bedroom

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How To Choose Romantic Wallpaper For Your Bedroom

It’s that time of the year when romance briefly becomes the buzzword everywhere. In the realm of bedroom decor, though, romance never stops being a guiding principle. This is where the struggle lies for most DIY decorators. Romantic bedrooms need a balance of seemingly opposing elements — sensuality and vibrance on the one hand, relaxation and tranquility on the other.

In today’s post, we’ll be going over a few approaches you can take to achieve this balance. Fortunately, the process becomes quite simple once you find the right romantic wallpaper for your bedroom. Here are some pointers to help you create an ambiance of love, closeness, and, of course, elegance through romantic wall murals and peel and stick wallpaper.

6 Romantic Wallpaper Ideas For Stylish Bedrooms

Gray line drawing wallpaper in a simple bedroom.

1. Expressive line drawings:

Floral wallpaper has always been associated with romantic decor. However, many of us can’t warm up to the idea of photorealistic florals covering our walls. If you’re a person of simple, minimal tastes but would still like that classically romantic vibe in your bedroom, consider black and white floral prints. Simple line drawings of flowers in a minimalistic style, add a lovely flair to the setting without closing other decor options. To this backdrop you can add soft pink furnishings or more austere prints and patterns — whatever echoes your personal preference.

A pink floral romantic wall mural and a white bed.

2. Chinoiserie charm:

Winning our hearts all the way from the Far East are the delicate yet impactful blossoms, botanicals and bird motifs that constitute the chinoiserie style. There’s no better way to create some good old-fashioned romance than through such large-scale floral wallpaper, preferably in gentle shades of pink and white. Show off your bedroom’s romantic wallpaper by opting for soft, monochrome furnishings and accents.

Birds feature on a vintage style romantic wallpaper for a bedroom.

3. Vintage vignettes:

Love stories that have stood the test of time deserve a timeless tribute. Don’t overlook elegant throwback prints while choosing romantic wallpaper for your bedroom. Graceful flamingos on pale pastel backdrops, retro flowers and fruits in muted shades of orange, pink or green, and lovely damask designs are all excellent options. Club these with antiques and classic furniture for a throwback to your favorite time period, or use them as romantic wall murals amid clean-cut contemporary elements.

Cool natural tones create a simple bedroom aesthetic.

4. Au naturel:

You don’t have to limit yourself to elaborate prints when finding the perfect romantic wallpaper for your bedroom. Keeping it simple and straightforward is always an option. Instead of searching for a specific pattern style, try creating warmth and coziness via natural finishes and neutral shades. Use weathered wood or shiplap textured wallpaper as the backdrop, and bring in simple weaves, rattan furniture and accents. Stick to striped or chevron furnishings to complement the simple, structured look.

A boho-chic romantic wallpaper for a bedroom and a decorative feather.

5. Boho-chic bliss:

Does your aesthetic preference lean more towards structured geometry than free-flowing florals? Introduce romantic wall murals with a Boho-chic vibe above your headboard. Gentle, feminine colors such as pink, pale blue and green will soften the severe look of a geometric pattern, leaving you free to experiment with a wide variety of furnishings and accents. Don’t forget to introduce houseplants and other natural elements to complete the eclectic picture.

Different shades of gray create a simple bedroom look.

6. Grayscale glamor:

Valentine’s Day brings with it an overdose of pink and blush tones everywhere. Give these overused tones a rest by choosing grayscale romantic wallpaper for your bedroom. Luxurious botanical prints brimming with textural richness are a perfect example. When fashioned in gray and white tones, these rich prints and patterns take on a refined, understated elegance. You can further enhance this effect through classic white or gray decor elements.

Whether you’re looking to give your home a Valentine’s Day makeover, or would simply like a fresh new look for the year, we’ll provide you with the best romantic wallpapers for your bedroom. Our products are versatile, fabulous, and non-toxic, so feel free to keep experimenting with new romantic styles!

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