How To Clean Your Removable Wallpaper

How To Clean Your Removable Wallpaper

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How To Clean Your Removable Wallpaper

Stylish walls, decked in your favorite prints and patterns, are a joy to behold. How long can they stay that way, though? Cleaning and maintenance is just as much a part of good home decor as choosing the right elements. Even high-quality, practically designed removable wallpaper will need some sprucing up every once in a while. In this post, we’ll look at how to clean your wallpaper and keep it looking good as new.




Showing an easy way to clean smeared walls using a sponge.

How often should you clean your wallpaper?

Finding easy ways to clean walls depends on the type of wallpaper you’re using and where it’s installed. There are many kinds of wallpapers out there, and they all have different cleaning requirements depending on their material and surface finish. Some may require specialized cleaning products processes, whereas others can be cleaned using regular household items. For example, your kitchen wallpaper will be more vulnerable to grease and stains than your living room wall covering, and you may need to check on your bathroom or kids’ room wallpaper fairly often.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to follow the cleaning and maintenance routine and guidelines that accompany your wallpaper. Here at WallsByMe, the wallpaper and murals we offer are all PVC-free and printed with non-toxic inks. This means that you get a superior finish as compared to vinyl wallpaper, and a safe indoor environment to boot. The method of how to clean wallpaper is also quite straightforward. If you follow a few simple precautions, you can keep it shipshape for years – though we’ll always tempt you with brand new designs to try every season!


A GIF demonstrating how to clean wallpaper with a yellow smear using a sponge.

What materials do you need?

Now, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of how to clean your wallpaper. The good news is that you don’t need any specialized equipment, cleaning products or expertise. Our PVC-free wallpapers have a latex coating that protects the print underneath. You needn’t worry about household cleaning products damaging your wallpaper, but avoid anything too abrasive that can scratch the surface, or a product that contains harsh chemicals like bleach. The best combination is a mild detergent, water, a scratch-resistant scrub or sponge, and a soft cloth.


An easy way to clean your walls

Mix some mild detergent in water to make a solution. Apply some of this solution onto the wallpaper, and use a sponge to spread it gently and evenly across the surface. Wipe off the detergent using a soft damp cloth. If needed, repeat the last step until the wallpaper is free from detergent. Wipe the surface dry with a fresh piece of cloth, if needed.

That’s it! Needless to say, regular rounds of dusting or vacuuming will reduce the need for thorough cleaning. However, any time you feel your wallpaper looks duller than when you first brought it home, know that Walls By Me has a quick and easy way to teach you how to clean your wallpaper and make them look stunning again!