Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Rustic Home Decor Ideas

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Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Rustic Looks for Modern Homes

The route to a stylish home needn’t always take you through ornate furniture and state-of-the-art treatments. Rough-hewn elements and natural finishes have their own charm and pizzazz. If used correctly, they can elevate your living space to a new level of elegance. The rustic look gels with both sophisticated and classically styled settings. In this post, we’ll show you just how easy it can be to implement rustic home decor ideas in your living space.

Our favorite rustic home decor ideas for DIY decorators


bedroom with a comfortable bed with shiplap wallpaper.


Grey Faux Wood Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper

Distressed wood walls, made easy:

Among the first images that come to mind when we hear the words “rustic decor” are cozy dens or bedrooms built using weathered wooden planks or logs. Think such spaces are impossible to create in modern urban apartments? Peel and stick wallpaper will change your mind. Our “textured” selection is full of gorgeous designs that perfectly capture the look of an actual wooden wall. From stunning shiplap prints in light neutral hues to deep-toned distressed wood compositions that are all raw charisma, there’s plenty to browse and bring home!

bedroom with a cozy bed and with brick wallpaper.

Beige Faux Brick Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper

Comfort in whitewashed brick:

Need to fashion a rustic bedroom without losing out on the comfort factor? Go for a whitewashed brick wall that brings a quaint vibe and gels well with simple furniture and natural finishes. We make it easy to create these brick walls with the help of faux textures that look every bit as stunning as the real thing. Our wallpapers sport a canvas texture finish that ensures a rich, photorealistic look. Add some charming lighting fixtures, a bit of indoor greenery, and personal memorabilia for a warm, welcoming vibe.

A large room with plants, lights and with red brick wallpaper

Red Brick Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper

Industrial aplomb:

One of the most popular derivatives of the rustic style is industrial decor. The name itself may sound uninviting, but industrial spaces can be quite cozy when crafted using the right lighting, colors and textures. If you’re looking for rustic wall decor ideas for your living room, we highly recommend faux exposed brick wallpaper that brings vibrant yet versatile earth tones to your space. Combine this with sleek metallic accents, suave furniture, and warm lighting, and you’ll have an awe-inspiring living room in no time.

A living room with a fireplace lined with brick turquoise wallpaper

Turquoise Brick Texture Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper

Grand stone accent walls:

You don’t need over-the-top treatments to create a rustic theme. Many of the rustic home decor ideas we’re naturally drawn to will involve clever placement of a single focal element. For example, a vintage stone fireplace may do the trick for a spacious living room. If you can’t actually create one, stone textured peel and stick wallpaper can easily be used for the purpose. Use it to frame an existing fireplace, or as a feature wall that reminds you of a cozy country lodge.

Large room with blue bedspread and shiplap walls Turquoise Removable Wallpaper

Turquoise Faux Wood Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper 

Urbane vibes:

Depending on how much you’re willing to explore, there are countless rustic home decor ideas that take an offbeat route. Examples include retro wall art, pop culture references from a few decades ago, or upbeat animal or nautical prints that have a vintage flair. You could also go for distressed wood wallpaper carrying vibrant blue or green highlights. These elements are just what you need when you want rustic wall decor ideas for your living room, but can’t settle for mainstream prints and patterns.


Ready to go rustic for your next redecoration project? Keep us posted about how these rustic home decor ideas worked out for you!