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How To Decorate Your ‘Man Cave’

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How To Decorate Your ‘Man Cave’

For a space that’s all about the freedom to do as you please, it’s unfortunate that ‘man caves’ have taken on so many cliches. Dark color palettes bordering on gloomy, suede furnishings turning bulky couches even more formidable, unsightly arrangements of sports paraphernalia and gadgetry… you get the gist.

Well, there’s no law against a refreshing, well-decorated bachelor pad! Today, we’ll take you through some effortlessly simple ways to decorate a man cave without taking away its personalized charm and unabashedly laid-back feel.

Simple man cave ideas for your dream bachelor pad

Black and white walls and items decorate a man cave.

Organized Chaos

Own an assortment of well-loved furniture and accessories you’d hate to part with? It’s very much possible to craft a sleek, suave setting using all of them. Begin by getting the basics right. Think along the lines of a black-and-white color palette, stripes or a simple geometric pattern as your wall treatment, and minimalistic open shelving to accommodate your collectibles and gadgetry. Keep your furnishings and lighting fixtures low-key to reinforce the structured look.

Faux-wood panel wallpaper in a seating area to decorate a man cave.

Woodsy Warmth

Who said a bachelor pad can’t be cozy? Decorate your man cave using warm wooden finishes that carry a welcoming vibe. Playful compositions like parquetry can provide a cheery edge while taking nothing away from the quiet elegance of wood. Peel and stick wallpaper makes it unbelievably easy to try out designs like these. Go for light-toned faux-wood wallpaper if you need your man cave to look spacious. Reserve dark mahogany tones for larger dens.

Large wall mounted TV with two leather chairs, faux-wood wallpaper on the walls.

Gorgeous Gadgetry

What’s a man cave without the luxury to enjoy your favorite movie, music, video game or sport just the way you like it? Whether that involves treating yourself to a large flatscreen or arranging your seating at the perfect angle, the idea is to allow yourself uninterrupted access to the things you love most. If you can’t have a dedicated media room, a simple man cave idea is to create one clutter-free section where your gadgetry and seating can form a cozy island. If things get too cold and metallic, tactile wood or stone printed removable wallpaper can solve the problem.

A grayscale wall mural in a neutrally decorated man cave.

An Artsy Wall

Standard wall treatments and furnishings needn’t weigh your bachelor pad down. Give a free rein to your whims and fancies when decorating your man cave. A bold wall mural is a great way to express your aesthetic preference or persona. Be it a photorealistic cityscape to gaze upon, or fabulous abstract art in bold or subtle colors, there are countless options for your man cave’s feature wall. Explore our exciting PVC-free wall murals for more ideas.

Sleek decor in shades of blue and gray to decorate a man cave.

Sleek Meets Chic

You don’t have to conform to a single visual style when decorating a man cave. Pair sleek, minimal forms with a blissful Boho-chic vibe to create an alluring space full of your favorite things. Stylish shiplap or textured walls can serve as a great foundation. Layer these with functional wood and metal furniture for an industrial edge. Instead of decorating the space with artwork and accents, use things you already have like planters and musical instruments as eye candy!

Liked any of these simple man cave ideas? Our extensive collection of PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper will let you implement them right away. Discover versatile geometric and textured designs that are waiting to be shown off in your bachelor pad!