10 wallpapers trends for 2022: check it out!

10 wallpapers trends for 2022: check it out!

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10 wallpapers trends for 2022: check it out!

When a new year begins, many people start to put their plans into action, such as: renewing the closet, starting a new hobby and, the most common: transforming the decoration of the home or work environment.

This last action is very sought after by young people and adults, because with the arrival of a new year, they want to renew the air, bringing new energy to the spaces they frequent the most. If this is your case, read on to see the top 10 wallpaper trends for 2022. Get inspired!

1 - The basics are still in trend

Basic style

The basic style has been very successful in previous years! So if you've chosen this look to decorate your wall, here's the good news: basics are still on-trend in 2022. That's because new decorative designs still emphasize the gracefulness of clean, well-lit spaces.

To start the new cycle on the right foot, it's worth taking advantage of this style and choosing a new pattern of your choice that already matches the furniture and items in your room.

2 - Geometric


Just like the basic style, the geometric also refers to a clean and well-lit environment. After all, today, there are options such as grey weave, grey wood, blue geometric, and many more!

Ah, but you don't need to choose only light-colored wallpaper to be successful in your decoration. If your environment receives good natural lighting and has a good artificial lighting structure, a dark patterned material will certainly look great!

3 - Animals


Have you ever seen a wall decorated with animal prints? If not, get ready to discover the new trend for 2022: animal print wallpapers. These materials bring more joy to any place.

So imagine decorating your kitchen or play area with a green and blue tropical floral, or for example, your child's room with navy fish nautical peel and stick? Surely, with animal prints, the sky's the limit!

4 - Birds


Following the trend you saw in the previous topic, this one can also bring the ludic effect to the space. This is because birds are free animals, which refer to freedom, creativity, and the beauties of nature.

A tip for using wallpaper with this style is to choose rooms that usually ask for a touch of relaxation, such as leisure areas, kitchen, living room, or even bedrooms.

5 - Textured walls

Textured walls

This trend arrived in 2021 and will continue in 2022. After all, who doesn't love a seductive texture or textured effects that bring more elegance and personality to the space?

Nowadays, you have a variety of patterns at your disposal, from textured effects-style looks to patterns that imitate floors, tiles, and wood. Transform your space with a beautiful product and with a special effect!

6 - Floral


The floral print can be considered a classic in decoration and also in the fashion world. That's because I'm always seeing new collections that bring flowers as the main element!

If you like to give a floral touch, elegant and classic, to your day to day, in the year 2022 it is worth choosing a wallpaper with this style, that in addition to please your personal taste, you still enjoy to be following this trend so loved.

7 - Forest: Botanicals


Forests are full of curious elements, all of them full of details that delight those who love to venture into nature, even for those looking for a peaceful environment to connect with themselves!

Forest-style wallpaper will continue to be in trend in the coming months. With many people's everyday routines, it is increasingly common that home spaces and corporate environments have this style to bring more calm.

8 - Nautical and Ocean

Nautical and ocean

If you like nautical and ocean elements, feel lucky, because this style will be present in decorating tips around the world. As the year 2022 arrives, you may notice the presence of hints of stripped-down styles that exude creativity, all of which is represented by this trend.

Cool, isn't it? Our tip for using this type of pattern is in places that call for a touch of fun and calm, such as bathrooms and children's play spaces.

9 - Chinoiserie


Chinoiserie is a French word that refers to the imitation of Chinese styles in art and decoration. These elements are classics, meaning that they are in vogue regardless of the year.

At Walls By Me you are able to find several options of wallpapers with this style. Take the time to check out the site and discover a variety of items that will make all the difference in your environment!

10 - Shiplap


The shiplap style refers to a type of wood plank, which is often used as decoration and room covering. Like floral, forest, and even animal trends, shiplap is very successful because it aims to bring people closer to the calmness and tranquility of nature.

Now that you know the top 10 wallpaper trends for 2022, feel ready to redecorate your favorite environments and start a new year with more vitality and joy.

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