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Brighten Up Your Space With These Colorful Bathroom Ideas

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Brighten Up Your Space With These Colorful Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms don’t always make it to the list of spaces we enjoy decorating. Between all the fixtures and the general lack of space, they don’t seem to offer much room for design experiments. However, fresh and fun bathrooms don’t take a lot of effort to create. Here are some DIY-friendly, damage-free and colorful bathroom ideas that you can implement even in your rented apartment!

Dip Your Toes In These Easy And Colorful Bathroom Ideas

A minimalist bathroom with a marble effect wallpaper

Grey and Yellow Marble Mural Fabric Removable Wall Mural

A Marble Makeover

Tired of tiled walls? Give your bathroom a new ‘do by swapping them with marble or stone. No, it won’t take up all your time and resources. Choose a faux marble peel and stick wallpaper from our collection, and you can create luxe stone sophistication in your bathroom in no time! Our photorealistic textured wallpapers are made of high-quality peel and stick wallpaper, but will come off without damaging your walls or paint.

Blue and white shiplap in a bathroomWhite Shiplap Textured Fabric Removable Wallpaper

A Reclaimed Wood Wall

When you’re exploring good colors for bathroom decor, don’t forget about time-tested earth tones. With a faux reclaimed wood peel and stick wallpaper in warm brown hues, you can enjoy the experience of freshening up in a cozy log cabin or a luxe retreat in the woods. Accessorize the space with a chic mirror and natural accents.

Blue and white tile-effect wallpaper in a simple white bathroomBlue and White Tile Tile Adhesive Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Peel And Stick For A Gorgeous Tile Look

Our removable wallpaper collection makes a whole range of colorful bathroom ideas available to you. Check out our Moroccan tile patterns, classic floral compositions and vibrant faux stone arrangements that provide a welcome break from standard ceramic tiles. Try these out on a single wall or throughout your bathroom – they’re reusable and repositionable!

Fun jellyfish wallpaper in a bathroomBlue and Orange Nautical Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Bring Home The Ocean

Enjoy a relaxing bath with a view of the ocean. Installing a high-quality beach-themed wall mural by your bathtub will not only add vibrancy and character to your bathroom, but also create the illusion of extra space. Plus, it’ll introduce refreshing blues and light sandy hues, which are always considered good colors for bathroom decor.

A light bathroom featuring blue wave-effect wallpaperWhite and Blue Watercolor Nautical Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Or Try A Fun Nautical Theme

If you’re not ready to take the plunge into dramatic ocean-themed murals, we have plenty of nautical wallpapers that will brighten up your bathroom without going overboard. From friendly sea creatures to colorful sailing paraphernalia, you can find all sorts of nautical symbols and designs in our updated collection.

Pink floral wallpaper behind a sink and mirror.Beige Exotic Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Stop And Smell The Flowers

Love floral compositions? Liven up your bathroom in countless delightful ways with our floral peel and stick wallpapers. Try out chic large-scale floral prints, modern monochrome explorations, or something vintage and whimsical in pastel hues. If you’ve been searching for colorful bathroom ideas and thinking of creating a feature wall that doesn’t get too overwhelming, a cheerful floral print is the best way to go.

Houseplant next to a shelf holding rolled towels

Add Plants

Nothing lifts the spirits better than the sight of greenery. Every list of colorful bathroom ideas that you’ll find online will tend to talk about houseplants. Plants can instantly change the ambiance of your bathroom. Arrange them on your window sill, by the tub, or on a shelf. If you’re not too keen on actual plants, you can also try out some of our botanical wallpaper options that’ll add a zesty touch of green to your bathroom.

Brightly colored floral wallpaper by a sinkBlue and Orange Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Jazz Up The Little Things

Bathroom makeovers don’t always need to involve major changes. The simple act of replacing the door handle and faucets with something that fits your taste, or adding funny or motivational messages in the form of removable wall art, can make a huge difference. You can also use leftover peel and stick wallpaper from past projects to create colorful mirror frames or vibrant edges for your fixtures or shelves.

As you can see from these ideas, it doesn’t take a lot to give your bathroom a fresh new look. To get started, shop for a beautiful removable wallpaper from our newly updated selection at Walls By Me.