Keep Calm And Decorate! Peaceful Home Decor Ideas To Soothe Your Mind

Keep Calm And Decorate! Peaceful Home Decor Ideas To Soothe Your Mind

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Keep Calm And Decorate! Peaceful Home Decor Ideas To Soothe Your Mind

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Home decor can serve many purposes. Putting you completely at ease is one of them. The more chaotic life gets, the more we rely on our homes to help us unwind. Your living space is, by definition, a shelter from the storms of the outside world, and you can feel the stillness of calm seas by transforming it into an area of tranquility.

Peaceful home decor isn’t just about choosing the right objects and colors. Crafting your sanctuary has many layers to it. From how you approach layouts and storage, to where you prefer to spend most of your time, there are many factors to take into consideration. Let’s look at the basics and explore some calm decorating ideas that won’t take long to implement.

Beat The Stress With These Peaceful Home Decor Tips



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Use Natural Elements

When you need calm decorating ideas, nature is the best place to look for inspiration. Anything that soothes you in a natural setting will also help you relax at home. If your living space gets a lot of sunlight, you’re already off to a brilliant start. If not, avoid harsh lighting by placing lamps, sconces, or chandeliers at varying heights to soften and layer the lighting.

Keep your wall coverings, floor finishes, furniture and upholstery as natural as possible. Wooden floors and furniture can team up with natural weaves to soothe the senses and help you relax. Fabric textured removable wallpaper can serve as the perfect backdrop for such a setting.



wooden floors and furniture with grey shiplap textured fabric removable wallpaper


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Get Lots Of Houseplants

Greenery is an integral component of peaceful home decor. Areas where you spend most of your time should have something lush and lovely for you to look at. It could be an exuberant mix of ferns, vines, and succulents filling every empty corner in your living room, or a simple terrarium on your desk. There are no set rules — go by your individual preferences and usage patterns. You can also strengthen your botanical theme with the help of tropical or floral peel and stick wallpaper.



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Steer Clear Of Clutter

There’s no room for clutter in the tranquil sanctuary of your dreams. Having said that, it’s only natural for homes to gather a bunch of knick-knacks that you don’t really use but can’t simply discard. Most experts on calm decorating ideas recommend getting your storage needs sorted first. If you don’t want too many storage units in your room, you can always go for something more soothing — such as woven baskets neatly arranged on open shelves.



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Choose Calming Colors

When peaceful home decor is your aim, it’s best to avoid overly bright hues but an all-white or neutral palette can make your living space look dull. Therefore, most calm decorating ideas involve the use of pastel colors. They’re subtle rather than severe and brighten up your living space without disturbing the serene vibe you’re trying to set. Pastel colors are versatile and lend themselves well to geometric, botanical, or abstract designs.


peaceful home decor with navy fish nautical fabric removable wallpaper
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Relax By The Sea

Imagine the sound of gentle waves and the bliss of walking barefoot on the beach. The ocean often calms us down. Channel the meditative energy of the ocean into your living space with the help of soothing nautical wallpaper and blue or aquamarine furnishings. Remember to introduce some white and beige elements to complete the beach-inspired palette. We have several elegant ocean-themed wall coverings in our PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper range.



beach inspired  beige wood peel and stick removable wallpaper


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Escape To The Woods

Does your idea of peace involve going off the grid and curling up by the fire with your favorite book? Fashioning your home into a rustic log cabin may be easier than you think! You can completely transform your walls with our faux wood textured peel and stick wallpaper options. These PVC-free prints look every bit as good as real wooden walls, and are incredibly easy to apply and remove (and reapply in another room). Complete your peaceful home decor by adding cozy rugs, floor seating, and warm lighting.

Ready to implement these calm decorating ideas? Our non-toxic peel and stick wallpaper collection will get your peaceful home decor project off to the perfect start. Check out our latest designs and order a sample to find the best fit.