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Creating Harmony In Home Decor Themes

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Creating Harmony In Home Decor Themes


Decorating an entire house is not for the fainthearted. Regardless of whether you live in a sprawling mansion or a two-bedroom rental, the core challenge remains the same — creating a perfect harmony between all the different areas and elements that make up your home.

Knowing your favorite color palettes and design styles is a good start, but you should go one step further when figuring out home decor themes for your whole house. Many design experts share that the key to a harmonious home lies in figuring out what NOT to do. For instance, you don’t want to end up with a disjointed decor where the colors and patterns you initially fell in love with stick out like sore thumbs. What you also don’t want is a monotonous space where the eyes have nothing interesting to linger on.

So let’s figure out how to avoid both visual chaos and monotony in home decor themes. Here are some simple insights on bringing harmony into your home and giving it that ‘finished’ look you see in professionally decorated spaces.


white and pink flower removable wallpaperWhite and Pink Flower Fabric Removable Wallpaper


Use Similar Elements To Tie Home Decor Themes Together.

Nobody expects you to use the same color palette or wallpaper pattern throughout your home. In fact, professional designers encourage mixing things up and allowing each space to express themselves uniquely. Having said that, you do need to maintain some consistency in your decor. It’s quite alright to have a classically styled living room and a quirky home office in the same house, as long as they have something in common.

How you go about this is totally up to you. It could be through a splash of a certain color, the use of similar geometric patterns (say chevrons or stripes) in both spaces, or even through generous amounts of indoor greenery all throughout.


Purple Contemporary Floral Peel removable wallpaperPurple Contemporary Floral Peel and Stick Fabric Removable Wallpaper


Don't Forget Transition Spaces When Picking Your Home Decor Themes.

When figuring out styles, colors and patterns for individual rooms, also give some thought to the transition spaces that connect them. Sometimes, you can soften the stark distinction between a pastel-hued bedroom and a rustic lounge by using cleverly chosen stripes or chevrons in the corridor or stairwell between the two spaces. Another way to harmonize everything is by thinking of a ‘gradient’ when picking the whole house color palette. Instead of immediately jumping from whites to vibrant jewel tones, add an intermediate layer of lighter pastels through floral peel and stick wallpaper.


Coral Botanical Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper Coral Botanical Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper


Make Use Of Negative Space.

A harmonious interior is one in which positive and negative spaces are properly balanced. It’s our innate tendency to seek balance in everything we see. Try not to include too much furniture in a compact space, or make the wall treatment too overbearing. Group furniture or accents into dedicated areas, leaving sufficient space around them for movement and sightlines. If you have your heart set on a certain vibrant peel and stick wallpaper, consider using it on a feature wall rather than on every vertical surface.


Gold Stripes Teens Fabric Removable Wallpaper


Decorate The Whole House With One Color Palette. 

It’s possible to use a single color palette throughout your home, provided you add interest through patterns, textures and tonal variations. If you’re working with two or three colors, include different peel and stick wallpaper designs to showcase them at different scales. Intricate botanical prints, simple geometrics and abstract murals can ensure that the same color combinations find multiple ways to interest you.

If you’re leaning more towards monochrome, include lighter tints and darker shades of your chosen color to create depth and interest. Small doses of complementary or contrasting colors (through accents or statement furniture, for example) can also do the trick.


Black and White Dog Peel and Stick Removable WallpaperBlack and White Dog Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper


Let Your Home Decor Themes Mean Something To You.

Harmonious home decor themes are not always about perfectly planned aesthetics. Since it’s your own home that you’re decorating, let each element and arrangement mean something to you. Place your furniture and plan your lighting in a way that lets you function best, and choose materials and finishes with which you have a natural connection.

Your living room seating doesn’t have to follow all the rules. Your workstation can certainly occupy that corner of your dining space where the sunlight is just right. It’s also perfectly fine to introduce a beach-themed wall mural in a formal setting, just because it reminds you of your favorite getaway!

Make decorating your home fulfilling and fun with our gorgeous collection of PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper that will help you create all kinds of home decor themes. Order a sample now and let us know how it turned out!