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Five Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas To Upgrade Your Rental

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Five Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas To Upgrade Your Rental

Pink and Yellow Lemon Themed Peel and Stick Fabric Removable Wallpaper

You don’t have to be an expert chef to appreciate a good-looking kitchen. The kitchen occupies such a prominent location in modern apartments that it can shape the very energy and ambiance of your home. Luckily, whipping up a stylish kitchen doesn’t have to involve massive overhauls and invasive installations.

Read on to discover five kitchen decor ideas that are incredibly effective yet unbelievably simple. Trust us, you’ll be able to implement these yourself, even if you’ve never renovated a kitchen before!

Kitchen decor ideas that are easy as pie

A stylishly monochromatic kitchen

1. Update Your Island.

If your kitchen is spacious enough to have a freestanding counter, you won’t have to look far for kitchen renovation ideas! Show off the island by giving it a stylish makeover — we guarantee it’ll change the entire look of your kitchen. Updating your island doesn’t have to be a complicated project. Try applying some peel and stick wallpaper to refresh its color or style.

Wallpapering the island lets you set a theme for the kitchen. For instance, a quirky geometric pattern can create an upbeat, contemporary look. A faux wood covering can set a rustic, industrial ambiance. You can also use faux stone designs for a classic makeover minus any installation hassles. Find all these options in our peel and stick wallpaper collection.

Kitchen drawers decorated with black and white geometric wallpaper

Black Pattern Geometric Fabric Removable Wallpaper

2. Pull Out Some Playfulness

We’re firm believers in the magic of small edits, no matter where you make them. Some of our favorite kitchen decor ideas involve making use of leftovers from your old wallpapering projects and putting them to work on your cabinets or drawers. It’s a great way to turn your kitchen dynamic, informal and inviting.

Small scale stripes, plaids, and chevrons are perfect for this purpose. Take down the drawers, cut the wallpaper to the right size, apply it on both sides, and put the drawers back. For added measure, you could consider updating your drawer pulls to a fresh, quirky design.

 Floral wallpaper decorating the background of kitchen shelving

 Purple Contemporary Floral Peel and Stick Fabric Removable Wallpaper

3. Breathe Life Into Your Shelving.

Most of your kitchen is storage. Why not give every storage unit its own unique character? Leftover peel and stick wallpaper makes a beautiful fix for your shelf backs. We particularly love dramatic floral prints for this purpose. This is one of the easiest kitchen renovation ideas out there. If you’ve opted for high-quality removable wallpaper made of  high-quality peel and stick removable wallpaper , all you have to do is measure, cut, peel, and stick. You can use a dark-hued wallpaper to show off light-toned china, or a delicate pastel design if your cutlery comprises dark earthy colors.

Peel and stick wallpaper to update a kitchen backsplash

 White Geometric Tile Adhesive Fabric Removable Wallpaper

4. Rethink The Backsplash.

The backsplash is among the first things you notice in any kitchen, seeing as how it spans the entire length of the counter. This is also one of the first areas to show signs of weathering, as it’s always exposed to dirt, grime, and oil splashes. Changing the backsplash almost always makes your kitchen feel good as new. Not all of us have the time or the skill to replace the backsplash with new tiles. Wallpapering the backsplash, however, is something anybody can manage.

Peel and stick backsplashes rank high on the list of popular kitchen decor ideas, allowing you to flaunt a revamped backsplash in a matter of minutes. You need to pay attention to the material of the wallpaper to see whether it can withstand frequent cleaning, but high-quality removable wallpapers will offer both the finish and the durability you’re looking for. Check out our selection to explore damask, geometric and Moroccan wallpapers that will lend pizzazz to your backsplash.

A kitchen featuring a light blue damask accent wall

Duck Egg Blue Damask Basic Fabric Removable Wallpaper

5. Go Old-School.

If you’re sick and tired of the cookie-cutter kitchens in modern apartments, go back in time and build yourself an old school cookhouse instead! There’s no shortage of kitchen decor ideas for those who love vintage looks. From retro wallpaper in muted colors, to elegant damask prints for a grandiose touch, to shiplap and parquetry for a quaint country look, there are countless wall treatments that will instantly transform the ambiance of your kitchen.

Which of these kitchen decor ideas is your favorite? Let us know, or take your time trying them all out before you decide! Browse through our extensive range of peel and stick wallpaper, and order a sample of any design you like to check it out in your kitchen.