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Design Throwbacks - Funky Retro Wallpaper

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Design Throwbacks - Funky Retro Wallpaper

The start of a new year is a great time to ring in some changes — to our lifestyles, hobbies, goals, and of course, our living spaces. While there are few things as satisfying as a newly decorated home, the search for the next big decor idea can feel endless. Luckily, our predecessors have ensured that we don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. Retro decor, arguably one of the all-time greatest design styles, is back in the spotlight.


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If going old school for your new year makeover sounds contradictory, here’s the thing: retro isn’t just about the past. It’s about channeling history into our present sensibilities, resulting in bold, even exaggerated interpretations of time-tested forms, patterns, and color combinations. In other words, living in a retro-themed space doesn’t mean going back in time. It means summoning the classic goodness of a forgotten era into your contemporary home and watching the fun unfold!

Funky retro wallpaper, murals, and accents have the potential to liven up your home in no time. Forward-looking yet nostalgic, dynamic yet elegant, and moody yet inviting, these decor elements never fail to make a statement. Here are some ideas to help you bring them home.

What can you do with funky retro wallpaper?


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Cozy Up To Grandiose Styles

It’s one thing to admire those stately Art Deco elements from a distance, and another to consider actually bringing them home. If you want your living space to feel both classy and cozy, retro removable wallpaper might just do the trick. In our newly updated vintage selection, you’ll also find quirky designs that add a vibrant edge to classic starburst motifs and lattices. Basically, these funky retro wallpapers bring a Gatsby-esque elegance down to a more human scale, making it suitable for informal lounges, study rooms, and contemporary bedrooms.


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Use White Space

Sometimes, all it takes to make a classic floral design more suited to contemporary tastes is a little breathing room. Think in terms of adding more white space between repeated floral motifs, or scaling them up while removing extraneous details. If you’re looking for versatile yet funky retro wallpaper for a prominent room, such structured yet whimsical designs could be the perfect fix.


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Add Youthful Pizzazz

Afraid of lifeless decor? Take a leaf out of the 70s design playbook and introduce surreal technicolor compositions to your living space. This is about as funky as retro removable wallpaper gets! Think extra-large flowers, abstract swirls, or everyday objects rendered in a mix of pastel hues. Don’t worry, you won’t end up with gaudy or kitschy decor if you balance your funky retro wallpaper with neutral-toned furnishings and accents.


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Groovy Geometry

Perhaps the best thing about retro decor is that it invokes the ‘good’ kind of nostalgia. You know, the kind that makes you reminisce about the good old days, but without regret or remorse. In decor terms, this translates to classic geometric patterns with a fun, forward-looking flair. For example, repackage Georgian paneling as high-contrast stripes, checkerboard patterns could get bigger and bolder, and a traditional lattice could develop some swagger of its own.

It’s hard to pin retro decor down to a fixed definition, but here’s hoping that these quirky ideas have got you thinking. Shop for funky removable wallpaper from our collection and turn your home old-school-cool!