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Dog-Themed Room Decor You’ll Love

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Dog-Themed Room Decor You’ll Love

Every dog person dreams of living in a home brimming with canine charisma. For those of us whose lives revolve around our furry friends, there is no upper limit to how many pet-themed elements we can add to our living space! Which brings us to the matter of aesthetics — is there a place for dog-themed room decor in sophisticated urban homes?

Well, yes! Just like our pets worm their way into our hearts and our lives, pet-themed decor can also blend effortlessly with our existing setups. Here are some ways of adding canine references to your decor without compromising on style and sophistication.

5 Decor Ideas For Sophisticated Dog-Themed Rooms

Dog themed room decor in a lively living room.

1. Choose Charcoal Charm.

Love the natural warmth of cozy woodsy setups? Complete the welcoming vibe by choosing grey-toned dog wallpaper for your walls. Seamless, small-scale animal prints rendered in grey and white palettes can bring the perfect balance of vibrance and subtlety to your decor. From informal compositions featuring cutesy hand-drawn dog faces, to larger-than-life wall murals in dramatic charcoal tones, there are a range of options. For best results, go for fabric peel and stick wallpaper that will ensure a rich finish to complement your wooden finishes and natural weaves.

2. Go Light And Lively.

Dog-themed room decor can get particularly tricky for pet owners who live in rented spaces. It’s difficult to create a vibrant yet stylish animal theme using makeshift, mismatched furniture and fixtures. In such cases, we recommend minimalistic dog wallpaper for your prominent walls. Go for white or light tones that don’t interfere with the colors and patterns already present in the room. Dog illustrations carrying a simple, line drawing effect are perfect for this purpose. You can use this type of removable wallpaper as a refreshing accent, leaving the rest of the walls painted in white.

Wall-sized dog mural for dog themed room decor

3. Frame Your Furry Friend’s Photo.

Removable wallpaper, especially the kind that doesn’t damage your walls or paint when removed, has made it unbelievably easy to transform a room in minutes. However, if you don’t feel up to the task of finding the right dog wallpaper for your walls, you can always focus on the little things. Frame some photos of your pet and create a stylish gallery wall. Or go for attractive peel and stick wall art with a canine theme. You could further accentuate the space with additional animal-themed paraphernalia such as cushion covers, lampshades or mugs.

A nursery decorated with dog wallpaper for walls

4. Explore The Abstract.

Love your doggo but not quite sure how you’d feel about having canine illustrations covering your walls? Well, you can always give your dog-themed room decor an abstract twist. Instead of neatly arranged arrays of dog prints, opt for free-flowing compositions that layer doodles at different scales, colors and angles to create a quirky, abstract effect. Such animal-themed designs can be quite versatile, lending themselves to nurseries and kids’ play areas as well as more formal setups such as home offices and dining rooms.

Geometric paw print dog themed room decor in a writing space.

5. Play With Paw-someness!

Another way to make dog-themed room decor versatile is through stylish paw print wallpapers. These reference your love for your doggo in subtle but effective ways, and don’t compromise any overarching design themes you’ve tried to create. For instance, a seamless collage of neutral-hued paw prints can add just the right dose of informal warmth to a white-toned Scandinavian setup. Similarly, standard geometric peel and stick wallpapers can turn a lot friendlier with the addition of petite paw graphics.

So as you can see, there are many delightful facets to dog-themed room decor. Our animal-themed peel and stick wallpaper range will help you explore them all! Treat yourself and your doggo to stunning designs and a non-toxic indoor environment with our PVC-free, lead-free, phthalate free products. Shop now!