Office Holiday Decor Ideas To Keep You Joyful While At Work

Office Holiday Decor Ideas To Keep You Joyful While At Work

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Office Holiday Decor Ideas To Keep You Joyful While At Work

Bringing holiday vibes into your place of work can get a bit tricky sometimes. The impersonal, monotonous spaces within a typical office building don’t exactly say “festive.” There is some good news, though. Turning your office into a cozy, Christmassy grotto is far from impossible. 

The very aspects of your workplace that give you the blues can be transformed in a few quick steps to set the holiday mood. How? Check out our favorite office holiday decor ideas that you can start implementing right away.



place of work with holiday vibes teal and white removable wallpaper

Teal and White Faux Themed Fabric Removable Wallpaper

Dull White Walls? Give Them A Snowy Twist.

To introduce some festive cheer into your office, start with those formidable white walls that threaten to close in on you every day! You can transform these walls without making any major changes in the color scheme. Peel and stick wallpaper featuring snowy landscapes or reindeer graphics can work like a charm. You’ll be able to ring in Christmas without going red-and-green or something similarly overkill.



Bright pendant bulbs with christmas decor


Turn The Ceiling Friendly And Festive.

Office ceilings, with their standard paneling and harsh white lights, are another off-putting element in the workplace. You can easily fix them with the help of hanging decorations. These could be something unmistakably Christmassy, like red-and-white candy canes or hanging icicles. Or you could go for more understated options involving light fabrics, neutral colors, or even some new lighting fixtures.



A christmas garland above a doorway

Light Up Your Office Holiday Decor With Bright Windows

Even if your office doesn’t give you much room to decorate, the windows are always available for a festive makeover. The simple act of stringing some lights around each window can do the trick. Depending on how much time and resources you have, you can rev up the holiday theme with snowflake decorations, pine cones, ferns, and ornaments.



A woman in a santa hat hangs a christmas wreath

A Cubicle Makeover Contest?

A great way to make your office holiday decor project fun and interactive is to let everyone give their cubicles their own festive spin. If you’re worried about things getting too mismatched, you can always decide on a theme or color scheme that everyone can follow. You can even consider covering all partitions with cheerful geometric or botanical wallpaper or using vines and wreaths as a common element throughout.



A brightly decorated room with snowflake removable wallpaper

Common Areas Are Key To Your Office Holiday Decor

Office holiday decor doesn’t stop at cubicles. Common areas like the reception, the cafeteria, and large conference areas where employees gather frequently, also need a festive boost. Instead of limiting yourself to standalone Christmas installations, consider fashioning these spaces along the lines of cozy family rooms. Wood, shiplap, or brick textured removable wallpaper can be a welcome change from the standard wall finishes in these rooms. They also make a great backdrop for an ornament-laden tree with stacks of gift boxes around it!



Two lattes on a table with a mini christmas tree

Prep The Cafeteria For A Festive Feast.

Plaid table runners, Christmas centerpieces, and other small-scale decorations that you don’t normally associate with workspaces can effectively warm up your office cafeteria. This is a great way to have fun with your office holiday decor project, and your employees are guaranteed to love it!



 Laptop with fall decor

Fill In The Blanks With Greenery.

There’s something about indoor greenery that instantly rings in the festive season. If wreaths and ferns aren’t your cup of tea, you could go for more ‘neutral’ botanical elements like pine cones, dried fruit, or white-painted branches. Add these to individual workstations for a subtle yet cheerful touch, or run them along staircase railings or door frames to make a bolder statement.

Get started on your office holiday decor project to make workdays less stressful. If you need ideas or would like to try out some festive wall treatments, browse our collection of high-quality removable wallpaper and order a sample to see if it’s a match for your workspace!