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Dos & Don’ts Of Decorating Your Master Bedroom

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Dos & Don’ts Of Decorating Your Master Bedroom


When it comes to master bedroom design, knowing what you want isn’t the problem. The challenge lies in figuring out how to get there. The objective is simple enough — a restful haven that is also a treat to look at. However, the moment you start hashing out the details of layout, material, color, and texture, things start getting complicated.

If you’re about to decorate your master bedroom and afraid of ending up with a dull or discordant mess, we’re here to help. To ensure that you don’t get lost in a sea of decisions, we’ve put together some dos and don’ts for your ready reference.

Master Bedroom Design - Decorate Like A Pro

A light bedroom with a bold animal print feature wall


DO: Make it all about you. You have to let go a little when it comes to master bedroom design. It’s only when space is inviting, indulgent, and personalized to your taste that it will feel like the sanctuary of your dreams.

DON’T: Make it too busy. Your personal effects and favorites are all welcome in your master bedroom, but you need to watch out for clutter. Too many styles, colors and patterns will overwhelm the space and take away from its restful quality.

A blue botanical themed wall in a bedroom

 Blue Botanical Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper


DO: Use calming hues. Master bedroom design is primarily about crafting a space that makes it easy to get your beauty sleep. Tranquil colors like blue are a natural and popular choice. You could also go for pastel green, or mild yellow and peach for some good Feng Shui.

DON’T: Match everything. This is a common mistake that beginners make when they decorate their master bedroom. Even the most soothing blue will feel dull or overwhelming if that is all you see. Maintain some variety and contrast in your color palette. The occasional pop of red or an accent wall with a zesty pattern won’t hurt.

master bedroom with calming hues

Grey and Brown Faux Cement Texture Fabric Removable Wallpaper


DO: Choose your furniture based on room size. If you’re about to design and decorate your master bedroom from scratch, choose the bed, nightstands, cabinets and chairs based on the size of your room. The space shouldn’t look overly full; leave some room to walk around freely and enjoy your new haven.

DON’T: Skimp on storage. If your master bedroom is low on square footage, reduce the size of the bed, and rethink furniture items you don’t need. Cutting down on bedroom storage is never a good idea because clutter can quickly compromise the calming ambiance you’re trying to create. Get innovative with your storage – under-bed units, storage benches, dressers instead of nightstands, are all great ways to stash things out of sight.

A light metallic design in a bedroom, with a vivid green plant

Silver Geometric Basic Fabric Removable Wallpaper


DO: Leave space for movement. There should be a minimum distance of three feet between your bed and your bedroom walls, and between your storage units and frequently used furniture. Pay attention to furniture layout when you decorate your master bedroom. Keep it simple and sensible – you’ll have many opportunities to go avant-garde when choosing your wall treatments and furnishings.

DON’T: Forget the main purpose of the room. It is, first and foremost, a place to sleep. Cozy coffee nooks, workstations and TV units are all nice, until they take up too much space. Avoid these if you have a small bedroom. If there is ample space, keep these add-ons away from the main circulation and sight lines. You don’t want to be looking at your work files when you’re trying to relax in bed.

Natural colors in a spaciously-designed bedroom

Tan and Brown Texture Fabric Removable Wallpaper


DO: Use fabrics. Natural fabrics have a comforting quality to them, which can instantly create an inviting ambiance in your master bedroom. In addition to luxurious bedding, consider investing in rugs, cushions, curtains, and fabric or textured wallpaper. Textures can quickly enrich a space without requiring too many colors.

DON’T: Skimp on wall treatments. Walls are the most prominent component of your bedroom. What’s more, bedrooms have a fifth wall – the ceiling. Make sure you have comforting, soothing sights to see when you look around. Avoid cheap vinyl wallpaper and go for non-toxic fabric prints and patterns instead. High-quality peel and stick wallpaper can also be applied to ceilings, giving you something interesting to gaze up at.

Dreamy ambiance in a bedroom with geometric wllpaper and a metal-framed bed.

Tan Triangles Geometric Fabric Removable Wallpaper 


DO: Create layers of light. Layered lighting produces a soft, ambient effect that gels well with relaxed décor. You don’t want one large fixture creating harsh glares and unsightly shadows. Plus, you’ll need different kinds of lighting for general illumination, bedtime reading and work.

DON’T: Neglect the size and placement of lighting fixtures. For instance, the base of a wall sconce shouldn’t be lower than the level of your chin when you’re seated in bed. This is to avoid having the light shine straight into your eyes. You also need to be careful about picking a chandelier of the right size. Don’t go for something too big or it may become an eyesore and make your task lighting redundant.  

Keep these pointers in mind, and decorate your master bedroom like a pro! Shop for dreamy wallpapers in a variety of styles and colors from our PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper collection.