Working From Home: Our 10 Home Office Decor Ideas

Working From Home: Our 10 Home Office Decor Ideas

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Working From Home: Our 10 Home Office Decor Ideas

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There’s no escaping the work-from-home lifestyle, but your home office shouldn’t make you want to escape! Luckily, there are many easy design fixes for your workspace. If you’re decorating a home office and out of ideas, this post is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Getting your home office decor just right can be challenging because there are both functional and aesthetic requirements to keep in mind. The good news is that you can breathe life into your existing workspace layout with the help of some cleverly chosen design elements. Take a look at our top 10 home office ideas.

Easy home office ideas for DIY decorators



home office counter with black and white floral fabric removable wallpaper


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Dress up your furniture

Standard-edition desks, black mesh chairs and filing cabinets don’t paint a particularly cheerful picture. However, you don’t have to spring for all-new furniture in order to make your workspace more welcoming. There’s a lot that you can do with basic accents like cushions, throws, rugs or vases. Use these to introduce your favorite prints and patterns to your home office, and give yourself something pretty to look at while you’re busy brainstorming!



beige faux brick peel and stick removable wallpaper


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Keep it minimal

There’s a tendency to write off minimalistic spaces as boring, especially when you’re browsing through ideas for decorating a home office. However, introducing too many objects, colors and styles to your workspace can take away from its core purpose of helping you focus. Simple, clutter-free decor and a monochrome palette can easily be enriched with a slight hint of texture. Basic geometric or textured designs from our PVC-free wallpaper collection can work wonders for low-key home offices.



black and white lines geometric fabric removable wallpaper


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Set the tone with storage

Busy home offices need a lot of storage, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. When you’re decorating a home office, well-chosen storage is your best friend! If you’re fairly organized, go for open shelving that eliminates clutter without disturbing the aesthetic you’re trying to create. If you have shelves lining an entire wall, you can also use them to create a structured geometric theme for your home office. Cover other walls in shiplap or striped wallpaper and you’re good to go!



green damask basic fabric removable wallpaper


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Go back in time

How does the idea of working from a regal old-school study sound? Vintage decor suits workspaces particularly well. If you’re into classic wooden desks and leather backed chairs, use them to replace your standard modern office furniture. Another easy way to bring classic charisma into your workspace is through vintage or retro peel and stick wallpaper. Large-scale floral prints, refined damask patterns, retro stripes and Art Deco geometrics – there are many ways to make your office old-school cool!



office old school with  tan geometric teens fabric removable wallpaper


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Steep it in color

What if whites or neutral palettes just aren’t your thing? No worries! A colorful room can make an excellent home office if you get the basics right. Balance vibrant raspberry hues with touches of blue, and ensure that your desk area gets plenty of natural light. If you don’t feel ready to take the plunge into color, a vibrant feature wall is always an option!



work area with gold triangles geometric fabric removable wallpaper


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Have fun with geometry

If all those straight lines and structured layouts are making it difficult for you to think outside the box, it may be time to get a little playful. While considering ideas for decorating a home office, try a different type of geometric wall covering like chevron, ikat or plaid. Our newly updated collection has quite a few quirky designs that stay rooted in simple geometry. Vibrant color blocks and basic shapes also make great home office ideas, especially when paired with sleek metallic accents.



home office with beige wood peel and stick removable wallpaper


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Plant some joy

Long hours of work will feel like a breeze when you have plants for company. Indoor greenery is not just a reliable idea for decorating a home office, it’s actually a workplace must-have. Don’t just stop at a single houseplant on your desk. Feel free to invite the outdoors in through a mix of ferns, succulents, and lush tropical wallpaper to tie everything together. 



workplace with grey shiplap textured fabric removable wallpaper


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Explore the eclectic

Sometimes, it’s impossible to decide on a single design theme when you’re decorating a home office. What if you like taking inspiration from everywhere? Well, there are no rules against eclectic home offices! Feel free to use textured wallpaper, macramé accents, geometric patterned upholstery, and any other elements you like. If you’re worried about things getting too chaotic, group elements that work well together and place them in specific sections of the room.



navy fish nautical removable wallpaper inspired room


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Bring home the ocean

Ocean-themed accents in tranquil shades of blue have always been popular ideas for decorating a home office. They have a calming yet refreshing vibe that helps you relax and focus at the same time. You can build your entire decor around the color blue, via wall coverings, upholstery, lighting fixtures and accents. Some of our nautical and damask peel and stick wallpaper designs will give you the perfect start.



study table with grey and brown faux cement texture fabric removable wallpaper


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Craft an industrial setting

Need your home office to be pared-back but not boring? Create an industrial setting with rustic wall coverings, metal furniture and repurposed shelving. Our textured wallpaper selection features photorealistic weathered wood prints that instantly add a rustic allure to your workspace. You can also opt for our faux brick wallpapers if you prefer a cozier vibe.


What do you think about our DIY home office ideas? If you’ve already picked a favorite, bring it to life with our fabulous peel and stick wallpaper designs. Shop now, or order a sample to find the best fit!