Marble Wall Murals Or Wallpaper — Yay or Nay?

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Marble Wall Murals Or Wallpaper — Yay or Nay?

In DIY interior design, marble can be a confusing material to work with. On one hand, it seems inseparably linked to the grandiose structures and sculptures that often define ideas of luxury. Yet it also serves as a sophisticated yet practical finish in modern kitchens and bathrooms. One thing’s for sure, though — regardless of whether you use marble in its classic or contemporary form, its elegance and allure are unmatched.

For quite some time now, decorators have been looking to channel the luxe look of marble walls without their associated installation hassles. The latest innovations in removable wallpaper have come to the rescue, making it quite easy to emulate a real marble wall in your living space, even if you’ve never handled the material before. Our fabric-based, PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper range has a variety of exquisite faux marble prints. You can put these up in seconds, in any room you please. The only question is, should you?

Despite the timeless richness of marble, there are a few dilemmas that it poses for DIY decorators. Let’s address some of these, so you can have a better idea of whether marble peel and stick wallpaper is your thing.


Four Questions About Marble Wall Murals And Wallpaper — Answered.


minimalist area with marble wall murals

1. Is It Overkill?

If you live in a space-starved rental, you may wonder whether a marble removable wallpaper would be a bit much for your living space. Well, it’s true that certain marble prints can be too dynamic and overwhelming for compact settings. However, no two marble wall murals or wallpapers are alike, and if you choose your design to complement the existing color and texture palettes in the room, you will have a serene finish.

Light-toned marble wall murals with barely-there grains can easily align with minimalistic or Scandinavian settings. If you have a large enough space with a clutter-free layout, darker or ‘busier’ marble prints shouldn’t be a problem.



2. Is It Limiting?

Once you opt for marble wallpaper, do you automatically limit yourself to a handful of finishes and styles? Not really. While it’s true that marble wall murals work like a charm with glamorous setups and styles like Hollywood Regency, you can easily adapt the look to cozy, homey spaces. You can choose dramatic marble wall murals if you’re planning to accent the space with gilded fixtures or vintage artwork. On the other hand, a seamless marble wallpaper with a vintage, near-monochrome look can complement warm, informal settings.


bathroom with dramatic wall muralsGrey and Yellow Marble Mural Fabric Removable Wall Mural 


3. What About Colors?

The beauty of marble lies in its innate uniqueness. No two marble samples will ever be alike, and it’s their varied colors, grains and swirls that make them so versatile. You’ll find everything from deep gray and charcoal to whimsical bluish-whites, so you can include marble peel and stick wallpaper in your wall treatment options.


beautifully diy decorated bedroomWhite andGrey Marble Mural Fabric Removable Wall Mural

4. Is It Suitable For All Rooms?

In home interiors, marble has traditionally found use in formal reception areas or as a countertop material in kitchens and bathrooms. However, as we’ve already seen in this post, this material offers choices galore in colors and styles. Our advice to DIY decorators: don’t limit marble to the usual settings. First assess the look and texture a space needs and then look for a suitable marble wallpaper. 

For instance, you can use dramatic marble wall murals in living rooms that need a charismatic feature wall, and go for a more understated marble peel and stick wallpaper when your bedroom or home office needs a little texture. Some marble designs you’ll find in our collection border on abstract, so you can find a use for them anywhere in the house.


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