How to decorate a bedroom: inspirational tips

How to decorate a bedroom: inspirational tips

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How to decorate a bedroom: inspirational tips

It’s your R&R zone, your sanctuary, the most personal space in your home. Along with the freedom to craft it just the way you want, your bedroom brings a few decor challenges as well. It’s got to be soothing and restful on the one hand, and distinctive and stylish on the other. Well, sometimes the two can coexist, and some simple decor tips will get you there. Take a look at the season’s freshest ideas on how to decorate a bedroom just the way you want it.

Cozy, calming, cute - 7 bedroom decoration ideas for every taste

1. Need a meditative mood? Mute the color palette

Need a meditative mood? Mute the color palette

One of the most reliable ways to ace your bedroom decor is by setting a muted color scheme. Soft neutral tones like off-white, cream and beige will immediately align the space with calm, tranquil vibes. Go for a monochrome palette, and keep things interesting by playing with texture and detail. For example, all-white sheets, furniture and accents could be given a playful edge via white-based wallpaper sporting a rich faux texture. Light-toned woodwork sporting natural details could bring depth into a beige themed bedroom.

2. Care for some color? Introduce pastels

Care for some color? Introduce pastels

If neutral colors are too boring for you, explore cheerful pastel tones for your bedroom. These offer the perfect middle ground between bright colors and soothing neutrals, allowing you to breathe life into your space without turning it gaudy or distracting. Pastel furnishings and accents work great with warm woodsy treatments and furniture. Small scale floral or geometric prints and patterns are also a great way to introduce pastel charm. Dusky pink, mint, lavender and pale blues are all great choices for cute bedroom decor.

3. Want your favorite things around you? Bring them home!

Want your favorite things around you? Bring them home!

Sometimes, the easiest way to ensure sweet dreams is by falling asleep in your happy place. Turn your bedroom into a tribute to the things you love, without worrying about design styles and aesthetics. As long as you don’t overdo the colors and don’t fill the space with too many distracting patterns, just about anything is possible. We love using subtle whimsical wallpapers to decorate bedrooms. For example, animal themed graphics in black and white, cheerful nautical illustrations in calming blues, and so on.

4. Stay home and sleep in the lap of nature

Stay home and sleep in the lap of nature

Babbling brooks and gorgeous greenery as far as the eye can see… Thanks to convenient home decor elements such as wall murals, it doesn’t take much to set up your own forest retreat at home. A photorealistic glimpse of nature, in the form of a wall mural, will give your bedroom an instant view. Complete the natural elegance by bringing in wooden furniture and shelving, woven accents, and indoor plants.

5. Whisk yourself away to a coastal paradise

Whisk yourself away to a coastal paradise

When it comes to delivering the perfect combination of serenity and dynamism, there’s no match for the sea breeze and ocean views. Create a coastal theme in your bedroom to sleep well and wake up well. This could take many routes, from actually introducing coastal imagery in the form of a feature wall, or by simply playing with color schemes and accents. An all-white foundation, an uncluttered layout, and measured doses of beige, yellow and aquamarine tones will quickly evoke seaside vibes. Throw in some vintage nautical accents or souvenirs from your beachy vacay and you’ll have the perfect island retreat to retire to.

6. Blissful bouquets from the Orient

Blissful bouquets from the Orient

Every year, a different kind of floral aesthetic rules our homes and hearts. This year, a lot of love has been showered on whimsical floral treatments from the Far East. Chinoiseries and Japanese-style artwork featuring botanical elements, birds and wildlife, are perfect for adding character to your bedroom without taking away its restful vibe. Introduce such prints in as small or as generous a dose as you like. From a vase on your bedside table, to your bed linen, to your primary wall covering, chinoiseries will grace just about anything.

7. Rustic, romantic, chic

Rustic, romantic, chic

If you’ve been looking for couples’ bedroom decor ideas and placing rustic and romantic in separate brackets, it’s time to blur the lines a bit. Distressed wood walls, warm lighting, cozy furniture and natural accents, with nothing but an ethnic rug to add color, can paint a pretty cozy picture. If you’re fond of urban lofts or admire the shabby chic aesthetic for its interesting mix of rich and rustic, decorating your bedroom with this aesthetic will be great fun. Check out some of our textured wallpapers to get started. These are flat prints that emulate the look of the material itself.

What kind of look will your bedroom flaunt this season? If you’re still undecided, our curated bedroom wallpaper collection should help you get started. Besides being easy on the eyes and easy to install, these PVC-free, non-toxic wall coverings also help you make a safe decor choice.