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Creating A Personal Sanctuary

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Creating A Personal Sanctuary

The stresses of modern life place many demands on modern homes. Contemporary living spaces have to provide shelter not just from the elements but also from the worries of the outside world. They have to serve as retreats — our very own hideaways where workplace blues disappear, and we regain the freedom to be ourselves and live just how we please.

Creating a personal sanctuary at home is tricky to begin with, but it’s become more challenging thanks to the pandemic. Back when we spent most of our days at the office, it was a relief just to have a place to return to. Fast forward to today, and we have the new challenges of working and relaxing effectively within the same space.

Given the space constraints of modern apartments and the demands of the work-from-home lifestyle, is it impossible to create a personal sanctuary where you live? Far from it! Whether you need a dedicated home yoga space or just a cozy nook where you can disappear with a book, you can do it all with these simple tips!

5 Personal Sanctuary Ideas For City Dwellers

1. A Room Reserved For Relaxation:

If you have extra space at home, there’s nothing quite like a dedicated room for relaxation. This gives you the perfect opportunity to fashion a home yoga space, painting studio, library, or home theatre, without interfering with the rest of the apartment. Pay attention to the color palettes, patterns, and textures that you pick for this type of personal sanctuary. You can indulge in your favorites here, but to avoid ending up with a chaotic space, stick to gentle colors and soothing prints for large surfaces like walls.

A sunroom filled with greenery.

2. An Urban Jungle:

Plants are pretty much an instant way to turn any room into a calming retreat. If you have a green thumb, feel free to experiment with indoor greenery of all types. Introduce planters of different sizes and place them at different heights to create a richer mix. White or light-toned backdrops will enhance the visual impact of the greenery you place in the room. Alternatively, you could strengthen the theme further by choosing a botanical peel and stick wallpaper as the main wall treatment.

A verdant plant contrasting with white shiplap wallpaper.

3. Pockets Of Peace:

Your personal sanctuary doesn’t have to take up much space. If you live in a compact apartment or studio, look for little nooks that can be shaped into reading areas or coffee corners. Usually, such an area would be right by a window. If you don’t have a bay window with an inbuilt seat (lucky you if you do!), simply place your favorite armchair such that it lets you look outside, and bring in plants, rugs, a floor lamp or a bookshelf to give the space its own identity. Using a different wallpaper style in such a nook is also an effective way to set it apart from its surroundings.

A large bathtub in a room decorated in shades of white.

4. A Bathroom That Pampers You:

If you’re unable to find even a small pocket of space to shape into a personal sanctuary, don’t lose hope just yet. Your bathroom can come to your rescue! You may not be able to create a home yoga space here, but you can make bath times a lot more special. Elegant swirl-patterned wallpaper, candles or soft lighting, rich woven mats, and warm woodsy accents can convert your standard bathroom into a luxurious spa. If you like things bold, you could even install a peel and stick mural that brings a glorious ocean view into your bathroom!

A sunlit living space with light colored decor.

5. A Sunlit Haven:

Sunlight has a natural ability to cheer us up and calm us down at the same time. If you’re looking to create a personal sanctuary at home, one of the first things to do is try and amplify the natural light. Keep the space in front of your windows clear, maintain a regular cleaning and decluttering regimen, and try to use light-colored wall treatments to reflect the sunlight reaching the rooms. In small spaces that get little daylight, white backdrops coupled with blue and yellow accents and layered lighting can create a sunny, beachy vibe.

A busy room with animal print wallpaper.

6. A Break From The Rules!

Because it’s your personal sanctuary, it’s important to make it as much about you as possible. Bring your favorite photos and souvenirs together to create a delightful gallery. Choose themes you love and let your wallpaper, furnishings and accents reflect it. As long as the patterns and colors don’t clash too much, you’re free to bend or rewrite the rules and treat yourself to a delightfully eclectic retreat!

From soft floral prints in delicate pastels to fun geometric explorations that bring a retro vibe, from gorgeous botanical designs that transport you to the tropics to warm wood textures that keep you cozy, we have every type of wallpaper your personal sanctuary or home yoga space may need. Check out our new collection now!