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Coastal Charisma: Decorating With Beach House Color Schemes

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Coastal Charisma: Decorating With Beach House Color Schemes

Oh, to fall asleep to ocean sounds and wake up to sea breeze and sunshine! There’s no trouble in the world that a beach getaway can’t cure. But what if you don’t own a beach house or can’t plan a coastal vacay just yet? Don’t fret, because it’s possible (and in fact quite easy) to create a seaside haven right where you live.

Armed with the right beach house color schemes and nautical decor elements, you can give your standard city apartment a cheerful coastal makeover. It may not actually transport you to the ocean, but bright and airy coastal decor certainly goes a long way in keeping your spirits up.

6 Amazing Beach House Color Schemes And Ideas

Airy living room with a beach house feel

1. Invite Sun, Sand, And Sea.

Replicate a coastal ambiance in your home through beach house color schemes that bring bright ocean scenes to mind. White walls, light woodsy treatments, blue or aqua furnishings, and yellow accents can come together to create a lovely, breezy vibe. It goes without saying that there should be plenty of natural light in the space and as little clutter as possible. Leave ample room around your furniture to create a sense of spaciousness, and use pale sheer curtains that don’t block too much daylight.

 A living room with earth tone decor and bird removable wallpaper

2. Use Nautical Elements.

In addition to beach house color schemes, nautical symbols and maritime accents play a major role in setting up an oceanic theme. The sky’s the limit here. Think whimsical removable wallpaper featuring sea creatures, red-and-blue furnishings with anchor motifs, or even vintage sailing paraphernalia displayed as accents. You can easily integrate these nautical elements into both classic and contemporary settings. The idea is to keep them prominent enough to create oceanic references without going overboard with color, patterns and symbols.

Living room with blue nautical wallpaper and bold colored decor.

3. Keep It Casual.

An important aspect of the beach house theme is that it’s open, inviting, and informal. There should be a sense of freedom in your coastal abode, even if you’re usually a stickler for decor rules. Don’t worry too much about coordinating furniture styles and furnishing patterns. Go for a laid-back vibe by bringing a garden chair or wicker lantern into your living room, or by allowing cheerful ikats and chevron prints to pair up with classically elegant furniture and fixtures. Just make sure that the compositions you create don’t dilute your overall beach house color schemes. As long as there’s a foundation of white, yellow and aquamarines, all experiments are welcome!

White, green, and tan living area

4. Focus On Outdoor Areas.

Beach houses have an alfresco vibe. If you live in a standard apartment without much of an outdoor component, consider creating a patio-like atmosphere using bamboo or wicker furniture, weathered faux-wood or shiplap wallpaper, and large earthy planters. Ample sunlight will be helpful in this department as well. In rooms that don’t get much sunlight, introduce multiple layers of lighting through ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, and table and floor lamps.

patio-like atmosphere using shiplap removable wallpaper

5. Drama Is Good!

A dramatic ocean-view wall mural could be one of the quickest ways to create a coastal theme. This is a brilliant solution for compact rooms, creating an illusion of extra space, giving you a lovely view to gaze at, and of course, giving the whole setting a beach house color scheme. Do make an effort to choose a high-quality fabric wall mural, though. You don’t want your dramatic feature wall to become an eyesore because of a cheap vinyl finish.

Dining room with grey floral peel and stick wallpaper.

6. Don’t Discount Retro.

When choosing beach house color schemes, furniture and accents, don’t forget to consider vintage finishes and patterns. For your kitchen, you can pick retro wallpaper featuring small-scale botanical motifs, and team it up with charming kitchenware and quaint wooden cabinetry. Beach house living rooms are great settings for antique coffee tables, vintage seafaring gear, and cheerful striped or floral peel and stick wallpaper that takes you back in time.

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