Elegant kitchen: 8 ideas to inspire yourself

Elegant kitchen: 8 ideas to inspire yourself

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Elegant kitchen: 8 ideas to inspire yourself

Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the places where people spend the most time in the house, especially for who have the habit of cooking. And since it is a space synonymous with preparation and socializing, it is crucial to be functional and elegant.

If cooking is one of your passions and the kitchen is the heart of your home, this post is perfect! To help you build a kitchen with maximum comfort and functionality, we have gathered valuable tips to create an elegant space in this post!

Read on and learn about the elements that can bring a much more luxurious look to your kitchen, making it worthy of a 5-star restaurant kitchen!

1. Marble countertops and wall coverings

Luxurious, classic, and easy to clean, marble is a material widely used in the composition of elegant kitchens. Whether in dark tones like black or light tones like white, this material offers excellent practicality and an elegant matte finish!



a diner table with four chairs

If installing a marble countertop or marble tile are choices that are out of your budget, don't worry, we have the perfect solution: abstract wall murals that imitate marble!

Much more practical and affordable than marble, these wallpapers — that you can apply yourself — are perfect for adding marble's elegant and luxurious finish to your walls!

2. Peel and stick wallpapers

Whether in the kitchen or other areas of your home, wallpapers are always great decorative solutions to revamp and modernize the environment completely


dog paw wallpaper



Very practical, varied, and affordable, they can be found in countless options that match the most diverse preferences! In addition, the removable models available on our site can be installed by you, avoiding the cost of outsourced labor!

3. Sober tones combination

Besides being versatile and timeless, the sober and neutral tones are excellent choices for those who want to make a good decision when choosing the elements to build their elegant kitchen!

an elegant kitchen

For this, you can work with darker or lighter tones or add a little contrast to your decor by combining both! Something that can get you closer to this goal is investing in basic wallpapers, plain-colored or with elegant and minimalist prints!

4. Wood and light tones

If you are interested in decoration, you undoubtedly already know the effects of light tones in environments. With them, it is possible to make the space seem more significant and well-lit!


diner room with classic wood wallpaper style


Characteristics are very welcome in the assembly of an elegant kitchen, especially when added to wood's cozy and classic effect. All this makes combining wooden furniture with other white-coated furniture a great choice!

Again, you have a few options to create the sophisticated and cozy visual effect of wood in your kitchen. And one of the most practical and affordable of them is to invest in textured wallpapers that have the visual wood effect.

5. Creative Colors

Although sober tones are always synonymous of elegance and luxury, this does not mean that you cannot be creative with the colors in your kitchen without losing that effect.


a table with four chairs set in front of a floral wallpaper


In an elegant kitchen, there is always space for white marble, light tones and wood, and it is very worth inserting some points of color to make the decor more authentic. Good color choices for this type of effect are shades of green, marsala, pink, gold, yellow, and red!

Besides inserting color in furniture or decorative items in the kitchen, painting or creating an accent wall with removable wallpaper is worthwhile!

6. Metallic and shiny accessories

To add sparkle and sophistication to decoration, you do not necessarily need to invest large amounts of money. After all, the kitchen taps and finishes add a sophisticated metallic touch when well-selected.


a kitchen with branches wallpaper


For this, choose models with a chrome finish, and set a color pattern for the kitchen. If you are tired of classic silver and gold, invest in rosé gold to give a contemporary look to your elegant kitchen!

7. Decorative Plants

How about bringing nature close by including some plants in your kitchen decor? Whether natural or artificial, plants can represent that touch of color and life that was missing in your environment.

a kitchen with plants and tree wallpaper

Another way to add color and nature to your kitchen decor is to apply removable floral wallpapers or nature mural designs! Choose realistic and abstract options and feel closer to nature, even indoors.

8. Kitchen bar stools

Lastly, setting up a small bar on a countertop or island in your kitchen is a great alternative to make your kitchen look more elegant and provide this space for socializing, conversations, and drinks.

a modern kitchen

A crucial point in assembling this scenario is the kitchen bar stools. Because they stand out a lot in the decoration, you must choose these pieces of furniture carefully, following the decoration line of your kitchen and considering the most used materials in the space (such as wood or metal)!

What makes a kitchen elegant?

Generally speaking, to have an elegant and luxurious kitchen, it is crucial to rely on high-quality materials, planned furniture, technological decorative elements, and a beautiful interior design!

With that, by following our tips and adding a little creativity, there is no doubt that you will achieve the result you want for your stylish kitchen!

However, if you want to create an elegant and modern kitchen, our final tip is to keep it simple! Minimalist and contemporary decorations work on straight lines and contribute significantly to making any decor sophisticated!

The kitchen is a very, very important part of the home not only as it is considered the heart of the house as all the action happens daily, but it is also a focal point for homeowners and buyers.

But do not take our word for it, the experts in home remodeling and decor, Jonathan and Drew Scott from the Property Brothers HGTV show, recently stated during an interview, "kitchen is the #1 area buyers look for in a home."

Keep following the blog posts for more decorating tips and trends like these!