Football Decor: 11 Great Ideas to Enjoy the Super Bowl

Football Decor: 11 Great Ideas to Enjoy the Super Bowl

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Football Decor: 11 Great Ideas to Enjoy the Super Bowl

Football decor: 14 inspirations to prepare your home for Super Bowl

After Christmas and New Year's Eve, we're arriving at the most expected time of the year for NFL fans: the Super Bowl! So, as we've decorated our houses for the holidays, it's the perfect time to invest in football decor!

The football-themed decoration is not restricted to parties or watching the final match with friends and family. It's a cool and unique decor style that's been conquering fans, especially those who want to show passion for their team and for the most popular sport among US Americans.

We've got football decor ideas for everyone: for the families that want to get in the mood for the game and decorate the house temporarily to enjoy the Super Bowl, and for the sports enthusiasts that think about football, not only at the end of the NFL season.

Let's go, players?

1. Invest in football themed wallpapers

You can display your passion on the walls if you're a football fan. With football-themed wallpapers, you can easily transform a plain room into a playful and unique ambiance!

a room decorated with a sport wallpaper

The options with printed realistic photos will make you feel like you're playing alongside your idols on the field. But, if you think that's too much, you can choose more minimalist options with pattern prints.

You can install them in your room, but the football wallpapers are also a great choice for the kid's bedrooms, leisure areas, living rooms, and playrooms.

2. Decorate with football-themed pillows

Another practical way to make your home even cozier to watch football matches, especially the Super Bowl, is through pillows and cushions.

stuffed footballs

Invest in football-shaped models, or how about an option with your team's motto or logo embroidered? Place them on the couch and armchairs, and enjoy the spectacle of touchdowns!

3. Focus on the living room

The living room is where we gather everyone to watch the Super Bowl. So, when talking about football decor, that's the big star!

a living room with a wall mural

Think beyond the plain couch and TV! You can decorate your living room with football-themed pillows and carpets, hanging elements, football pictures on the walls, and much more!

4. Pick the right colors and elements to set the game's mood

Rustic colors like orange and white can help you get in the mood for the game. In addition to the classic football tones, the green, like the fields, is also a great option for decorating the house!

football itens for party

And there is nothing more American than football, so you can also use shades of red, white, and blue to decorate your rooms!

Also, don't forget the elements related to the matches:

  • Flags;

  • Helmets;

  • Field goal;

  • Jerseys;

  • And, of course, footballs everywhere!

5. Use your team's colors to decorate

What are your team's colors? Green and yellow, white and blue, blue and red, orange? If you want to display your passion around the house and show your support, inspire yourself with your team's color to compose your football decoration!

football themed party scenario

To get into the match's mood, use balloons and hang strings of flags with your team colors!

6. Hang football-themed pictures and frames on the walls

To give your rooms an extra touch of sophistication, you can choose football pictures to hang on the walls and corridors around your house.

a football frame with a player with helmet and a ball

Black and white images are elegant and go well with any decoration style! You can also choose pictures of important moments for your team to inspire you!

7. Choose rugs that imitate the field

Want to feel like you're on the grass alongside your favorite players? So, invest in rugs and sets in green tones that imitate the field!

football rug in a living room

To give it a more authentic feel, you can pick a rug designed with lines and yards and combine it with a realistic football wallpaper! You will feel like you're in the stadium!

8. Prepare theme foods

A good match, especially the NFL's Final, requires delicious food to follow! So besides the snacks, you can also prepare football-themed foods — like cakes and sweets in oval shapes — and even use them as decoration (and then eat it, of course)!

football shaped cookies

To complete it, serve the food on football plates and set the table with a beautiful green tablecloth! Also, you can pour the drinks into football-themed cups and put the beer cans and bottles in a bucket, very sporty!

9. Place a blackboard to mark the score

For an extra touch of creativity in your football decor, how about hanging a board on the wall to mark the scores, touchdowns, and the fouls as the Super Bowl happens?

a blackboard with football tatics

It's a way to use decoration to socialize with your kids, friends, and family! It will make for some fun times for children and adults alike!

10. Invest in thematic luminaires

More than functional, lightning is also an essential part of the decoration and can make certain spots stand out! For complete football decor, you can invest in football-themed LED luminaires with your team logo, football-shaped ones, and many more!

orange football luminarie

Our tip is to turn off all the lights and keep only these luminaires and the TV at the moment of the match! And, of course: you can use them in your room after the game!

11. Don't forget popcorn and enjoy the game!

Remember the most important thing: the sportsmanship to match the decoration! Make popcorn for everyone and enjoy the game, the touchdowns, and the halftime show! Good luck to your team, and I'll see you next time!

a field of football with a football and popcorn

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