Floral wall decor: 12 wallpapers to use in your home

Floral wall decor: 12 wallpapers to use in your home

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Floral wall decor: 12 wallpapers to use in your home

Floral decorations have been dressing up walls for centuries and remain very much in vogue today. If wall treatments had an "all-time greats" list, floral wall decor would get the top spot! It's just incredible its ability to make spaces cheerful, charming, and chic.

It's also unmatched in its ability to complement all home decoration styles: classic, modern, rustic, minimalist, and more. And, with several floral wallpapers available, it's easy to make your home more flowery.

Check out how and where to apply them and creative ideas to make your decoration more sophisticated.

12 floral wallpapers to make your home cheerful and sophisticated

Floral decoration is timeless. Like in nature, where there are countless types and species of flowers and plants, there are also several wallpaper options to decorate your home.

Check out 12 different wallpapers, and see tips on which rooms to apply. In addition, we have floral options to complement all types of decoration: from the subtle and minimalist to the most colorful and bright! 

1. White and Pink Floral Wallpaper

Let's start the list with a classic! The combination of white and pink brings modernity to living rooms and bedrooms. This floral wallpaper highlights white furniture and creates an airy and cozy room.

It is the perfect choice for contemporary spaces, giving it a touch of modernity and sophistication. To avoid boringness, choose only one wall or piece of furniture to apply the peel-and-stick wallpaper!

2. Elegant Charcoal and White Floral Wall Decor

Get a subtle floral print in a near-monochrome look to add texture to your space without overwhelming the senses.

This wallpaper is elegant and suits all kinds of ambience: living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens. Moreover, it's a great contrast against beds, sofas, couches, and other furniture, regardless of color!


3. Black and Green Trellis Floral Wallpaper

Invest in a floral wallpaper with bright green leaves to bring freshness to leisure and work areas. The stark tone added with expressive drawings can transform the whole room.

In addition, this print goes well with woody furniture and enhances neutral tones. And to top it all, the high-quality peel-and-stick wallpaper will require very little of your time and effort during installation! 

4. Green and Purple Botanical Wallpaper

Cool tones such as green, blue, and purple bring serenity and tranquility to your home. It is an excellent choice for workspaces as well as living spaces.

However, the flowery pattern also suits bathrooms and entrance halls. This print looks like a watercolor painting; very artistic and creative!


5. Black and Red Japanese Floral Wallpaper

The cherry blossom — also known as sakura — symbolizes renewal and optimism.

So, to bring a fresh and delicate touch to your home decoration, get hold of a Japanese floral print in black and red!


6. Red Heart Floral Wallpaper

Want to make a statement? Go bold with a striking botanical print in vivid colors, such as the red heart floral wallpaper!

The pattern complements a maximalist decor and brings color even to sober environments. It's an excellent choice for the kids' room or to provide coziness in living spaces.

7. Gray Botanical Wallpaper

But if your decorating style is minimalist, the gray floral print is subtle and ultra-elegant.

Nevertheless, it is excellent for adding sobriety to spaces, giving a contemporary touch. In addition, it is a versatile wallpaper: it goes well with classic decoration and industrial interior designs!

8. Yellow and Light Blue Botanical Wall Decoration

Yellow is synonymous with happiness, cheerfulness, and youth.

The floral wallpaper with yellow flowers and light blue details brings good feelings into the home. It is also great to make the kitchen more cheerful and the children's room more colorful.

Applying in workspaces will make you inspired every moment.

9. White Botanical Floral Wall Deco

This floral wallpaper is an excellent choice for those passionate about plants!

The shades of green and the lovely drawings bring a touch of freshness to the room. Add real flowers and plants in little vases to complete the decoration!

10. Coral Botanical Floral Wallpaper

Warm tones like coral, pink, and orange bring coziness to your home. Therefore, the coral botanical wallpaper is perfect for living areas. In addition, it looks great on office walls, entrance halls, and more!

In neutral and woody tones, furniture and elements — such as pillows and carpets — complement this modern and sophisticated decoration.


11. Blue and White Botanical Wallpaper

The blue and white floral wallpaper brings a sense of tranquility and concentration to the ambience. It's great for country houses, beach houses, and a touch of naturalness in city apartments.

The drawings look like authentic paintings, but because it is a peel-and-stick wallpaper, it is super easy to apply!

12. Rose Floral and Animal Wallpaper

When we talk about floral wall decoration, you can expand the decor beyond flowers.

To bring nature indoors, get hold of this wallpaper with tree branches and small birds. They are a great choice to complement the children's or baby's rooms. In addition, the print in shades of brown adds a vintage and rustic style to the room.

4 reasons why every home has room for floral wallpaper

After seeing the flower wallpapers above, which one perfectly matches your home decoration style? Check out 4 reasons every home must have a room for a floral wall decor! 

1. It’s the Most Versatile Wall Treatment Around

Floral wallpapers have a knack for complementing just about any kind of decoration, space or furniture.

Whether you prefer living amid clean-cut functionalism or layered coziness, If your aesthetic sensibilities are unabashedly contemporary or undeniably classic, your walls will always find a use for floral prints and patterns!

Use vivid orange flowers or vines to create an alluring feature wall in an uncluttered Scandinavian-themed space.

Then, get hold of a Chinoiserie Flower print in subtle colors to top off that Asian-inspired room you’re creating. Or use flamboyant Baroque patterns to lend weight to your vintage furniture and accents.

Our collection of PVC-free wallpaper has plenty of classic, contemporary and quirky floral prints!

2. You Can Make It As Subtle Or As Striking As You Need

One of the things we love best about floral wallpapers is that they’ll do just what you say. Need to fill in a few blanks in your decor? Get a subtle floral print in neutral tones to add some texture to your wall without overwhelming your space.

Want to make a statement? Go with a striking botanical print in vivid colors. Undecided about the direction you wish to take? Find something clean and contemporary to complement your standard-edition apartment décor.

wallpaper floral


3. There’s A Floral Print For Every Mood

Flowers are romantic, sure, but they can be much more. Among the floral designs that are trending are delightful abstract prints in primary colors that make an excellent choice for kids’ rooms.

A wide range of Japanese prints also creates a calm, meditative mood in bedrooms, reading areas, and other spaces where you like to unwind.

If you’re looking to give things a retro spin, large floral prints in orange tones are an excellent choice for rooms and living and dining areas.

And if you like to be unabashedly contemporary, you can go for flower prints that are abstract and stylized!

4. There’s No Better Way To Introduce Color

It’s one thing to want to build your decoration around your favorite color. But finding a way to introduce color without going overboard is a whole other ballgame.

Floral wallpapers offer a lovely solution, bringing color to their surroundings in balanced, measured doses!

Floral prints are an excellent medium for channeling warm, vivid hues into your decor. For proof, check out our newly updated range of palm trees wallpapers. Featuring stylish contemporary designs served with a side of blue tones and vivid green, these peel and stick wallpapers make quite an impression.

As fashionables as they are, floral wallpapers aren’t getting off the stage any time soon, if it’s time for a decor refresh, head over to our gorgeous removable wallpape collection, where you’ll find a whole array of trendy and tasteful floral and botanical prints.

Our high-quality self-adhesive wallpapers are extremely easy to apply and gentle on your walls, so feel free to treat yourself to fresh flowers as often as you like! And to make your home more comfortable, see our tips about natural wall decor!

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