Home office decoration: tips for doing it yourself

Home office decoration: tips for doing it yourself

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Home office decoration: tips for doing it yourself

When you imagine a home office, do you think of a dark, dull space that is there just to accommodate you during your workday? I am sorry to tell you, but that idea is outdated! Instead, these places can deliver a lot of peace, quiet, and, of course, comfort.

Now, environments such as the home office are designed to stimulate productivity and ensure a safe and suitable workplace for hours. For this, you need to bet on the right decorations, which unite the appropriate comfort for working and studying with a refined aesthetic.

Are you having trouble creating your home office decor? Walls By Me has come up with 10 tips to transform your environment and make your work much lighter.

Check them out!

1. Rustic home office decor

The rustic decoration conveys an incomparable effect of comfort. It is a decor that embraces you and makes you want to spend hours in the room.

You can use it to your advantage in the home office, did you know? Wooden furniture and objects, natural elements, and shiplap wallpapers can help you with that!

2. Minimalist home office decor

If you like a fresher, cleaner, and simpler decor, the minimalist aesthetic is perfect for your home office.


For this idea, you must invest in basic decor such as neutral walls and functional furniture. An extra tip: add light paints and geometric wallpapers.

3. Home office decoration in loft

How about taking advantage of the open plan at the top of your house? Lofts are soft and elegant, perfect for adding a discreet and comfortable home office.

Pendants, vintage rugs, rustic furniture, and retro wallpaper make a perfect setting for the place! How about getting to know our loft decoration ideas? It's packed with foolproof tricks!

4. Home office decor pops of color

The trend of mixing vibrant colors is more form than ever!

This idea is super bold and delivers a totally original aesthetic. To do it, bet on contrasting and vivid colors to enhance the effect of the trend, as with green wallpapers with blue furniture, for example.

5. Home office decoration with plants

Plants are powerful in decorating and transmitting well-being to environments.

So why not add them to your home office decor, right? Use and abuse the greens in specific corners that need life!

By the way, there are some nature wall murals that work super well with plants, and putting them together might be a good idea.

6. Home office decoration with decorative pictures

A decoration is built with details, isn't it?

Therefore, investing in decorative pictures is an alternative to bring your personality to the room and make it more authentic. And for a harmonious and natural decoration, combine the paintings with wallpapers in shades that "talk" to each other.

7. Home office decor with colorful murals

To create a home office that is anything but basic, use wall murals with vibrant prints and colors.

You can invest in authentic patterns, such as engraved animals, world map, or another pattern that represents your style.

This is an idea that Kourtney Kardashian invested in her office, adding backgrounds on her walls with famous characters, such as Batman, Mia Farrow, and Frank Sinatra. Different, isn't it?

8. Home office decoration with bookshelves

Shelving is all about the office. In this idea, you can set up a shelf with books, pictures, and objects that are important to you.

And, for a differentiated touch, add a thematic wallpaper on the wall that receives the furniture: everything to leave the environment with your face!

9. Hollywood-style home office decor

A Hollywood-style decoration? We love it!

To put the style into practice, invest in vintage furniture, mid-century armchairs, striking artwork, and more neutral walls to convey more modernity. Basic wallpapers also work super well with the décor, okay?

10. Contemporary home office decor

Contemporary is the style that brings together the biggest decorating trends, but without forming a heavy environment.


The intention of this style is precisely to create a functional, light, and balanced place. Modern light fixtures, industrial furniture, clear walls, and detailed decorations are the pieces that most represent the contemporary style — just like textured wallpapers!

How to organize a versatile and practical home office?

Home office decoration should be, above all, comfortable and ergonomic. Therefore, when decorating, it is important to prioritize essential aspects for the rooms, such as lighting, furniture, and organization.

To help you with this, we have prepared a checklist with tips to help you create a beautiful and organized office. Check it out:

  • Lighting: lighting is essential for good productivity, so bet on places with plenty of natural light. But for the night, have comfortable artificial lighting fixtures;

  • Organization: to maintain a productive atmosphere, organization is fundamental. Bet on separate drawers and folders to organize documents, cases, and other items that facilitate this organization;

  • Decorated walls: one of the best ways to transform an environment with practicality is to modernize the walls. Be it with a simple painting, murals, or wallpapers. It's the classic "join the useful to the pleasant";

  • Furniture: ergonomics is also fundamental to guarantee good productivity. Therefore, bet on tables and chairs that follow standards appropriate for you and the type of activity that will be performed.

Did you like our home office decoration ideas? Were you able to get inspired? We also have a content about vacation decorating ideas for office, full of tips. Enjoy!