9 wallpapers that use Pantone Color 2020: Classic Blue!

9 wallpapers that use Pantone Color 2020: Classic Blue!

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9 wallpapers that use Pantone Color 2020: Classic Blue!

This year, feeling blue takes on a whole new meaning! With Pantone choosing Classic Blue as the color of the year, our homes are set to turn coolly, reassuringly, and timelessly elegant. Inspired by the hue of the sky at dusk, and invoking a deep sense of calm, this vibrant blue shade is all about pure, effortless sophistication. And our removable wallpaper collection will let you introduce it to your home through a wide variety of prints and patterns.



Pantone Classic Blue

But first, what is (and isn’t) Classic Blue?

From pale pastel hues that create breezy beachside moods to inky shades of navy with a bejeweled vibe, blues come in all shapes and sizes. Each shade has its own distinctive appeal and creates a unique ambiance in your home. Classic Blue lies on the deeper end of the spectrum and is a color we naturally associate with purity, calmness, and constancy. Loosely put, it’s the color of the evening sky – emerging once the brightness of day has passed but before those mysterious midnight hues set in.

Classic Blue doesn’t have the light-bearing of its pastel cousins but doesn’t mind being paired with pinks, yellows, or greens. It doesn’t carry the oceanic overtones of turquoise or teal but easily lends itself to nautical themes and prints. It carries enough gravity to cut a sophisticated picture while leaving enough room for off-beat experiments with styles and colors.

Our peel and stick wallpaper collection leverage these qualities of Classic Blue. Besides offering a wide range of prints and patterns tailored for contemporary homes, our range is entirely made up of PVC-free wallpapers that are printed with non-toxic inks. Take a look at our top picks that you can order right away to give your home a trendy and chemical-free makeover.



Nine wallpapers that use Classic Blue


royal blue diamond geometric fabric removable wallpaper


Some diamonds are forever, but this gorgeous diamond-patterned wallpaper leaves you free to change things as often as you like. Featuring Classic Blue diamonds arranged radially in an elegant, seamless pattern, it’s perfect as a feature wall in an otherwise neutral room. This peel and stick wallpaper is unbelievably easy to install and remove, and its fabric build ensures an exceptional finish.


Buy Royal Blue Diamond Geometric Fabric Removable Wallpaper 291b
blue and white triangles geometric fabric removable wallpaper

This trendy blue wallpaper will have you tripping on triangles all season! Crafted with an edgy, off-beat vibe, this collage of triangles pays a lively tribute to Pantone’s Color of the Year and sports a lovely hand-painted look. Perfect for freshening up your bathroom or laundry area, or even as a quirky element in your living room or hallway.


Buy Blue and White Triangles Geometric Fabric Removable Wallpaper 0669
nautical fabric removable wallpaper

 Let your imagination set sail with this spectacular nautical themed Classic Blue wallpaper. Featuring decorative elements of deep-sea life, articulated in subtle variations of Classic Blue, this beautiful removable wallpaper brings in an enchanting, layered look. In addition to its PVC-free fabric construction, this peels and stick wallpaper sports a high-quality adhesive backing that does not damage your walls or paint when removed.


Buy Blue Nautical Fabric Removable Wallpaper 5660
blue lines fabric removable wallpaper

Stripes with a twist, quite literally! Treat your living space to this quirky yet classy striped blue wallpaper that covers your walls with cheerful undulating lines. Bearing a simple color palette of white and Classic Blue, this versatile fabric wallpaper works wonderfully well with soft furnishings and natural accents to give your room or hallway a calm and cozy spin.


Buy Blue Lines Fabric Removable Wallpaper 1473
blue and white tile tile adhesive fabric removable wallpaper

Fancy a Moroccan makeover for your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway? This gorgeous peel and stick wallpaper bearing a blue and white tiled pattern would be the perfect solution. Get a beautiful tiled wall without any of its associated hassles – this self-adhesive wallpaper makes installation a cakewalk! A great way to introduce Classic Blue to your living space while retaining enough white to balance things out.


Buy Blue and White Tile Tile Adhesive Fabric Removable Wallpaper 8066
blue floral tile adhesive fabric removable wallpaper

Introducing Classic Blue to a gorgeous floral design, this exuberant wallpaper is the perfect pick-me-up for standard-edition walls. Use it to create a feature wall in your living room or bedroom, or give your bathroom a country-inspired revamp. Enhance the floral feel of this PVC-free removable wallpaper by complementing it with indoor greenery. Or let it hold its own amid clean lines and simple geometry.


Buy Blue Floral Tile Adhesive Fabric Removable Wallpaper 5717
blue city landscape fabric removable wall mural

Are you looking for something other than prints and patterns for your wall? Try this beautiful mural on for size! Capturing the essence of the Classic Blue palette through an evening view of the New York cityscape, this gorgeous mural is perfect for stylish urban lofts or uncluttered apartments crafted in whites or neutral shades. Made of fabric, this PVC-free wall mural is also printed with non-toxic inks to create an environment that is safe and sophisticated in equal measure!


Buy Blue City Landscape Fabric Removable Wall Mural 9815
teal and black sky landscape fabric removable wall mural

Invite the star-studded evening sky into your home with this enchanting wall mural. Classic Blue spearheads the color palette in this design, supported by a range of radiant highlights that illuminate the sky and are reflected in the water below. This peel and stick wall mural is incredibly easy to apply and remove and will make your living room, study or bedroom feel stylish, surreal, and spacious.


Buy Teal and Black Sky Landscape Fabric Removable Wall Mural 7378
Blue Circles Geometric Fabric Removable Wallpaper

There’s a lot more where that came from! If you’re looking to add Pantone’s Color of the Year to your home right away, you’ll find choices galore in our removable wallpaper collection. Take your pick and let us know how our PVC-free wallpapers fared for you!


Buy Blue Circles Geometric Fabric Removable Wallpaper 291a