Save time, money, and your walls! Meet our top 12 Affordable Removable

Save time, money, and your walls! Meet our top 12 Affordable Removable Wallpapers

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Save time, money, and your walls! Meet our top 12 Affordable Removable Wallpapers


The verdict’s here. Peel and stick wallpaper is one of the top decor choices of this decade. When you need a quick fix for boring walls, there’s no simpler route than PVC-free removable wallpaper. But when you’re new to this type of wall treatment, the endless options out there can easily put you off. Well, here’s a ready reckoner to get you started. Check out some great looking and affordable removable wallpaper designs that’ll get your home looking like a million bucks while helping you save time and money!


 charcoal and white floral fabric removable wallpaper

Charcoal and White Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper 2198

When you need your walls to make a statement and stay versatile at the same time, look no further than this fabulous design. This gorgeous floral wallpaper features stylish line drawings of flowers and leaves in a minimalistic, hand-drawn style. You can safely use this in place of standard white walls to get your living space up to the minute without weighing it down with pattern and color.


 blue bird animal fabric removable wallpaper

Blue Bird Animal Fabric Removable Wallpaper 9623

Looking to experiment with the Japandi look? This whimsical yet elegant peel and stick wallpaper will do the trick in a matter of minutes. We love this design for its simple play of botanical elements and graceful Japanese cranes. We also love the calming and versatile color pairing of muted blues and greens on a white base. This one works great with clean-cut contemporary furniture and light neutral hues. Throw in some potted plants to enhance the natural look and feel.


tan and brown textured fabric removable wallpaper

Tan and Brown Texture Fabric Removable Wallpaper 4613

Taking your first step towards a charming Boho chic look? This affordable removable wallpaper won’t let you down. Charismatic yet subtle, it replicates a fabric-covered wall in an instant, without any installation hassles. Simply remove the backing and peel and stick the wallpaper to turn your standard living space into a cozy loft. Its pale tan palette pairs with just about anything, though we recommend keeping all furniture and accessories rooted in similar colors to draw out the chic and natural elegance of this design.

 boho chic look beige floral removable wallpaper

Beige Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper 1111

Call it vintage without its weighty patterns, or contemporary without its sharp corners, this delightful floral wallpaper is the best removable wallpaper because it weaves many narratives. Its seamless, large scale floral print brings any room to life. At the same time, its hand-drawn look and simple beige color tones keep it rooted in simplicity. Perfect for subtle tastes that aren’t afraid to experiment every once in a while!



white dog animal fabric removable wallpaper


White Dog Animal Fabric Removable Wallpaper 8280

Animal print wallpapers Animal print wallpapers have been a huge hit this year, and this one captures the spirit of the trend perfectly. Featuring a simple, seamless composition of assorted dog faces in a black and white line-drawing style, this quirky design is a perfect fit for nurseries and kids’ play areas. Like all our designs, it’s easy to install and will not damage your walls or paint when removed.

 blue fabric texture fabric removable wallpaper

Blue Fabric Texture Fabric Removable Wallpaper 3398

An instant recipe for sophistication, this chic fabric textured wallpaper is just what you need to glam up a cookie-cutter living room or bedroom. Enrich your living space with the natural warmth and texture of a photorealistic fabric print. And at the same time, score on the fashion front with the classic blue color tone. We recommend pairing this gorgeous peel and stick wallpaper with pristine white furniture and accents to create stunning contrast.


navy fish nautical fabric removable wallpaper

Navy Fish Nautical Fabric Removable Wallpaper 8098

Enjoy the twin benefits of a fun animal print wallpaper and a versatile navy and white palette. This lively nautical wallpaper is the best removable wallpaper for a child’s bedroom or nursery, though you can also get adventurous by introducing it to your home office or bathroom! The whale pattern here is stylish and artistically detailed, giving you room to work with other nautical themed accessories or even your standard contemporary furniture and fittings.


beige floral fabric removable wallpaper

Beige Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper 9819

We’ve already included a few other floral designs in this list, but this one deserves a mention for its exquisite print that doesn’t look repetitive but still manages to bring structure and continuity to your walls. With its large scale floral design, hand-drawn style, and off-white and black hues, this one’s a keeper! Install it wherever you please, and play around with new settings as often as you like – this lovely PVC-free and affordable removable wallpaper will not damage your walls or paint when removed.


black and green trellis floral fabric removable wallpaper

Black and Green Trellis Floral Fabric Removable Wallpaper 2062

There’s been a lot of talk about urban jungles of late, but time-strapped decorators remain unsure about how to go about creating one. Well, consider this fabulous botanical wallpaper your urban jungle starter pack! Its vibrant tropical leaves are overlaid on a black and white trellis, creating a 3D effect that can hold its own or lend itself to actual indoor greenery.


geometric basic fabric removable wallpaper

Geometric Basic Fabric Removable Wallpaper 7958

Bring home polished, refined elegance with this exquisite geometric wallpaper. We love this design because we feel it is the best removable wallpaper for its no-frills reinterpretation of the classic damask look. You can easily pair this design with free-flowing florals or clean-cut geometrics. The color scheme here is neutral, understated and versatile, giving you even more room to try out different furniture styles. Trust us, this one will make it to your permanent collection!


black fish nautical fabric removable wallpaper

Black Fish Nautical Fabric Removable Wallpaper 5725

Love nautical designs but afraid of ruining your sophisticated urban living space? Try this quirky octopus themed wallpaper that manages to fall in place with textbook geometric and floral patterns. Its sea creatures are rendered in a beautiful hand-drawn style, and in a variety of scales to create a dynamic look. The black and white palette adds to the versatility of this PVC-free wallpaper.


 black and white art deco themed fabric removable wallpaper

Black and White Art Deco Themed Fabric Removable Wallpaper 5623

All done and dusted with floral, botanical, geometric and animal prints? Go offbeat with dramatic wallpaper that features a dynamic collage of black letters on a white background. Artfully executed, this pattern has a refined elegance to it despite being unconventional in every sense of the word. Break the monotony of your home office or lounge with this PVC-free wallpaper that is incredibly easy to install, remove and reposition.

Which of these designs will make it to your home this season? Let us know how your experiments with our peel and stick wallpaper turned out. For more ideas and inspiration, check out our newly updated and affordable removable wallpaper selections.