Stay On-Trend While You Rent: 5 Smart Decor Tricks For Tenants

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Stay On-Trend While You Rent: 5 Smart Decor Tricks For Tenants

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Love to decorate but stuck in a rented apartment? Rentals may not offer you as much freedom as your own place, but they also don’t have to carry that cookie-cutter look. You’ll be surprised at the transformation that well-chosen removable wallpaper, accents and lighting can bring about. If you’re tired of putting up with your landlord’s color wall, gloomy ceiling lights, and floors that look like they’ve taken a beating, here are some simple, effective, and landlord-approved ways to jazz things up!




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Go green – and don’t hold back.

If you still think of indoor greenery as a single houseplant by the window, it’s time you warmed up to the urban jungle trend. Not that it’s just a trend – plants can do wonders for your indoor air quality, and your mood of course. But even if you only look at them as visual elements in your living space, there are many different aesthetics you can achieve by ‘layering’ the right plants. Supplement a minimalistic living room setup with tall, slender ferns in woven baskets. Or create an eclectic collage of potted succulents and hanging herbs to enhance a Boho-chic or tropical vibe. You can also cement the look with some elegant botanical-themed peel and stick wallpaper in the background.



natural weaves rugs decor renters

Binge on rugs and throws.

In addition to your landlord’s color wall, many rentals will present you with your landlord’s default flooring as well. Cover up those standard-edition, dark-colored floors with rugs of your choice. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank in order to do this. Natural weaves with neutral shades or monochrome patterns are a versatile choice for all kinds of rented spaces. Complement these with colorful throws that give your run-of-the-mill couch some character. Accent rugs are also a great way to fill up the gaps in the theme you’re trying to string together. Ikat rugs can gel beautifully with geometric patterned removable wallpaper, for instance.




red brick peel and stick removable wallpaper


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Peel and stick some texture.

Removable wallpapers are a popular choice amongst tenants. Fabric peel and stick wallpapers, in particular, make it remarkably easy to flaunt beautiful floral, geometric or abstract prints on your walls without putting up with a cheap-looking vinyl finish. But there’s another advantage to high-quality PVC-free wallpaper that you can peel and stick. It lets you instantly replace your landlord’s color wall with textures like exposed brick, shiplap, and weathered wood. Our damage-free wallpaper selection here at WallsByMe is perfect for the job, offering a wide range of visual textures that look just like the real thing! Further, our wallpapers feature a high-quality adhesive backing that will not damage your walls or paint when removed.




white shiplap textured fabric removable wallpaper


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Create a cozy entryway.

Make your rented apartment all about your personal sense of style right from the get-go. There are plenty of quick and stylish ways to perk up your entryway. Think removable wallpaper to create a trendy feature wall, an old chest of drawers repurposed as chic shoe storage, a dramatic mirror to make the space look roomier, and indoor greens to liven things up. You can also go in for non-invasive fixtures like removable hooks to fashion a coat hanger on your wall, or Velcro strips to put up that artwork you currently have in storage.




pink and bluefloral peel and stick fabric removable wallpaper


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Revamp your bathroom and kitchen.

The living room or bedroom in your rented apartment gives you some room to work with personalized accents, lighting, and wallpaper. Bathrooms and kitchens, on the other hand, are a whole other story. Well, the good news is that there are some non-invasive decor tricks for these ‘problem’ areas as well. Create a unique and stylish backsplash for your kitchen counter with the help of some peel and stick wallpaper. From Moroccan tiles to Oriental florals, we have choices galore in our PVC-free wallpaper selection. Rental bathrooms can turn a whole lot cozi; with the addition of houseplants, pretty lamps, or an open storage unit fashioned out of a ladder. You can even use remnants from a wallpapering project to create a frame for your bathroom mirror. Woven baskets are a great alternative for storing your toiletries and adding a welcoming flair to your bathroom.

Ready to rev up the style quotient of your rented space? Our PVC-free removable wallpaper collection is a great place to get started! Check it out and order in a sample if you can’t make up your mind.